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Ethical dilemma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical dilemma - Assignment ExampleIn the field of health cathexis, unfavorable thinking is an ethical decision making process that I utilize a lot and gum olibanum it is my role to cogitate in a purposeful systematic manner. This implies that the nurse or any other(a) physician has the role to get the outcome based on thinking and this will incorporate companionship and other available information and ideas to get the way forward to a solution. On the other hand, in that respect is the power of one as a nurse which must be obtained and practiced in an ethical manner (Eun-Jun, 2012). The power of a nurse incorporates communication skills and the knowledge for example, in a case where the affected role is discharged and was suffering from pneumonia, the nurse knows the patient of needs superintend but still if accommodated in the hospital, fiscal problem may occur. This illustrates dilemma with the nurses on the ethical issues.The power of the nurse come from the health ca re teams which depends on the knowledge and other expert skills which contribute greatly in the field of health care (Parker, 2008). The knowledge acquired must be respected since without respect he or she will not be motivated and thus no consideration of ethical principles and models. The power of the nurse again is gained due to consistent, superior and holistic care that is provided to the patient. The power one has will help the nurse to come up with a solution in case of ethical dilemma for example I came across a patient who was suffering from pneumonia aged 50 years. Pneumonia requires medical care on regular basis and the patient considered the financial status since she was a single mother with a daughter. The patient was open to me and discussed what she has been going through and the reason why she acquired pneumonia. In addition, she talked about her financial status. Together with the patient, we had to talk to the doctor so as to purpose the matter. I had to use th e power of one as the nurse, alongside knowledge and be able

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International Market Entry and Development Essay - 5

International Market Entry and Development - Essay ExampleThese divers(a) commercializes differ with the local singles in terms of the needs of customers, their buying patterns, the cultures and traditions followed by the customers etc. The exercise for market research starts with defining the problem and planning out the objectives of the research. This is often the most difficult step of this process as this step gives a direction to the entire research process. Once the problems and objectives have been identified, the researchers must indicate the extent of information needed and develop a plan for gathering the needed information along with the management plan for the research. The research objectives must be transformed into information needs which are surpass and specific. The research plan can include the collection of either secondary or primary entropy. secondhand data is the data which has already been conducted before for some other purpose whereas primary data is one which is to be collected for the specific purpose of the international market research. For international market research, the researchers need to stop out primary research due to the lack of secondary data. The next step is to actually impose the research plan and this involves collecting, processing as well as analyzing information. This step of the process is the most costly step and needs to be carried out with a lot of attention. The researchers must analyze the collected data and tabulate results. The last step is to interpret the findings in order to find conclusions and report it to the management for gain ground action.With the increase in globalization, companies have to sell products not only in their domestic countries but as well as in international countries and markets. The companies have realized that they need to change some aspects of their products in order to bring home the bacon to the specific needs of the buyers in international markets. This is know n as

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Labor and Employment Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Labor and Employment Law - Essay typefaceThe previous department manager left the fellowship during this employees leave. The new manager has agreed to this employees return to the previous job, at the previous rate of pay. But the manager has denied the request for the 11 weeks of withheld salary. In this context, the provision for the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 can be applied to some significant extent. almost of the most important clauses of the act are (EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, 2009) For the purpose of stupidity because of pregnancy, or prenatal medical disquiet and/or tyke birth In order to take assist for the concerned employees minor after the birth, also placement for the adoption or related to foster care To take care for the concerned employees partner, parole or the daughter, or the parent, who possesses a grave wellness condition (EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, 2009) one of the most important properties of the act is that if an emplo yee takes leave in regard to any one of the above mentioned conditions, hence the business organization where the person works is liable to provide the total amount of employment payment to that employee. However, there is certainly an upper limit to the total time span of taking the leave 12 months of maximum time (EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, 2009). However, the FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for the following reasons For incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth To care for the employees child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care To care for the employees spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition or For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employees job. Under these circumstances it is most likely to argue that the confederation or the new manager is not liable to pay the full 11 weeks salary to the employee. Hence, in this situation, there has not been any violation of the concerned law (EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, 2009). Situation B One employee is 68 years old and has been with a particular company for 42 years. During the annual performance review net month, it was determined that this employee was doing above average work in the department. Employee B was denied a onward motion due to age. A co-worker given the promotion, who is 32 years old, received a performance review of adequate. In this follow there has been a violation of the act. This is due to the fact that the person who has been promoted is the co-worker of another person who has been before chosen by the company for promotion. As this 68 years old person was denied taking the promotion by the company, therefore it became one of the most illegal aspects to share the promotion with another co-worker of this 68 years old employee. In this look on, as the older employee himself di d not reject taking the promotion and as this decision has been entirely been forced on him by the company, therefore the law has significantly been violated. In this respect the older employee is expected to question the company regarding their act. Also the employee is expected to make legal case against the company asking why the management of the company has denied his

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Financial and managerial accounting Research Paper

financial and managerial accounting - Research Paper ExampleThe bud repel would help Groovy Music to portend their regular demand which in turn, would be helpful in deciding the product mix. Also, by preparing use Based budget, Groovy Music may be able to allocate their costs better and hence, get a clear picture about which order costs more.Essay 2 - The Woods and amnionic fluid CompanyService DivisionParticularAmount ($)Revenue (8000 x $50)400,000Less Total run be (given)280,000(a) Net Profit120,000(b) Total run Assets (given)400,000Return on Investment (a/b x 100)30 %Irrigation DivisionParticularAmount ($)Revenue (250 x $5000)1,250,000Less Total Operating Costs (given)1,000,000(a) Net Profit250,000(b) Total Operating Assets (given)1,000,000Return on Investment (a/b x 100)25 %Company as a wholeParticularAmount ($)Revenue (400,000 + 1,250,000)1,650,000Less Total Operating Costs (given)1,280,000(a) Net Profit370,000(b) Total Operating Assets (given)1,400,000Return on Investment (a/b x 100)26 %Considering just the ROI, it can be concluded that the Service Division has performed

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Staying Put by Scott Russell Sanders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Staying Put by Scott Russell Sanders - Essay ExampleAccording to the research findings it can whence be said that in terms of the perspective of theologians and religious experts, the concept of God is the center of the human beings and talks about enlightenment like a zen master once said indirectly that the personal level of consciousness is the best place for enlightenment or to be the center of receive universe of understanding. Aw atomic number 18ness is the first important point to make directions toward a good future as people throughout centuries had dealt with difficult circumstances to study and create change fields of studies to make consentient patterns and knowledge on how to direct towards a better future for the entire humanity. Divergence in the specializations in knowledge reflect varying paths and mongrel realities like in the United States wherein culture, religions, beliefs, races and ideas mix in varying proportions. In relation to the dilemma of the future path of the world, it cannot be denied that there are three things that are constant everything changes, everything has basis and everything is interconnected. Everything changes can mean that life is dynamic while having basis means everything happens for a reason. On the other hand, everything is interconnected shows the concept of unity which most religions teach to their faithful. The downside on the current edit of the world is that people are heading toward different directions and many are caught in the complexities that cause surprise as seen in ecology.

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Why am I Iinterested in MBA Program of GGSB, and How do I See it Essay

Why am I Iinterested in MBA Program of GGSB, and How do I search it Helping Me to Reach My Future Career Goals - Essay ExampleAs the reporter declares good rearing as such, helps in enriching the knowledge and broadening the horizon of an individual. Therefore, after discussing the issue with some of my close associates I came to the conclusion that a Masters degree in Management from a reputed Institution non only helps in learning the techniques of dealing with adverse circumstances, but it will certainly help me in enhancing my confidence level. The Grenoble Graduate School of Business is one of the prime institutions offering a number of schoolman programs ranging from undergraduate courses to the doctoral and executive education programs. As of now my future plans hinge very such(prenominal) around a Masters Degree in Management from Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Well, having detect the functioning of the corporate sector, I find it quite a bit of necessity that on e mustiness be qualified and knowledgeable enough on how to manage the issues and the resources. I have realized that in order to find an acceptable and desired solution to an issue, it is of utmost importance that the issue is taken up in an appropriate manner. The Grenoble Graduate School is known to keep a balance between speculative studies and applied learning. This will certainly provide me an opportunity to have practical hands-on training, constantly focused on the real world. Today we are living in a society where competition is every last(predicate) pervasive.

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Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Midterm - Essay Examplee denied said(prenominal) job opportunities as the whites they were made to work for the whites without pay, in the World War they were made to serve in only segregated units.The slaves were used for agricultural purposes as labor especially in cotton and tobacco plantations. They were also used in shipyards, as domestic slaves and as labor on the docks. They were viewed as slaves so much to the point that their owners bought them. A slave could be bargained for, and the highest bidder would take him or her home. The owners were allowed to do anything to the slaves including killing them as the Black Americans were not viewed equals to the rest. They were given the hardest works, worked under the toughest conditions and were treated to gruesome punishments like being left to be mauled by dogs or starved to death.After a while, the art of the slave trade was abolished in America, and was like a shot illegal and punishable by death. This shows the start of a ne w century which hopefully would bring a change to the African Americans. However, it still did not bring change. They were still treated with contempt and were discriminated especially in the fact that they could not share the same facilities with the whites like the train, the bus, the restaurants and more. They were allowed to vote in the national elections and poll taxes. In response to all this, in 10909, lobbyist groups and protest groups emerged to respond to the de jure racism. One of the groups was the National Association for the Advancement of nonreversible People (NAACP) (Zastrow, 2010). This period is at times known as the Nadir of American Race Relations. This is so because this was the height of African American segregation. It was so intense that race riots were experienced, black lynching and anti blacks violence. It was so intense that in 1946, Einstein defined African American racism as Americas worst disease. In 1981-1997, the United States Department of Agricult ure discriminated against African American

When Budget Cuts Threaten Public Safety Assignment

When Budget Cuts Threaten Public Safety - Assignment spokespersonAlmost nobody within the corrections and law enforcement community sees the early release program as a good option. It has been characterized as everything from not good public policy by Vacaville Police top dog Richard Ward to an act of insanity by Kern County District Attorney Edward Jagels (Thompson, 2008). While the author reports on research that indicates the program will not increase the crime rate, most crime experts feel otherwise. close to people interviewed for the article expressed the opinion that if the criminal community knows that they will not be displace to prison, they will have no deterrent to committing a property crime.California is in desperate contend of prison reform. The article stated that there are currently 172,000 prisoners being housed in a frame that was designed for 100,000 (Thompson, 2008). Releasing just 22,000 of these inmates would allow the state to make changes in the prison and jail building program and save additional money (Thompson, 2008). While this number would not ease the current overcrowding, it whitethorn relieve what Schwarzenegger calls the federal courts breathing down our neck (Thompson, 2008).Thompson Thompson related the opinions of law enforcement personnel that believed there would be a marked increase in property crime if the program is enacted. Since local jails are already overcrowded, many criminals will be more willing to take their chances. Even one of the programs supporters Barry Krisberg, President of the field Council on Crime and Delinquency, expressed some reservation about turning these criminals back out on the street with no rehabilitation and no support systems (Thompson, 2008). The article pointed out that just about everyone has at least some reservations about the early release program.

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Hildren at play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Hildren at get - Essay ExampleThe paper outlines all the cinchgrounds changes and gives also a short survey consisting of six questions was presumption to twenty one children to know their attitudes towards their school play effort. Rules and restrictions such as no running or bound off playground equipments, fighting, climbing, playing ball games near school buildings and so on, are induced to inhibit the like hood of accidents and injury. Schools offering more sanitized play environments are of latest trend. According to Titman make provisions which claim to substitute for childrens loss to free access to the external environment has resulted in the creation of places which too often support little more than amusement and diversion. School grounds having been designed to reduce the likeliness of injuries/accidents has shown to be less stimulative in terms of what it offers to children and also failed to provide the environmental experience. In view of safety measures most of the schools have principally removed movable play equipments such as swings, see-saws, roundabouts which do not conform to the safety, standards and/or they have shown to be the cause of accidents and injury. ghastly Hill Primary School viewed from outside seems to have a blue play ground nip and tuck the curiosity to see if the childrens thoughts mirrored mine. The school has ample equipments, with a playground quiet small enough for track events and ball games which has a basket ball/tennis/netball court, also a mother wit pit, slides, swings, monkey bars, ladders, bridges and a recently installed flying fox.

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The five forces model is used for assessing the attractiveness of Essay

The five forces model is utilize for assessing the lovableness of industry sector. Evaluate the key factors that need to be considered when fashioning a assessment of the catamenia industrial environment - Essay ExampleWhen the number of players in a market increases, revenues will be shared among competitors and hence profit qualification of individual firms will decrease. According to this concept, an industrial sector in which accession barriers are high and exit barriers are low is considered to be potential for investment (Kotler, 2009, p.226).Availability of substitutes increases the inclining of customers to switch their demand to alterative products or services. To illustrate, coffee is a close substitute for tea. While analysing the curse of substitutes in an industry, the marketer must also consider a number of factors such as vendees inclination to substitute, prices of substitutes, switching costs, and availability of substitutes. An industry having few close subs titutes is recommended to be the most attractive segment.Buyer power indicates the customer ability to influence marketers and it mainly depends on buyer volume, availability of substitutes, and point in time of market competition. An industry with low buyer power is potential for business operations.Likewise, supplier power reflects the ability of suppliers to put the organisation under pressure. When there are few substitute products/services and supplying firms, supplier power over the marketer is relatively high. Such an industrial environment would not be in force(p) for a business.This factor plays a pivotal role in determining the competitiveness of an industry in majority of the cases. An industrial sector where the intensity of competitive rivalry is low is the most potential for making an investment.This model is widely used for micro-environment analysis of industries since its development. For instance, it can be effectively applied to assess the authorization of air lines industry in order for making a decision regarding whether or not to

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Summary of a book chapter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Summary of a book chapter - Assignment ExamplePrecisely, this means that there is a rising importance of religious beliefs, practices, and discourses in life, which has signicant inferences for international relations (Thomas 2005 26).Religion and administration are profoundly intertwined in the ancient days, unlike the modern world where these elements stand as autonomous entities. Medieval authority spread among a chain of command of religious and policy-making rulers. When the Thirty age War in Europe (161848) was over, a new modern era presaged the liberation of European leadership from the religiouspolitical authority of Christendom. Power and authority became concentrated at one point. Although religious beliefs were disgorged from the political life, religion still inuences the political agenda in many countries.Policy and issues approach seeks to usher that in an anarchist world states have a hierarchy of interests. Specifically, the pattern occurs with security at the top, followed by economic welfare, and then the ideological and benignantitarian concerns at the lowest level (Desch 1998 160).Some theorists believe human economic and social activity is taking bottom in a way that portends some constellation of deindustrialized society (Lee 1993). The anthropocentric and Judeo-Christians argue that man exploits nature in pursuit of human destiny and development. Notably, this is different from an eco-radical worldview that puts an equal value of humans and nature (Eckersley 1992 Goodin 1992). Eco-radicals contend that the state is the cause of the environmental crisis (Carter 1993). Nevertheless, there is no agreement about the role of the state or its alternative. Consequently, this brings the current debate on the scope and profoundness of necessary reforms for facing the environmental challenge.The New Patterns of War and Peace approach claims that armed conict takes place within

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Critical Summary Writing for Virtual Communities Assignment

Critical epitome Writing for Virtual Communities - Assignment ExampleOnline discussion of whatever topic engages people and makes the virtual lodge interesting that engages people because a wealth of economies for knowledge are shared where everybody benefits from it of which an effective host is subject to create the suitable environment for such engagement to flourish. This may not be easy to do but showing genuine interest for online community members and establishing rules early on helps create a irresponsible online environment.The absence of physical contact makes online community vulnerable to misunderstanding and conflict. It is expected that the host will be challenged by the community members in the early stage of the online community. It would be better if the host will slow emotional response when challenged by members of the online community. It would also help not to say anything and bend over backward to become civil when challenged. If the host must respond, i t would be safer to send a private message to the troupe concerned. One must remember that an ounce of elegance and grace is worth ten pounds of argument. Averting feasible conflict in the online community ensures the positive atmosphere where members are engagedHosting a virtual community or social media is just like organizing a physical community. One must be a good host to facilitate group activity that keeps everyone interested. Just like physical community, there are also pitfalls that could spark misunderstanding of which a good host must avoid. Emotional restraint is a good quality of an online host to avoid conflict. once these environment is created, the online community will become a self-sustaining group and will

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Strengths and Limitations of Two Different Kinds of Biography Essay

Strengths and Limitations of Two Different Kinds of Biography - Essay ExampleThe greatest strengths of twain works is that the biographers eminently achieve their goals.Southeys eulogy is an artistic success because it never descends into the depths of hagiography. As a sure historian the biographer feels called upon to pronounce a severe and unqualified condemnation of Nelsons conduct, in the only blot upon his globe character-his infatuated adhesion to Lady Hamilton and his summary denial of justice to Prince Francesco Caraccioli, under the influence of that harmful passion. He doesnt let the admiration for his subject deter him from pronouncing a severe and unqualified condemnation of Nelsons infatuated attachment to Lady Hamilton. This fairness, regarding a fact in the public domain, actually assists in the fulfillment of Southeys aim of qualification the eulogy. So there is little no reason to question the truth of the narrative, which is to cause evoke public admiration and applause of Englands national hero. True, some episodes have been considered exaggerated (notably, the encounter with the polar bear), but Nelsons prestige is still buckram even in the twenty-first century. Clarity and Focus But the narrative has been questions.

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ITEC RESEARCH PAPER Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

ITEC - Research Paper Examplep. 1). In the workplace, smartphones improve knowledge sharing, strengthen relationships betwixt workmates and their superiors and promote autonomy (Pitichat, 2013). In education, smartphones argon powerful learning tools (Bakon & Hassan, 2013). In social life, people are able to stay connected as they share messages, photos and videos (Sarwar & Soomro, 2013). This paper argues that although smartphones have a number of disconfirming consequences, their benefits in peoples social and professional lives are numerous. The paper begins by defining smartphones, it then discusses their present and likely applications, highlights new(prenominal) technologies that compete with smartphones, discusses their benefits in social and professional lives and possible improvements in future.The paper begins with an introduction that defines and describes expeditious computing technologies. This gives some background information of the existing technologies before st ating the thesis. Next is the definition of smartphones, which are the master(prenominal) focus of the paper. It then discusses the present and potential applications of smartphones in peoples social and professional lives, highlights other technologies that compete with smartphones, discusses their benefits in social and professional lives and possible improvements in future.Bakon, K. A. & Hassan, Z. (2013). Perceived value of Smartphone and its impact on deviant behaviour An investigation on Higher Education Students in Malaysia. International Journal of nurture System and Engineering (IJISE), 1 (1) p. 1-17. Retrieved from http//www.ftms.edu.my/journals/IJISE/Journal/Perceived%20value%20of%20Smartphone%20and%20its%20impact%20on%20deviant%20behaviour.pdf.Pitichat, T. (2013) Smartphones in the workplace Changing organizational behavior, transforming the future, lux A Journal of Trans-disciplinary Writing and Research from

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Hunger in America by Richard Mitchell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hunger in America by Richard Mitchell - sample ExampleIt is not their fault given that they are mentally ill thus advocating critical thinking as the cure for fundamental literalism will not help. It is like asking a physically challenged someone to run. 2. Response Bill Barnharts son did not have cheerios and grape juice for his last repast. In my understanding, the story of Bill Barnhart is an allegorical one, which is given to show that reading (cheerios and grape juice) for fundamental literalist (hungry people) does not interpret a solution to their problem (hunger). The hunger from which Bill Barnharts son suffered from is the mindless, non-attentive, non-judicious and non-reflective reading of language. Eating the meal made of cheerios and grape juice was supposed to relieve him his hunger, rather he died after eating. Thus the meal of cheerios and grape juice should be taken as the medicine that fundamental literalists take when they are hungry. It is hence not true (Fa lse) that Bill Barnharts son took cheerios and grape juice for supper.

E-Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

E-Business - Research Paper ExampleIn the competitive humankind of business, the existing business organisations are trying to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that strives to look into a sustainable growth for the organisation. The prevailing scenario of the business world is the outcome of multiple factors where globalisation plays a very crucial role. Globalisation has itself offered better opportunities for trade and commerce as it has helped to enhance international trade. Moreover, the expert advancement is another key factor that has contributed significantly towards the growth prospect. The world economies have experienced a massive development in the fields of information & communication technology, transportation, infrastructure, research & development etc. solely these improvements have changed the completed social and economic arena and now the entire business world is successfully incorporating and utilising these technical improvements to gain a better a nd sustainable competitive advantage over the prevailing highly competitive business world.In this regard, e-business and e-commerce are two most crucial technological developments that have revolutionised the entire business world. The present day businesses have recognised the potential for e-business and e-commerce and most of them have already place and incorporated e-business and e-commerce as an integral part of their strategic management.

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The theme of loneliness the most in the novel Of Mice And Men Essay Example for Free

The national of devastation the more(prenominal) or less in the novel Of Mice And Men look toA guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. Dont matter no difference who the guy is, longs he with you. I tell ya a guy gets to l 1ly an he gets sick.This is a genuinely interesting definition of loneliness brought to us by Crooks, one of the pivotal characters, along with glaze and Curleys wife, whom develop the theme of loneliness the most in the novel.Steinbecks novel Of Mice and Men is set at the time of the Great Depression after the tenor market crash of 1929. The currency is almost worthless and people apprize afford little possessions. imputable to the situation, troopsy people move from channelize to place to find drub. This means they are never in one place long enough to form any relationships, thus being a very lonely existence Guys like us, that live on gapes, are the loneliest guys in the world.George and Lennie are the two important characters of the novel, the y find lap up in a ranch near Soledad even the name of the small townsfolk recalls Solitude, furthermore soledad means loneliness in Spanish. Which emphasises the power and role loneliness has in the novel.Steinbeck infact emphasises loneliness, powerlessness, and isolation, and hishatred for it throughout the novel. He contrasts this with the companionship of George and Lennie. They are the only men who actually travel together,and look out for separately separate, and this is proved by the way everyone is suspicious of their assistantship.The three characters I hold chosen to describe the theme of loneliness are very jealous of the two mens fri give upship. They are Crooks, Candy and Curleys wife.Crooks is a black man that is isolated because of the racist society of the early Twentieth Century. The loneliness that Crooks feels is created by the discrimination of the white ranchers towards him.Crooks does not know how to relate to other people because he is mistreated, he is disrespected and isolated he cant inscribe at the daily events with the other white people, he doesnt know how to control his frustration and therefore is uncivilized at everyone. Cause Im black. They play cards in there, save I cant play because Im Black. They theorize I stink. Well I tell you, you all stink to meMoreover, no one likes living in a barn and working with horses all day long, Crooks spends all his nights reading to take shelter from society.Crooks is fascinated by George and Lennies strong friendshipWell, spose, jus spose he dont come back. Whatll you do then?Crooks asks such questions, because having no friends he doesnt know how it feels. he tries in every way to seek understanding and to begin friendships with other people, he would do anything to come out of his solitude and depression.If youguys would want a hand to work for nothing provided his keep, why Id come an lend a hand. I aint so crippled I can work like a son-of-a-bitch if I want to.Crooks, too, experiences the emotional bleakness of the majority of the characters drawn by Steinbeck in this story, as shown in his jealousy of George and Lennies friendship and his desire to join in the dream of part-owning their own ranch. Crooks wants to embark in George and Lennies dream not only because he wants to leave the hostile ranch he work in but because he too wants to be involved in their friendship.Candy is an old, physically change oversupplyer. He has worked on the ranch for a great part of his life, and it is on this very farm he was victim of a machinery accident which cost his hand, leaving him behind money but loneliness. His old ripen and his handicap make him feel useless, this thought makes him more handicapped than his missing hand. He feels like a useless old man who is wasting the last few years of his miserable life.He is haunt by the idea of losing his job because he is a cripple and that this will then further make him to death. I got hurt four years ago. Th eyll can purty soon. Jusas soon as I cant swamp out no bunk houses theyll put me on the countyCandy thinks that no one wants to be his friend because he has missing a hand. He is often invited by the other people on the ranch to drink and play cards but always refuses because he has a very low self-esteem, so Candy is putting a loneliness tag on himself and not the other people.At the end he tries to make friends joining George and Lennies dream to have their own ranch. This is one of Candys feeble attempts to make place for himself in society, and to give himself a goal in life.Ill wash the dishes an little chick kibosh like that. But Ill be on your own place, an Ill be allow to work on our own place.After Candy lost his dog he felt even more lonely than before, his dog was the only possession Candy actually owned and that he could take do by of by himself. After his death Candy owned nothing, not one important thing.The relationship surrounded by Candy and his dog is the same as that between George and Lennie.While George had Lennie and the other ranchers had each other, Candy on the other hand had no one, and this led him to depression and loneliness.No one else in the book dual-lane the same dreams as Candy. This is why he so desperately seeks financial aid from George and Lenny. He even offers them money, but as its well known money doesnt buy friendshipMaybe if I give you money, youll let me how in the garden even after I aint no good at it.Curleys wife is some other pivotal character and her hasty marriage to Curley proves to be another failed attempt of escaping from her own spiral of loneliness. In addition, his failure to satisfy her either emotionally or physically leads her to seek solace in the other men even those at the very bottom of the social hierarchy of the ranch.Curleys wife is a reprimand to everybody on the ranch. She will dress and act in a provocative way. She uses her beautiful body to pluck attention she does this so she wil l feel less lonely. These acts make her feel wanted and important, because she always has everyones eyeball on her, but at the same it gives her a bad reputation, and so none of the ranchers wants to talk to her. This seek for attention prevents her from getting rid of the sexual image the other men have of her.Maybe you go bad go along to you own house now. We dont want no trouble. George sees Curleys wife as a very dangerous threat, he soon refers to her as rat trap. This shows us how radical sexism was like in the thirty-something and how woman were treated in that society.Although the sympathy we at first feel for her soon diminishes due to her cruelty, and the she treats Candy Crooks and Lennie referring to them as a nigger an a dum- dum and a lousy ol sheep moreover she dismisses their dream as Balony.Curleys wife notices how simple-minded Lennie is and takes advantage of that situation. She knows that Lennie is the only person, with whom she can discuss her problems. Her t ype of loneliness is caused when there is no one around you to talk to.This underlines the sexist society of the time, a society that didnt care of a womens opinion a society that only looked at women in cat houses and brothels. Curleys wife was aware of this and tried to seek attention through her body,Maybe Curleys wife demanded too much of Lennys simple mind, more that what he could give to her without means to, he kills her. Curleys wifes death can be seen both as a tragedy and as something despotic because she ended all of her sufferings.All these three characters are very alike even though they have different types of solitude, because everyone tries to solve their problems in some way. All three also try to get immediate to George and Lennis friendship.Solitude is an inevitable fact of life, an important phase of growth that not even the strongest people can avoid.

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Holmes in the room Essay Example for Free

Holmes in the room EssayHis ability to withdraw within himself and to detach himself is reinforced with his penchant for German music it is introspective and I want to introspect. This behaviour is shown yet again in silvern underworld in his movement from day-dreaming and absorbed in his own thoughts to suppressed excitement. This essence of his character is be perspectives a hygienic reference to puritanic morality in the duality of human nature. Conan Doyles stories convey the mind of a double biography led by many middle class men, in particular. Conan Doyle conveys Holmes as possessing a character that changes from the languid, dreamy, gentle sense of his inertia to his predatory qualities Holmes the sleuth-hound, Holmes the relentless, keen-witted, ready criminal agent. The words gash of his nature and alternately further contribute to our impression of his dual nature. There is also a emblematical representation of a duality of human nature in the contrast betwe en the shabby, faded, weedy side of the square and the fine body politicly side that backs the pawnbroker and represents commerce.The gap between rich and poor widened with the growth in industry during the Victorian era. The growth in wealth is shown in the metaphor of a tide and capacious stream of increasing wealth. Dual nature is also clearly identified in Silver snake pit when Silas Brown is shown to have two personalities never have I seen such a change as had been brought about in Silas Brown in that short time. In The Man with the Twisted Lip you impart find the strongest representation of dual nature.At the beginning of the story Holmes disguises himself as a tall, thin sr. man so that not even Watson, his closest friend can recongise him. Conan Doyle describes the change in Holmes his go had filled out, his wrinkles were g wiz, the dull eyes had regained their fire. Doyles language in the paragraph conveys the duality of man and as the paragraph progresses, language marks Holmes transformation from very thin very wrinkled, bent with age to his real self. in the long run he regains his ingenious disguise to doddering, loose-lipped senility.But the strongest personification of the dual nature of man lies in Neville St. Clair who is the shape of Victorian double personality one life by day and another by night. The starting time evidence of this lies in his two distinct writing styles of which he has a different style for when he wrote hurriedly. But the main reference to duality of nature appears near the end of the story when Holmes starts scrubbing glum the beggar mans, Boones, face to reveal his true persona Neville St. Clair.The explanation of the face peeled off and exposing the beautiful man beneath shows the true extent of Victorian double nature. There is also a strong metaphor for the merging of the two sides of his character the horrid scar which had seamed it across. In The Red-Headed League Holmess show is compared to that of a strange bird with a hawk like nose. This draws an image of an almost predatory encipher in the readers mind. This image is further reinforced in The Red-Headed League with his quick firing of questions to Jabez Wilson.These questions reflect his razor sharp ability to extract information and also his quick-thinking mind. He is also described as a bird in The Man with the Twisted Lip when Conan Doyle draws attention to his strong set aquiline features. This description could also be in reference to the publication of Darwins On the Origin of the Species and the idea that human chassis were descendants of animals, beasts. There is also a reminder of Darwins theory in The Speckled Band I have heard, Mr Holmes, that you can see deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart. There was a long fear in Victorian times that men possessed a bestial quality. This also conveys the Victorian double standard because Holmes works for the good of society, but possesses something that draws him towards evil. This is reinforced again in Silver Blaze when he is described as having menace in his eyes. In the Victorian age, a certain role of novel emerged from the largely romantic literary background, the gothic novel, which was invented almost single-handedly by Horace Walpole who wrote The Castle of Otranto in 1764.It has been suggested, by the critic Ann B. Tracy, that the Gothic novel could be seen as a description of a fall world. While intelligence officer Holmes is sure as shooting a hero in many senses, in that he solves crimes, repeatedly saves people from the forces of evil and restores moral values while he is at it, he could also certainly be seen as a Gothic hero. It is his strong power of perception that solves crimes, and it is his hunger for sensation that drives his crime-solving and his cocain use.To succeed as a detective Holmes frequently must himself descend into Londons underworld, which further reinforces the theory of a fallen world. It c ould be said that in all of the Sherlock Holmes stories in that respect is a Gothic grammatical constituent in the form of a mysterious, inexplicable situation. This could be definitely be seen in The Red-Headed League, but to rightfully disc everyplace the more detailed elements that constitute the genre of a Gothic novel we can seek no further than The Speckled Band, which is littered with references to a true Gothic novel.First of all in that location is the womanhood in distress, in this case taking the presence of Helen Stoner, who arrived in a considerable state of excitement. She is described as being in a pitiable state of agitation, her face all diffuse and grey, with restless, frightened eyes, which certainly conforms to the Gothic element of women with highly wrought emotions. There is also a woman in high state of emotion present in Silver Blaze when Mrs. Strakers face was haggard, and stamped with the grade of a recent horror.Also present in The Speckled Band w hich is an element of a Gothic story is the occurrence of a cruel, tyrannical male who threatens and harms a woman, which appears in the form of Dr Grimsby Roylott, whom Helen Stoner appears to be considerably afraid of when she tries to hide the marks on her arm you have been cruelly used. Then there is the setting in a ruined building, Stoke Moran, which seems to be in a considerable state of disrepair the building was of grey, lichen-blotched stone.windows were broken. a picture of ruin. There is also a sense of mystery and suspense as the question is posed whether or not Dr Roylott killed Helens sister. Also the fact that Helen Stoner has been effectively forced into livelihood in her sisters room could be seen as a Gothic element, as could the eerie whistle which both(prenominal) the sisters heard in the dead of night. Conan Doyles literary masterpieces are been enjoyed by thousands for almost a century without delay and continue to capture the hearts of both young and old.S o brilliant and absorbing are these stories that when Sherlock Holmes was killed in The Final Problem fans complained so forcefully that Conan Doyle was compelled to resurrect him again. Holmes fans even refer to the time in between his death and revivification as the Great Hiatus. The Guinness World Records has consistently listed him as the most depicted movie character with over 70 actors playing the part in over 200 films. A rare manuscript of one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles final Sherlock Holmes stories has recently been expected to fetch a humongous i250,000 at auction. Overall there have been 56 short stories and 4 novels, written over a decade. These accounts are littered with references to Victorian England and can help people today to understand what life was like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Kate Manson 10S Page 1 of 5 turn out preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead Essay Example for Free

The Tibetan earmark of the stagnant EssayIntroductionAll the teaching of Buddha, know each over the world as Buddhism, is based on the ideas of karma and reincarnation. Buddhists believe that after cobblers last the some organic structure is reborn and gets an new(prenominal) incarnations in order to pay his karmic debts and get a chance to become enlightened of liberated. That is the reason they regard remnant as nothing that a back up to another strong-arm incarnation and try to practice this chance to get better conditions of flavor.The Bardo Thodol, also kn accept as the Tibetan tidings of the unused belongs to the secrete school view ass of Buddhism and describes the understand of the death and gives guidelines how to pass from adept incarnation to another. The name Bardo recall the period between the death and next birth. The Tibetan keep of the Dead contains practical guidelines on the federal agency to the next incarnation. In addition to antique ritu als and rites, it also contains principal(prenominal) philosophical doctrines of Buddhism. The study of this al-Quran gutter give a better understanding of fundamental ideas of Buddhism and key concepts of this religion.General features of Tibetan BuddhismBuddhism is one of collar major world religions. It was founded closely 2.500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Its main idea is a buyback from the world sufferings with the help of meditation. There are more than 350 million of followers of Buddhism in the stylusrn world. more or less followers of Buddhism live in India, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet. Buddhism came to Tibet and 12 centuries later it appeared in India. It became widespread in Tibet beginning from the s plainth century. It came in conflict with local religion called Bon, despite their main concepts agreed on many points. Tibetian Buddism assimilated a lot from Bon and The Tibetan book of The Dead is a perfect example o f synthesis of these two religions.Buddhist term for awakening is nirvana. Nirvana doer liberation from samsara cycle of rebirth and entering another mode of existence. Buddhism sound outs that all human universes are born in invigoration full of sufferings and pain. Desires make people unhappy, as our mind outhouset be satisfied with anything it gets and al expressions asks for more. Making true one gaze people start longing for something else and this vicious circle never ends. Existence full of sufferings and pain doesnt bridle after death as Buddhists believe in rebirth the repeated swear out of life and death conditioned by the karma law.The solo fashion out of this misery and pain is nirvana, which can be achieved through meditation and following the principles of Buddhism and to achieve the enlightenment or awakening of selfhood. Reaching enlightenment means reunion with ones true Self. The state of nirvana is hard to define, as it lies beyond speech communicatio n and notions, but the most appropriate categories employ to define it are emptiness, space and openness. In other words, ambit the state of nirvana means realization the emptiness of the true Self. Buddha is a Sanskrit term that means waken one and it describes Buddhas nature. Buddha was the first psyche who achieved liberation or awakening and could pass his experience to other people. He teaches people that all of them have the potential to become Buddha, reaching the state of nirvana.Tibetan Perspectives on Death and DyingThe concept of death accepted in Buddhism is fundamentally antithetical from the one, which exists on the West. easterly people believe in reincarnation and that is why the death for them is not an end of existence but just an interesting journey and great opportunity. Buddhist teaching pays special attention to the death experience as a transitional state from one incarnation to another. Death rituals, exposit in the Book of the Dead derive from Bonism, traditional Tibetan religions, which preceded Buddhism. Ideas from Bonism naturally supplement new Buddhism concepts and together they combine an organic fertiliser combination of religion, philosophy and practical rituals.The concept of death in Buddhism has two meanings and The Book of the Death speaks about two of them. In the first interpretation the death is regarded as a physical death, the cease of megascopic existence. The first part of the Book of the Dead, The First Bardo deals with this death. Another meaning of death is a death of ego. Its an esoteric meaning of death and it stands for inner transformation.This inner transformation is the ultimate goal of Buddhism and The Book of Dead deals with this kind of death too. As Tibetan Lama Govinda states in his introduction to this book, It is a book for the upkeep as well as for the dying. (The Tibetan Book of the Dead or, The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdups position Render ing) The book contains a lot of layers of meaning and can have several levels of interpretation. For centuries this book was kept in secret and only separate religious authorities could access it.Bardo Thodol the Guidance for the Death and LifeThe Bardo Thodol was used by genus Lamas. Literary translation of the name of the book means liberation while hearing universe in the intermediate state. Lamas use this intermediate state as a mean to court to the true self of the person, when his physical body is passing away and thus give him an opportunity to stop the endless chain of births and deaths and get final liberation, or nirvana. There are three intermediate states described in the Book of the Dead. They are the chikhai bardo, or bardo of the moment of death the Chonyid bardo, or bardo of experiencing of reality and the sidpa bardo, or bardo of rebirth. (The Book of the Dead)The Chikhai bardo makes the person ready to meet the very moment of the death. This moment is very impor tant because the moment when resilient force leaves the body and last directions if heard in time can help the person to pass the intermediate state correctly. As the Book of the Dead states, When the expiration hath ceased, the vital-force go forth have sunk into the nerve- concentre of lore and the Knower will be experiencing the Clear Light of the natural condition . Then the vital force, being thrown backwards and flying downwards through the right and left nerves the Intermediate maintain (Bardo) momentarily dawns. (The Book of The Dead)In his commentaries, to The Tibetan Book of the Dead Evans-Wentz explains that never centers mentioned in the book mean psychic centers or cakras and the Center of Wisdom mentioned in the book is located in anahata cakra in the center of the chest. (Evans-Wentz) The Knower mentioned in the same passage stands for the mind in the state of impartial observer. The Chikhai bardo explains the changes in the lively structure of the body with the coming of death. It doesnt only describe physical changes, which occur in the body and the way energy leaves the body, but also stresses on the necessity to remain in the state of observer, in order to get the liberation.As Detlef Ingo Lauf states in his commentaries to the Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Book of Dead This is the very nitty-gritty and substance of the state of liberation, if only the soul can recognize it and act in a way to remain in that state. (Lauf, 254) Special words, repeated several times, must help the dying person to match the main purpose of his pass and help him find the right way in Bardo, where wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked, spotless intellect is like unto a transparent vacuum without tour or centre. (The Book of the Dead) During the reading lama must change the body position of the dying person in order to create the right flow of energy in the body.The main purpose of all rites and ceremonies, described in Th e Book of the Dead, is to make the person stay conscious during the very moment of the death. This will enable him to remain conscious in the Bardo, and this way From the union of the two states of mind, or consciousness, is born the state of Perfect Enlightenment, Buddhahood. The Dharma-Kaya (Body of Truth) symbolizes the purest and the highest state of being, a state of supramundane consciousness (The Book of the Dead).The person should overcome fear and his own egoistic desires and meet the moment of death pure and full of compassion to all living beings. The Book of Dead states that most of the people fail to remain consciousness at the very moment of the death. This can be explained by the weight of their past karma, fear and selfishness. According to the wisdom of Buddha, we can actually use our lives to prepare for death and that is why this moment is so important ( Ringpoche, 45) In this case they fail to gather up Clear Light of Ultimate Reality and should pass to the next stage. The Bardo Thodol gradually describes next steps of the process of passing away and stresses on the different opportunities to get liberation on the different stages.ConclusionThe main message of The Bardo Thodol is to be conscious at the moment of death. The book describes different techniques used by lama in order to awake the person at the very moment of death or afterwards. At the same time, if we think about our life carefully, we will understand that we approach death with every plunk for of our life and being conscious in everyday life can be also the way to get liberation.As Sogyal Rinpoche states in The Tibetan Book of sustentation and Dying In the Buddhist approach, life and death are seen as one hearty, where death is the beginning of another chapter of life. Death is a reflect in which the entire meaning of life is reflected. (Rinpoche, 45) This holistic approach peculiar to Orinatal religions and philosophical systems illustrates their attitude to the death a s a natural continuation of life and vice versa.SourcesRinpoche, Sogyal. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.San Francisco harpist Collins, 1992.Sogyal Rinpoche is a Tibetan Teacher. He did a perfect job adapting ancient texts, which compose The Book of the Dead for the fresh reader. Original book even with commentaries and comments was very hard to comprehend for the unprepared reader. Sogyal Rinpoche made this text easy to read. At the same time he managed to write his book in such a way that the text did not lose its original meaning and those, who are interested in analyse sacred Buddhist text, can read The Book of the Dead, which is one of central texts of Tibetan Buddhism in easy and comprehensive interpretation.The book investigates the topics of death and dying, which are central notions of Buddhism. The author introduces Buddhist concepts of karma, mediation, reincarnation and bardo in interesting and understandable manner. The book also contains practical guideline of dealing with the death. Reading this book transforms ones attitude to the question of death and to life. Overcoming the fear of death can become that turning point, which changes the whole life, and Rinpoches book helps to deal with this fear. The author gives practical advice, which can help both experienced seekers and people, who only start their acquaintance with Buddhism.The Tibetan Book of the Dead or, The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdups English Rendering. Ed. W. Y. Evans-Wentz, Oxford University Press, 1949 This book gives Buddhist vision of the process of death and dying. This book teaches not only the process of dying, it also centers on the process of living and uncovers new levels of meaning of our earthy existence. The text produced in this addition is Lama Kazi Dawa Sammdups interpretation of the Bardo Thodol edited by the famous specialist in this field and first translator of this book to English Evans-Wentz.Their creat ive tandem gave birth to new interpretation of classical text. Commentaries of C.G. Jung, the representative of the New groom psychology helps horse opera people to get prepared for dealing with such complicated issues as death and dying, which is a very difficult topic for Westerners. Introduction create verbally by Lama Anagarika Govinda, a modern religious authority, helps to understand the ancient texts.All those, who contributed to this book, made a great job by do an ancient Orintal wisdom understandable for western audience. General information about Buddhism, which makes the third part, can be useful for those, who want to penetrate occulter into this religious teaching. Comments and commentaries presented in the book make it not only ancient classics, but also a comprehensive book about self-improvement and coming in ground with your life.Detlef Ingo Lauf. Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Dead.(Trans. by Graham Parkes) capital of Massachusetts Shambhala Pu blications, 1989.Detlef Lauf is a famous German religious disciple and Tibetologist. In his Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Dead he provides his own commentaries about the famous text. He introduces different variants of The Book of the Dead and uncovers their deep symbolism. Religious concepts are supplemented by historical information, which makes their comprehension easier.The book written by Detlef Ingo Lauf is a necessary addition to the information, presented in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The book is a deep survey of Buddhist and pre-Buddhist relations teachings, which attributed to the Buddhist concepts of death and dying. The author makes a research of the different deities, Buddhist doctrines and principles created a necessary basis for the right understanding of the classical texts of the Bardo Thodol or the Book of the Dead. The author goes even further and compares the concepts of death discovered in the Book of the Dead with views on death applied in di fferent religious doctrines of Rome, Greece, Eqypt, India and Persia. Information about the death and dying received by modern Western scholars help to understand the basic ideas of the book.References1. Evans-Wentz, W.Y. (ed.) The Tibetan Book of the Dead. London/Oxford/New York Oxford University 1960.(Trans. by Graham Parkes) Boston Shambhala Publications, 1989.2. The Tibetan Book of the Dead or, The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdups English Rendering. Ed. W. Y. Evans-Wentz, Oxford University Press, 19493. Rinpoche, Sogyal. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.San Francisco Harper Collins, 1992.4. The Tibetan Book of the Dead The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo.By Guru Rinpoche according to Karma-Lingpa. (Translated Francesca Fremantle, Chogyam Trungpa). Boston and London Shambhala Pocket Classics, 1992.4. Detlef Ingo Lauf. Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Dead.

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Mandatory Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Essay Example for Free

Mandatory Drug Testing of public assistance Recipients Essaydissertation Statement overall, mandatory drug testing initiatives have noble intentions such as providing medical attention to the abuser, preventing lifelong dependency, and saving taxpayer dollars, however, states should choose to non implement the intrusive testing because it is unconstitutional, costly, and ultimately detrimental to the child, not the parents. Through this presentation you will.. Learn about how widespread social welfare usage is, and the history behind welfare reform. Understand why some legislators advocate for mandatory drug testing Look at the facts and discover that it is not only unconstitutional but also not an efficient means of spending allocated funds. digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. Reasons Why Supporters gestate in Mandatory Drug Testing Overall good of youth dependents set tolerance policy Some buy drugs with welfare Tax payers have a right to fuck That their funds are spent w ell employed people must take drug tests Overall well being of invidual All reasoning lead to their overall stance, pro-testing. Reasons Why They Dont Believe in Mandatory Drug Testing th amemmendment)Unconstiutional (4 Cost Prohibitative Embarassing and untimely Potential false positives or false negatives This is why CPS etc. exists Kid gets punished not the adult All reasoning lead to their overall stance, against testing. Florida Welfare Drug Testing Graphic- DO THE MATH. digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. Conclusion Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients is unconstitutional, because no just-cause to search and seize. We must trust that although it isnt constitutional or low-cost to drug test all people, other agencies are other there to protect the children, if abuse or neglect is occurring Correlation does not imply causation.Work CitedAmundson, Kalynn, Anna M. Zajicek, and Valerie H. Hunt. Pathologies Of The Poor What Do The War On Drugs And Welfare Reform Have In Common? . journal Of Sociology Social Welfare 41.1 (2014) 5-28. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 May 2014 Gupta, Vanita. Should Welfare Recipients Be Tested For Drugs?. U.S. News digital Weekly 3.46 (2011) 14. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 May 2014.Lyle, Lindsey. Floridas Legislation Mandating Suspicionless Drug Testing Of TANF Beneficiaries The Constitutionality And Efficacy Of Implementing Drug Testing Requirements On The Welfare Population. Tennessee Journal Of Law Policy 8.(2012) 68-85. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 May 2014.Work CitedRhodes, Tim, Sarah Bernays, and Kathrin Houmoller. Parents Who Use Drugs Accounting for slander and Its Limitation. Social Science Medicine 71.8 (2010) 1489-497. Web. 6 May 2014. Vitter, David. Should Welfare Recipients Be Tested For Drugs?. U.S. News Digital Weekly 3.46 (2011) 14. Business Source Complete. Web. 6 May 2014.Vitter, David. Should Welfare Recipients Be Tested For Drugs?. U.S. News Digital Weekly 3.46 (2011) 14. Business Source Comple te. Web. 6 May 2014.Wurman, Ilan. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients As A Constitutional Condition. Stanford Law Review 65.5 (2013) 1153-1193. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 May 2014.

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The Waste of Time Essay Example for Free

The Waste of Time Essaysonnet 18 is a typical Shakespearean sonnet that hardly departs from the classic rules of an English sonnet. It has fourteen profligates in a simple iambic pentameter although, thither are a few strong first syllables in the numbers and some lines have eleven syllables instead of just ten. None of the lines flow into the next one. either of them have a distinct stopping place except that of line 9 (as far as punctuation goes.) There are three quatrains in the poem, the third one changes the tone of the poem, that are followed up by a rhymed couplet that ends the poem. The poem also has a typical rhyme organization of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.Sonnet 18 is considered to be the first of the group of 108 sonnets written about a young man, merely one could easily presume that the person being talked about is a woman, so since there is no suggestion in this poem of a particular sex the anonymous person will be addressed as Shakespeares be cognised. Shakespeare in Sonnet 18 compares his bonk to a summers day in a twist, instead of saying how his be kip downd is equivalent the sun, he tells of how his love is not like what he guides.. In the first line of the poem, the author is asking or just wondering out chinchy if he should compared his love to a summers day. The second line Shakespeare jumps right into answering the capitulum describing his love as lovely and temperate (ln 2.) The word temperate has a few different thinkings. It could mean self -restrained, a mild temperature, but also in the time of Shakespeare people would have notion the word meant a balance of the humours. This pretty much means that they believed human behavior was decided by the amount of certains types of fluids in the body.So temperate meant someone had the right amount of those fluids. In the third line it literally is saying the rough winds of the summer can destroy the flower buds, which means his love does not have this particular trait. The fourth line uses the word lease as in a agreement. The phase he is making is that summer is destined to end unlike his loves bag. Lines five and six continue to describe the sun and how it can be too hot at times and how it also can be dulled by the covering of the clouds. The word complexion generally means the look of the salutes skin, but here it also goes back to a balance of humours as did the word temperate. Shakespeare contiues on in his speaking of his love but in broader termsnow.He declares that fair (beauty) fades away, eventually, by chance or in the face of natures changes. The word untrimmd (ln 8) referes to beautiful things trimmings being lost or the fading of beauty. However, it could also refer to a term from sailing, meaning adjeust. That would change the meaning of the word completely. It would mean in the face of natures changes beauty of his raw sienna remains unchanged. The ninth and tenth lines of the poem is the turning point in the sonnet. He begins to argue that his love will never go away or lose its beauty. Owst (ln10) means owns and owes back. It means that either the love wont lose their beauty they own or that they would not have to give back the beauty owed that was given from nature. It sort of goes back to line four when Shakespeare speaks of the summer being a lease, or a temporary ownership.Sonnet 18 has many technical devices that lie within the poem. It has repetition of words like more lovely and more temperate and every fair from fair that are used to emphasise the point being made. Shakespeare also put in the poem contrasting words in the poem such as those in lines five and six shines and dimmed.

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Quantum Software Case Study Essay Example for Free

Quantum Software Case Study EssayQuantum Software is a fairly new organization No ties, no suits coats, first discern only that was founded by Stan Albright and Erin Barber. The fellowship develops computer software specifically oriented to the carrys of independent oil businesses. Theyve had a lot of succeeder over the past 3years and are growing fairly fast. Quantum has gained over 200 employees and has made about 95 million dollars in sales. Currently, Employees at Quantum Software work 16 minute of arc days 6 days a week.In order to keep the morel and sprit up, Quantum recognizes that their employees have been working extra clayey and they want to neutralize them by having a weekly Beer Bust party. Bill Carter, the embodied attorney, doesnt agree with the beer stony-broke idea. alternatively he believes that serving alcohol at a companys sponsor party send packing be a big liability to Quantum. A beer don sounds fun and relaxing. However Bill Carter makes a good p oint, serving alcohol at a companys sponsor party quarter be a huge liability on the companys future.Recently an employee by the name of conjuration Hooker lost his balance and fell on the snack table during one of the beer wear off events. Luckily John didnt get hurt. When having these types of events the company advisenot guarantee that a person like John will not over drink and possibly drive home drunk and cause a serious accident. These are all things that Quantum needs to take into consideration. Accidents happen all the sequence and Quantum needs be aware that these beer go against hatful be a great liability to the company. I buttocks agnize that Quantum wants to reward their employees for their hard work.Working long days 6 days a week can get over whelming. What Quantum needs to do is analyze the situation. The company is growing authentically fast and they need more people. Hiring more programmers can support balance their work load making 8 hour days 5 days a week possible. I dont think that having a weekly beer rupture is a permanent solution. It is obvious that employees at Quantum like to be recognized for their accomplishments and hard work however in the beginning of the case study is it mention the most of the employees drop in to unwind to these beer bust events.Most, meaning that not everyone who works at Quantum shows up or participates in these beer bust parties. What I would recommend quantum to do at this point is to pass out an employee surveys and ask their employees what they want or prefer. Some employees might not like the type of environment and rather spend their free time doing something else. Others might like the idea of working fewer hours and having weekends off as a reward.An employee survey can actually help the company out by providing feedback and letting the company know what they like and dislike. The beer bust events have been going on for a while and have be rise a sort of a companys tradition. Im not sa ying to eliminate the whole beer bust events. The beer bust parties can be a great way to socialize, relax and unwind. Having social events like these can help co workers become closer and share ideas and knowledge which can be beneficial to the company.If Quantum decides to continued the beer bust parties, what needs to be done is that they need to need to get with Bill carter, the corporate attorney and come up ways to handle a situation if it occurs. Limiting the number of beers a person can have at each event can help by not over alcoholism or by providing some sort of transportation such as bus or move to take employees back home after a beer bust event. These are rules that can be use by the company in order to not only save Quantum from a future faithfulness suit but also to save a life.The fact that both Eric and Stan are not rightfully listening to Bills concerns can and will affect the companys future. Bill is the corporate attorney and he knows the law. I would recom mend bill to talk to both Eric and Stan another day. Eric and Stan are in a relax mode at this point probably had a few drinks or dickens and might not think that what Bill has to say is quite as important as it really is. Scheduling a meeting with both Eric and Stan and going over what can happen if they dont start implanting rules.

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I-Kuan Tao Trough the Years Essay Example for Free

I-Kuan Tao Trough the Years EssayI-Kuan Tao is categorize as a syncretistic sect that had rooted from Mainland China but because of Governments manoeuvre of control to Communism afterwards the globe War II, it had immigrated to the island of chinaware together with the ousted Central Government. There it had flourished its be of followers through the years that made it the third most popular faith in Taiwan1. harmonize to the Country Profile of Taiwan dating March 2005, of its 12. 7 million religion members, 6. 6 share were believers of I-Kuan Tao, next to the dickens most prominent, the Buddhists, 42. 9 percent and the Daoism believers, 35. 6 percent2.Like any opposite religion, it had seek to propagate their teachings outside its host country. I-Kuan Tao had succeeded to have significant number of co-believers in the countries of United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Ind angiotensin-converting enzymesia and Japan. I-Kuan Tao, literally translated as The Tao that unifies all with the one, is a syncretistic sect because it believes that with the corroboration of existing beliefs, it could make a unified set of rules that would govern the people and would lead them to salvation on the Day of Judgment.According to the Purpose of Tao by an I-Kuan Tao sect in USA, I-Kuan Tao recognizes the five world religions namely the Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam3. But since I-Kuan Tao is of Chinese stock certificate, some of its beliefs came from the first three. Since Chinese had high reverence to their ancestors, purity of the soul, respect and moderation, I-Kuan Tao had adopted these and they were formed as its fundamental rules. The last two religion recognized by I-Kuan Tao had been added to the modern day I-Kuan Tao because they had considered the similarity of its teachings to the first three.1. World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters, World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters. retrieved 22 October 2007,http//www. with. org/ 2. Library of Congress Fed eral Research Division. Country Profile Taiwan, March 2005 Retrieved 22 October 2007, http//lcweb2. loc. gov/frd/cs/profiles/Taiwan. pdf 3. MariMari. com, Taiwan Religion, retrieved 22 October 2007, http//www. marimari. com/content/taiwan/general_info/religion/religion. html I-Kuan Tao Definition The name I-Kuan means penetrating with one or one unity and is derived from a passage of Analects where Confucius said an all-pervading Truth.The name Tao has many meanings including way, path or Truth. History I-Kuan Tao definitely has a long history1. According to Zhu-zis Doctrine of the Mean that the ancestry of Tao is from heaven and absolute it actually comes from within and is inseparable. Literally, no words or language can describe the origin of I-Kuan Tao. The heritage of Tao can be classified into two categories. First, the origin of Tao in the continuity link refers to the period starting from the time of Patriach Fu-xi up to the early Ching Dynasty.Second was the Origin of Ta o in the creative link refers to the period during the rule of the Ching Emperor Shun-zhi. The second origin was taught to have permitted the 9th patriarch Huang De-hui in Lu-shan of Jiang-xi to set up Xian Tian Tao or the Way of Former Heaven, now known as I-Kuan Tao2. Since 4,500 years ago, the religion I-Kuan Tao is being taught, especially in overseas Chinese communities, around the world. Basically, it is a newly religious movement that originated in the twentieth century China. It is a religion that incorporates much older elements from other religions such as Confucianism, Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.The name I-Kuan Tao, overly called Yi Guan Dao, can be translated as the persuasive fairness and it recognizes the validity of other non-Chinese religions like Christianity and Islam. As of now, I-Kuan Tao has over 45,000 followers with over 3,100 temples. _______________ 1. I-Kuan Tao Encyclopedia, I-Kuan Tao, retrieved 22 October 2007, http//www. experiencefestival. com/a/ I-Kuan_Tao/id/1960382 2. World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters, The Heritage of Tao by Derek Lin, retrieved 22 October 2007, http//www. with. org/ikuantao. htmlThe Tao part of the I-Kuan Tao Heritage is the oldest, going back at least to the time of Huang-Di, the legendary emperor who lived over 4,500 years ago. I-Kuan Tao states that the Tao is the real meaning and the spiritual truth groundwork all religions, philosophies, and schools of thought. It is also the source of everything, the driving mechanism of evolution, and the life force of the innovation. This concept is named Lao Mu, the personified universe. 1 About 2,000 years after its ancient beginning, the sage Lao Tzu came and reviews the Tao beliefs and concepts into the classic Tao Te Ching. other sage, Chuang Tzu, contributed to the expansion of the Tao beliefs with his stories, metaphors and a different sense of humor. 2 At about the same time that Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu were spreading their concepts, there are also other sa ges who were developing their own perspectives on life and spirituality. angiotensin-converting enzyme of these sages is Confucius. He became popular as a great teacher and scholar as he rewrite social customs and ethics. And if you make your way south of China, the Buddha will teach you the path towards enlightenment3.These teaching also have big impact on the Chinese culture. And I-Kuan Tao identifies them and adopted these teachings into its system. Five hundred years after Lao Tzu came another remarkable teacher named Jesus4. His teachings, the Christian teachings, served as the foremost foundation of spirituality in the West. And just like with Confucianism and Buddhism, I-Kuan Tao embraced and incorporated the Christian Teachings. As a result, many Tao practitioners respect and study the Bible, again seeking the truth and wisdom that can bring all different beliefs closer together.

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Evolution of aviation during World War II Essay Example for Free

Evolution of aviation during earth War II EssayThe year between the two great Wars saw the continuation and expansion of aviation technology. By now, European nations knew the uses of airplanes in contend times. level off though disarmament was commanded by the treaty of Versailles, many nations ( virtuallyly Europeans) continued to advance their aircraft technology in a less(prenominal)er or higher degree (Pavelic, 2007, p. 2).Unlike the First World War, there was great interest in research and advance studies on material science, aeromechanics, locomotive thermodynamics and fuel technology that kick upstairs the extensive use of monoplane and the use of new high cater weapons in fighter planes like tummynons and rockets (Mathews, 2001, p. 9). Even though Germany was denied to build an air force by the Treaty of Versailles, nevertheless, they continued to conduct covert aeronautical research for secret rearmament plans during the interwar years.Secretly they also boug ht aircrafts from other countries. It can be said therefore that in spite of being banned to build military aircrafts, Germany was up-to-date in aircraft suppuration. In fact by the time the Pact of Paris (1926) relaxed their restriction on German aviation ontogeny, Germany built some of the most advanced aircraft in the world (Pavelic, 2007, p. 2). Increasing the speed and rising at high altitudes had remained the preoccupation of aircraft development in the interwar and spot World War.Altitude was very important to the military because of their mission to intercept and ardor invading bombers (Matthews, 2001, p. 9). For conventional type of airplanes, development was geared toward increasing speed and altitude through engine development, particularly the piston engine and turbo jet engine. Britain had design one of the best liquid-cooled aircraft engines, the Rolls Royce Merlin, used in World War II for two heavy bombers, the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricanes (Pavelec, 2007, p.7). However, the alternative to piston engine, the turbojet engine (engine without propeller) can be considered the greatest achievement in the bill of aviation in terms of speed development and solved the problem of jet propulsion during the interwar and the Second World War. It was Germany who led in this development in the person of Dr. Hans von Ohain who completed a flight-worthy turbojet engine for aircraft, commencing the jet age on August 27, 1939.throughout the war, the race for jet speed was dominated by the Germans and they were the ones who initiated to produce jet aircraft for combat operations. Other countries concisely followed suit (although they have their own jet inventions at the same time that the Germans developed it but with less support) in producing turbojet engine. In Britain, it was Frank Whittle who developed a turbojet engine that powered the Gloster Pioneer on May 15, 1941 and the only Allied combat jet aircraft ,Meteor.By the end of the war, a irplanes of the Second World War travel in faster speeds than their predecessors, with a record of 606 miles per hour by the British Gloster Meteor IV powered by a turbojet engine (Matthews, 2001, p. 6). Radar was also an unveiling in aviation during the Second World War. When the First World War had ended, nations had realized that airplanes, especially those carrying bombs, pull up stakes pose a threat to their safety.Therefore, radar systems were developed and in the Second World War, they were installed in airplanes to keep an eye on enemy aircrafts or ships, or to help in navigation or to accurately locate outpouring targets ( Perry, 1988, p. 703). IV. Conclusion It is very obvious that due to the pressing need of the First and Second World War, the history of aviation took a rapid turn. It is at this period that aircrafts changed its role from transport and reconnaissance vehicle to caustic weapons of war when fighter and bomber planes were developed.Airplanes also underg one rapid change in physical appearance from biplanes to monoplanes and from exploitation fabric to full-metal body. During the interwar periods, as aircrafts were already seen as an integral part in war victory, in-depth researches in aerodynamics and thermodynamics and other engineering technology related to flying was undertaken well into the Second World War. Moreover, the quest for greater speed and high altitudes was improved in the Second World War upon the invention of turbo jet engines as an alternative to the piston engines of the First World War.

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Music-Induced Affect as Treatment of Elderly Depression Essay Example for Free

practice of medicine-Induced motivate as Treatment of Elderly drop-off EssayAbstract Depression in ancient patients is one of the most prevalent psychological troubles today. However, research and knowledge regarding this undecided is particular(a) and those tangled in the application of this knowledge to help older individuals experiencing impression are lacking in efficient strategies and training. This paper aims to explore the efficacy of inducing corroborative affect through melody as a strategy in treating depression in elderly individuals. The paper focuses on the effectiveness of practice of medicine alone as tool in treating depression based on its cap susceptibility to induce domineering affect. It is hypothesized that positive affect continuously induced via music deep down a set time-period result diminish signs of depression.IntroductionDepression has recently been recognized as one of main psychological problems facing decree today. Literature sho ws that intervention of depression needs to be specialized in terms of the population it addresses. current groups, such as pueriles, respond to certain treatments differently when compared to another group, such as the elderly. (Aryan Alvidres, 2001 Von Kroff et al, 2001)Depression among the elderly has specifically been found to be rampant and mostly un check up on mainly due to the fact that it was regarded antecedent on as a normal step in an individuals aging. (Casey, 1994) The need for except research on the subject is stressed by the fact that treatments and solutions for depression among elderly individuals are analyze only in areas wherein a majority of the population is in the late stages of life. (Bramesfeld, 2003)Also, research has shown that general practitioners involved in treating depression in the elderly need to have more training and information on how best to handle depression in older patients. (Rothera et al, 2002) Diagnosis of depression is as well as a problem with 70-90% of depressed elderly patients going undiagnosed. (Koenig, 1999)A new strategy being researched for its effectiveness in treating depression employs the use of music techniques. Hendricks et al (1999) showed the potency of music in treating adolescent depression mainly because of its ability to inspire a change in the individuals emotions.Hanser Thomson (1994) and Hanser (1990) studies have likewise shown promise in the use of music techniques to treat depression in older individuals. This paper aims to validate these previous studies scarcely willing focus only on the musical aspect of the treatment. Previous research included exercise, ponderousness relaxation techniques, and recall of experiences which could have confounded the results of the previous studies attesting to the effectiveness of music techniques. query Question The close of this paper is to determine whether there is a operative relationship between music-induced affect and depression. Can positive affect induced by music reduce depression? It is hypothesized that positive music-induced affect has a signifi force outt negative relationship with depression.Methods The design of the study is experimental and random. Specifically, it makes use of a 22 between-subjects factorial design. one and only(a) vari subject will be the music-induced affect which will have two levels in the experiment, presence and absence of music-induced affect. Negative music-induced affect will not be used for ethical reasons. The other variable will be the test scores of the participants assessing the intensity of their depression. This will have two levels, test scores prior to the application of the music technique and test scores acquired after application. The two variables contribute tot eh 22 factorial design. (Mann, 1949)Setting The study will be conducted in a laboratory setting within primeval anxiety facilities from which the participants will be gathered. Performing the exper iment in a primary care facility will be more convenient especially because the participants involved are elderly individuals. The laboratory setting will control for confounding variables that could be present in a real environment. world The research sample will be composed of individuals from age 65 onwards coming from primary care facilities and who have been diagnosed with depression (ranging from mild to severe). This is to avoid ethical and scientific concerns regarding clinically-induced depression. entropy CollectionThe self-sufficient variable is the positive music-induced affect will be measured with the State Form of the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised (MAACL-R). (Zuckerman Lubin, 1985) The depression level, the dependent variable, of the participants will be measured with the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). (Beck et al, 1961)Participants will be randomly assigned to two groups. The experimental group will be administered with music sessions aimed at indu cing positive affect. The music will be pre-tested on a different set of participants also with depression to check its validity in inducing positive affect. The control group will not be administered with music sessions and will only be administered the Beck Depression Inventory at the start and at the end of the experimentation period. The experimental group will be administered the selected music once daily for a duration of four weeks. During the sessions, participants of the experimental set-up will be asked to clear their minds and to concentrate only on the music being played. The State Form of the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised will be administered to begin with and after each session to ensure that positive affect was induced. The Beck Depression Inventory will also be administered to this group at the start and end of the four-week experimentation period to document depression levels.Data Analysis Collected data will be analyzed statistically with the use of a unidirectional analysis of deviation (one-way ANOVA). The computed marginal means in the ANOVA will be the determining statistical value indicating the effect of positive music-induced affect on depression scores with the Beck Depression Inventory.Conclusion Music as a technique employed in treating depression will provide healthcare workers and low-income families with a relatively cost-free strategy of helping elderly individuals experiencing depression. This is also a technique that doesnt require more training or medical expertise in its administration. All one would need in set up to be able to administer this technique is knowledge as to which music selections are prescribed and prove to induce positive affect. This technique, because of its simplicity and speed of application, could also be used as a adjuvant strategy to medication, counseling and psychotherapies being employed to treat depression in elderly patients. The research, however, has many limitations. The ambit of elderly individuals that will be available for experimentation will only be confined to a specific locality. Time constraints will also be an issue. Further study should be conducted on a larger sample size and over a longer experimentation period. Different music styles and variations can also be checked to ascertain maximum effectiveness of the treatment. Gender could also be checked as a factor. Depression is indeed a psychological problem that afflicts todays elderly individuals. Research regarding effective techniques has to be continued and expanded in order for healthcare workers to be able to best address this growing problem.ReferencesArean, P., Alvidrez, J. (2001). Treating Depressive Disorders Who Responds, Who Does Not Respond, and Who Do We Need to Study? Journal of Family Practices, 50(6), 529Beck, A., Ward, C., Mendelson, M., Mock, J., Erbaugh, J. (1961). An inventory for amount depression, Archives of General Psychiatry, 4, 561-571.Bramesfeld, A. (2003). Service provision for elderly depressed persons and political and professional awareness for this subject a comparison of six European countries. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 18, 392-401Casey, D. (1994). Depression in the elderly. southerly Medical Journal, 87(5), 559-563Hanser, S. B. (1990). A music therapy strategy for depressed older adults in the community. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 9, 283-298.Hanser, S. B., Thompson, L. W. (1994). cause of music therapy strategy on depressed older adults. Journal of Gerontology, 49, 265-269.Hendricks, C., Robinson, B., Bradley, L., Davis, K. (1999). Using music techniques to treat adolescent depression. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education Development, 38(1), 39-46Koenig, H. (1999). Late-life depression How to treat patients with comorbid chronic illness.Geriatrics, 54(5), 56-61Mann, H.B. (1949). Analysis and design of experiments analysis of variance and analysis of variance designs. New York, Dover Publicati ons.Rothera, I., Jones, R., Gordon, C. (2002). An examination of the attitudes and practice of general practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of depression in older people. International Journal Of Geriatric Psychiatry, 17, 354-358Von Kroff, M., Katon, W., Wells, K., Wagner, E. (2001). Improving Depression Care Barriers, Solutions, and Research Needs. Journal of Family Practice, 50(6), 529-561Zuckerman M, Lubin B. (1985) Manual for the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised. San Diego Educational and Industrial Testing

Effect of supply and demand and gas in our lifetime Essay Example for Free

Effect of supply and drive and gas in our lifetime probe fossil anoint has been an integral socio-economic vehicle which inwardly the corporate scene remains a highly agonistic socio-economic driver. Due to vast practises and demand, petroleum has become controversial and elastic in socio-politics. Here we see it cause socio constraints in rock embrocate producing countries and collapsing policy-making institutions. Socially oil has a important office in our widely distributed lifestyle. It has a comparative role inwardly the context of mobility and industrial function where it is used in factories as well as in institutions which use combustive machinery. It is a de preconditioninant of economic prowess of a country. It plays a major role in research and advancement of power generation and use of bio fuels to liberalization environmental pollution. Gas is valuable in our lives found on the fact that it eases the burden of power use in cooking and deep down m eac h socio institutions especially inwardly our families. Gas also has been highly agonistic and still remains so with many countries seeking to sustain demand. Recently European countries grappled with Russian lodge Gazprom over supply of gas when the company threatened to cut supplies.This paper reflects on the major effect of oil and gas on our lives in various aspects of socio-economics and its profundity. This profundity collapsees the oil and gas use and contribution to socio-economics and politics. This analytical review covers environmental, political and research contributions, so as to keep sustenance of the same at per with growths in the technological trends within our lives which drain energy resources and adversely effect socio-economic stability. Contribution to socio economics scotch growth is dependent on energy resources.Energy supply within the development perspectives of a republic deplete economic recession and create more apertures for industrial emanatio nion in the nation. The distribution of resources within this economic perspective contributes to social economic growth due to the dissemination of the resources made and gained from the industrial progression. Socio-economic progress is what supports the constituents of the society, namely the family. Most families own vehicles, machinery and combustive equipment that require oil to run them. They own various oil consuming devices worry generators which they use to get power and run their daily activities.This perspective of integrating resources based on oil based contribution and importance is indicative of the pivotal role oil plays in the economic progression of a nation and a community. On the negative aspect, oil has very respective(a) negative set up on social economic gains and has led to the disintegration of economic stability within the units of the society. Increase in oil prices leads to stifling of social economics due to constrained spending so as to meet the hig her cost of fuel. This constraint forces individuals to over spend and increased prices of goods and services.The effect spreads within the society to the most unfortunate and stirs unrest due to the high prices. On the same aspect oil has been a very competitive socially owned inhering resources which in as many countries has caused political divisions and social disintegration. Communities in developing nations lay down been embroiled in long civil wars like in Nigeria. Nations with superior industrial fatalitys sustain sought after taking advantage of lesser nations to establish forced oil cut concessions so as to shoot a monopoly in the production of oil and directly befit their economic needs while hurting that of the producing country.The performance of the portfolio might be c atomic number 18ful by the effects of changes in energy costs and availability of energy on the economy. Another portfolio circular might be the effects of the mix of energy sources on the diver sity and vulnerability of the supply. Generating Electric business leader in the Pacific Northwest Implications of Alternative Technologies Christopher G. Pernin, Mark A. Bernstein, Andrea Mejia, Howard Shih, Fred Rueter, Wilbur Steger 2002. p 15 Effect on Resources boring oil has led to dilapidation of natural resources like forested land, marine resources and boorish land.The effect on these natural resources is basically destruction of their existence so as to create sufficient exploration and drill acreage. To excavate gas or oil, exploration and seismic survey has to be conducted on very signifi shadowt area of acreage which completely reduces this area to a wasteful land for many years. The long term effect is that, the existing resources and land itself becomes wasted and polluted due to activities involved to get the gas or oil out. However there are positive attributes that come along with oil and gas production. there creation of jobs on these areas benefits local and p rofessionals who have relevant experience and knowledge on the activities related to drilling and producing oil and gas. Creation of infrastructure and connection to electric automobileity grids become the positive effects on the resources which can be utilized within the region the drilling or production is on going. The resources, like agricultural activities directly benefit from these changes and developments. Existing coffee factories get a boost to revert from using diesel engines to electricity. Communities are connected to the electric grid and can access electricity.Industries come up and processing of natural resources become easier. Proved reserves are both drilled and un-drilled. The proved drilled reserves, in any pool, include oil estimated to be recoverable by the production systems now in operation, whether with or without fluent injection, and from the area actually drilled up on the spacing pattern in effect in that pool. The proved un-drilled reserves, in any po ol, include reserves under un-drilled spacing units which are so close, and so related, to the drilled units that there is every reasonable probability that they will produce when drilled.Bruce C.Netschert The Future Supply of Oil and Gas A Study of the Availability of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids in the fall in States in the Period through 1975 1958. p 7 Development of alternative fuels Oil and gas have led to positive research on energy needs globally. Companies and researchers have been seeking best solutions to the decline supplies and deposits of gas and oil to curb the eminent collapse of the supply and demand. Discovery of coal mines, use of electric car and trains development of alternative oil are diverse developments all based on the oil and gas supply and demand agenda.According to arguments based on the global perspective on demand and supply of gas and oil, it is questionable and much worrisome Are resources in all probability to be available during the bordering fifty years in the quantities necessary to satisfy projected demands without substantial increases in prices? If not, what price in- creases are likely to be necessary to close the gap between supply and demand, and what are the effects of those increases likely to be? Ronald G. Ridker William D. Watson To Choose a Future Resource and Environmental Consequences of Alternative Growth Paths. 980. p 96. controvert effects of the demand and supply is mainly seen within the oil curtails and supply context. International oil curtails have a stranglehold on the oil and gas prices and the effect of alternative oils becomes less dynamic and forward stifling efforts to stipulate best policies to use to achieve the required progress in alternatives is slow. Implementation of development of alternative oils and energy resources has been ongoing. Creation of biodegradable oils has resolved much of the fears that demand would become elastic.Environmental effects Global warming and environmental degradation consequences on the works are as a return of a deal out of oil and gas exploration activities. Secondly the use of oil and gas in industries and within the concepts of combustion has led to degradation of the environmental. Industrial effluent related to oil has destroyed the flora while gaseous emission like carbon emissions from vehicles and industrial machinery has destroyed the ozone layer resulting to global warming. in that location are literally no positive implications on the environment by oil and gas. However on the profound aspect of research advancing of technology to improve on the air and to maintain a level of com reposency within the ozone layer has led to discovery and global use of green houses and gateway of policies which reflect on addressing how to stop global warming. Governmental and geo-political effects A lot of the current crisis within the global fronts is based on escalation of demand of oil and gas by major world like t he United States.The demand for energy, especially based on oil supplies has become un-foreseeable, as such the need to have vast reserves of oil within proximity as insulation to the critical back breaker of demand and elasticity of demand is important. Non-Marxist social science, needless to say, had to contend with the reality, where incidents of collective violence were taking place all around. Facing this contradiction between their theory and reality, a compromise was reached by which it was hypothesized that anti-systemic conflict was only when a temporary situation.This situation, they argued, would be symptomatic of the Third World nations going through a structural change. Structural change caused by the introduction of economic development and a young production birth calls for the end to the traditional social and economic relationship. Dipak K. Gupta The Economics of Political Violence The Effect of Political unstableness on Economic Growth. 1990 p 31 The issue he re is that political prowess has influenced a lot of political inclinations in various nations within the world.On the same context, government policies to curb oil prices and to have reserves for future use have become null and wavering. The community within these jurisdictions suffer move oil prices and there is no consistency in the pricing hence the problem of constantly adjusting to the new prices due to lack of legislation. Political problems have emanated from this point with extremist policies on invasion of natural resources and brake drum prices becoming tools of stifling economic progress in the communities.