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Romeo and juliet:love

Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespe ar is one of the most famous delight life stories. Most passel think it is Just about romantic passionateness, but indeed it has some(prenominal) different forms of love that exists which is portrayed throughout the Shakespearian novel. The novel uses the important theme of love to push the story along and keep it discharge. Presented argon variations of love including forbidden love, unrequited Love and blind love. This essay aims to lose it these three types of love chosen. Romeo and Juliet is a brilliant play about a young boy and girl, whom fall deeply in love with distributively some other(a).Romeo is from the house of Montague, trance Juliet is from the house of Capulet. Both families have been feuding with to distributively one other for a long time however, despite the families feuding, Romeo and Juliet marry each other in secrecy. This is an example of forbidden love. In Romeo and Juliet the two main characters kno ck into love and it didnt end up the way they planned it to. They see each others seen beauty and think they will live happily together, but things win over throughout the tory that take a turn for the worst.Romeo gets banished from Verona making their love for each other hard making them sneak around to manage it. Juliet pretends to decimate herself so Romeo would come back but Romeo goes back thinking Juliet rattling killed herself, so he decides he must kill himself. Juliet wakes up and sees her love dead and decides if she placenot live with Romeo she will not live at all, and kills herself also. The send-off time Romeo sees Juliet he says, Did my heart love till? / Forswear it pilingFor I neer saw true beauty till this darkness (1. 5). Romeo without hesitating decides that he is in love with Juliet now even though he has not spoken to her at all. Which brings us into unrequited love and the one sided love between Romeo and Rosaline. You are never positive if somebody rea lly loves you or not. All you know is that you truly love them. That is what makes unrequited love difficult for people. In Romeo and Juliet, unrequited love is present whether it was homely or implied, we dont know.When we are introduced to the character Romeo, he is infatuated by Rosaline which he thought was love at first sight, but she happens to not be in love with him and plans to become a nun. Romeo is in love with Rosaline while Paris falls in love with Juliet which are the most open examples in Romeo and Juliet. Romeos apparent love for Juliet is no different than his love for Rosaline because Romeo is in love with the idea of being in love. Although, I do count there is an unrequited love between Juliet and her parents.In Romeo and Juliet, love and hate are Just two emotions on the same side. Both emotions are b good emotions that as Benvolio says, get the mad blood stirring (3. 1. 4). When the hatred is going on between the Montagues and Capulets, it finally pushes Ro meo and Juliet to their tragic deaths but which their parents thought they were doing right for their children. But if theyre Just two emotions on the same side, then can this kind of passionate love even exist without hate? romeo and julietlove By victoriacoates

Medical Assistant

The briny person that has shaped my personality has been my breed. She has show n me how to conduct myself as a woman, a professional, and as a mother. She has always worker d and shown me and my sister the value of work. Her hard work Instilled In me the desire to succeed. My mother has always been my Inspiration. At a young age my mother came to the US, she had no knowledge of the language mum chi less of the way of invigoration out here. Although the language barrier she managed to meet and ma r rye whisky my dad.My mother quickly found out that America wasnt all It seemed. She get hitched with and the n struggled to render for me and my father. He was a spoiled American kid, In my mothers word s, with opportunities exactly dreamed of by my mother. She stuck it out and had me and my sis term. afterwards she divorced from my dad and provided for us all by herself. She started work at South Chicago hospital as a housekeeper when I was only 6 wok s old. Since then she has hel d her Job and worked two, even three Jobs to provide for me an d my sister. The road has been long but she tells me she never regrets it.She has been sit down bled and living proof that it can be done. My mother did it without any education and it was a f reign land to her. She now has bought and paid for her nucleotide and a condo in Florida, and has law yes helped and provided for me, my sister, and her grandchildren. My mother is my idol. I attentiveness she could see the impact and structure she has instilled on my life. I am so proud to have such a dedicated and hard working mother. She inspires me to do the Impossible. If she can overcome all the odds then I can at least try to.

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New Code Raises Standards of Pharmaceutical Ethics and Practice in UK Essay

1. Introduction pill pushers play a intent in the public wellness system and the provision of medical armorial bearing public health system as critical as that of physicians. Most of the time, pharmacists only fill the prescription(prenominal)s advent from physicians, but pharmacists often need to prescribe and dispense medicines on their own, oddly over-the-counter do drugss that people usually use for self-medication of common ailments. With less anxiety and circumspection, pharmacists may prescribe medicines that do more harm than commodity. In cognizance of these potential threats to the integrity of the pharmaceutic profession, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of bulky Britain (RPSGB) has actual a new code of morality and performance framework, which reserve that pharmacists and apothecarys shop technicians in the whole of UK receive quality pedagogy incumbent for fostering the cognition, skills, attitudes and values to pass on a consistent and safe practice.In formulating the new pharmaceutic code of ethics, the Society, as the RPSGB is more popularly know in UK, noted how the profession has been smeared by controversies involving some of its members, regarding issues on support suicide, making a prescription error, sedating an fierce enduring, dispensing high-cost drugs and recommending treatment that would allow parole7,,8. This idea discusses the revised code of ethics for British pharmacists and chemists technicians as to the likeliness of its lifting the overlord practice of pharmaceutics to new heights of ethical progress and integrity.2. Literature ReviewThe requirements of the revised code fall key issues for red-brick pharmaceutics practice, such as encouraging patients to be involved in decisions ab come forth their care, respecting patient choice and working in partnership with some other healthcare professionals8. All the provisions of the code are supposed to reflect in the conduct, practice and performance of ph armacists and pharmacy technicians, patterned as it is to prove and support a culture of accountability and professional apprehension. For this reason, the code pitchs out seven principles of ethical practice that pharmacists or pharmacy technicians need to describe in the pursuit of their profession.2.1. Key PrinciplesThe revised code of ethics is establish on seven principles, each of which is supported by requirements that explain the types of actions and styles expect of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians when applying said principles in practice. The seven principles are 1) conduct the care of patients the pharmacists first concern 2) exercise professional judgment in the interests of patients and the public, 3) show respect for others, 4) encourage patients to participate in decisions almost their care, 5) develop professional knowledge and competence, 6) be honest and trustworthy, and 7) take responsibleness for your working practices.Unlike previous versions, deta iled standards and guidance will be produced separately from the code. Seven professional standards and guidance documents cede in like manner been developed to support and expand on the principles of the new code of ethics in the following areas Patient consent Patient confidentiality Sale and supply of medicines Pharmacist prescribers Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in positions of authority Advertising Internet pharmacyThis authority that people are forbidden to accept pharmaceutical work when they do not possess the necessary skills and competence7. If they do have the proper knowledge and experience, the code says that the pharmacist should start work by establishing the scope of his role and responsibilities and clarifying whatsoever ambiguities or uncertainties almost where his responsibilities lie. In addition to complying with his level-headed and professional obligations, the pharmacist is also expected to keep up to mesh with and observe the laws, statutory co des and professional obligations relevant to his particular responsibilities8.2.2. Role and ResponsibilitiesIf undefended is a pharmacy owner, superintendent pharmacist or pharmacy four-in-hand in a hospital, trust, or other field of practice, the code obliges him to set the standards and policies for the provision of pharmacy services by his makeup. The idea is to make the organization its set forth, departments or facilities properly maintained so that none of its activities would bring the pharmaceutical profession into disrepute. For this purpose, all the medicines, pharmaceutical ingre get outnts, devices and other stocks at the pharmacy premises or facilities are stored under conditions appropriate to the nature and stability of these products. In hiring people, management of a pharmacy must conduct background visualize to ensure that they are qualified for the job and have no flagitious records1.The code deems it important that the people employed in a pharmacy are co nscientious enough to raise concerns about risks to patients or the public. Thus, the pharmacy should emplace an appropriate and effective mechanism for staff to raise concerns about risks to patients or the public, including concerns about inadequate resources, policies and procedures, or problems with the health, behavior or the professional performance of others.2.3. Ethical DevelopmentEthical practice in both profession is commonly perceived to be the outcome of unassailable education and development. However, studies in the UK context reveal that classroom discussion and experiential clerkship formulation have no significant impact on the ethical decisions that pharmacists make later3. In an interview of pharmacy students regarding parole and drug rationing, it was found that volume would recommend treatment to allow parole and restrict the use of high-ticket(prenominal) drugs6.The ethical choice here is between the benefits to the patient and the risks or be to society . On physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia, few students expressed willingness to dispense any lethal dose of medication to terminally ill patients. In cases of unruly patients, however, more students would dispense the appropriate sedative. These responses give rise to questions so to whether pharmacy students are trained to be patient-focused in their future practice3.The code also specifies training on such aspects of pharmaceutical practice as good consultation skills and meticulous record keeping. To the code, it matters if pharmacists forget to ask questions in a medication canvas or in dispensing a repeat prescription or misinterpret body language and miss cues from patients about uphill problems. The reason is that pharmacists may be the only healthcare professional the patient is seeing routinely so it matters if they miss something or handle a clinical situation poorly.2.4. Advertised DrugsA recent randomized controlled footrace using model patients found that patient requests for denote drugs were a stronger deciding(prenominal) of prescribing decisions than whether or not the patient had the condition the drug aimed to treat2. Another take apart of prescribing decisions in response to patient requests found that if a patient asks for an advertised brand, he usually receives it, although the physician is more potential to be incertain about these prescribing decisions6. These studies suggest a need for physicians and pharmacists to receive adequate training on how to respond to patient requests.The global withdrawal of the drug rofecoxib from the market in 2004 illustrates this point. Rofecoxib was no more effective than pick non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in treating the symptoms of arthritis but it was widely promoted as safer and accepted by the public as such. Although there were studies that it brought the side effect of increased nervus disease risks, the drug make it big in the market, with 80 one million million prescripti ons worldwide3. The market success of the drug is a testament to the triumph of market over science. Only after the US Food and Drug formation reported 35,000 cases of cardiac arrests and a congressional investigation was consequently held that the drug was pulled out. The incident highlighted the need to ensure that health professionals are adequately on the watch to evaluate progressional claims, and to assess and understand interactions with the pharmaceutical industry2.3. DiscussionEducators in many countries are clearly aware of the influence of pharmaceutical promotion on the health professions and wish to prepare students for this aspect of their professional lives. As a physician educator from India said, Whatever rational things we want to educate in them, that should be done in the student period itself. at a time they taste big money then habits develop and later die hard9. This is precisely the habit the code of ethics for UK pharmacists seeks to discourage.On phar macy education, the lit agrees that there is no consistent, well-designed and deliberate approach to principle students ethics during clerkship. Moreover, it has been detect that factors such as life experiences and normal maturation are likely to contribute to the students ethical development. Acknowledging these limitations, the code simply seeks to determine if there were broad changes in the ethical decisions made by students at different points in their education. Since it was seen that classroom and clerkship experiences do not impact on the ethical decisions made by pharmacy students, the code encourages pharmacy schools to attend to this problem. On binding of the proposed agenda is a revision of the curriculum such that it can provide a deliberate and consistent ethical component to the clerkship experience5.A review of ethics literature in medicine and pharmacy found that pharmacy schools lag considerably behind medical schools in the integration of ethics into the cur riculum1. Additionally, medical schools were found to use a more patient-oriented approach to teaching ethics. It is believed that a patient-oriented, clerkship-based approach could enhance ethics education and is worthy of that study. The Society is thus currently making efforts to more effectively design and study alternative approaches to ethics education during clerkship, and throughout the pharmacy curriculum8.4. interpretationThe finding that pharmacy students do not learn ethical behavior from their classroom and clerkship experience in UK casts doubt on full residency with the code of ethics for this type of healthcare professionals. The above studies conclude that students have a less defined professional ethical system, which may be due to a lack of pharmacy practice experience. They recommend that advance studies be done to document the ethical growth and development of pharmacy students. Other authors have suggested that future studies longitudinally evaluate the inf luence of pharmaceutical education and training on the moral development and ethical behavior of students. Furthermore, it has also been suggested that ethics education should include both theoretical and virtual(a) components. If the code of ethics has to influence the practice of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, concerned regime must take these suggestions to heart. Otherwise, the code will only be good on paper.

Bill Miller and Value Trust Essay

1. How well has set Trust performed in recent years? In making that assessment, what benchmark(s) be you using? How do you measure investment exploit? What does good military operation mean to you? nurture trust had outperformed its benchmark index, the Standard & poor 500 Index for 14 years in a row am average yearly total return of 14.6 percent, which surpassed the S&P 500 by 3.67% per year. Value trust had earned a cumulative return of more than 830% oer the previous 14 years, more than double that its average peer and the index. there are two ways to mearsure investment executing the percentage of annual growth rate of NAV assuming reinvestment (the total return on invenst) and the absoulute dollar value today of an investment made at some sentence in the past. These measure then compared with the performance of a benchmark portfolio such as the Russel 2000 Index or the S&P 500 mixed Index.2. What might explain the funds performance? To what consummation do you believe an investment strategy, such as Mills explains performance?Some observers attributed this success to the fund managers conscious strategy of staying fully invested at all times rather than attempting to time the extent of market investments. Another popular explanation for the funds performance was the unusual skill of Bill Miller, the funds portfolio manager. His approach was research-intensive and exceedingly concentrated when 50% of its assets were invested in just 10 large- chapiterization companies and he was not averse to take large positions in the stocks of growth companies.3. How light-headed will it be to sustain Millers historical performance record into the future? What factors support your conclusion?NOT EASYEMH gilded EVENT4. Consider the vernacular fund persistence. What roles do portfolio managers play? What are the differences between fundamental and technical securities analysis? How well do mutual funds globally perform relative to the overall market? profi cient analysis This involved the identification of profit equal investment opportunities based on trends in stock prices, volume, market setiment, Fibonacci numbers,etc.Fundamental analysis This approach relied on insights afforded by an analysis of the economic fundamentals of a company and its industry supply and demand costs, growth prospects, etc.Mutual funds were able to perform up to the market on a gross-returns basis however, when expenses were factored in, they underperformed the market.5. What is capital market efficiency? What are its implications for investment performance in general? What are the implications for fund managers, if the market exhibits characteristics of strong, semi-strong, or weak efficiency? tercet levels of market efficiency.6. Suppose that you are an advisor to wealthy individuals in the field of battle of equity investments. In 2005, would you recommend investing in Millers Value Trust? What beliefs about the equity markets does your answer reflect ?

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Development Of Christianity

Christianity developed as a combination of Jewish monotheism and Roman universalism. It developed this way because it started by in a clubhouse that was anti-Jewish and Roman, and ended in a society that was Roman and Christian. Christians were originally persecuted by the Romans along with the Jews, who also persecuted them. One of the early people to mobilize Christianity to Greece and Asia Minor at the same time was the apostle capital of Minnesota. capital of Minnesotaine Christianity synthesized the role of saviour as a divine figure with classical traditions.Christianity emerged from Judaism, but there are key differences to remember. The Jews view themselves as inheritors of a historical religious tradition that binds their society together no look where it is. Christian eschatology does not view the coming of God as a historical event. The apostle capital of Minnesota still left a definitive and long-lasting impression on Christian history and the way deliveryman was estimation of by the tummy numbers that Paul was able to convert in Greece and Asia Minor.Paul, who received a vision of Jesus that blinded him, and then was miraculously healed, became one of the first Christian evangelists, spreading the word of Jesus throughout his lifetime. His traditional pattern of teaching was to begin speaking at a local synagogue, get thrown out, and continue to preach to the masses in more bucolic areas, establishing small churches through the teachings of Jesus that were later spread out in other evangelical trips.Through his wide travels, purposeful indifference to persecution, and the remonstrance and sometime exhortation of the idea, still generally applied, that Christians cannot impose an ethnicity upon those who come into the faith, Paul spread the word of Christianity, performing exorcisms and miracles, guided by his concept of otherworldly forces while still being grounded in his ability to tell their voices from his own. Paul set a whole ne w precedent for participating in Jesus.It is also arguable that the prevailing conception of Jesus changed with the social dirt Paul covered, graded upon the inhabitants prior belief systems as adaptive mechanisms that original while ever-changing the idea of Jesus in ways that were to begin with Jewish (paternalistic, monotheistic), Greek (Dionysian), and Roman (universalist). As time went on, the idea of Jesus returning to earth became less popular and the pietism shifted from being persecuted to being accepted, revitalized, and set in a system of official theology.The idea of Jesus at this point changed as it was determined universally by council what was to be thought of Jesus whether or not he was human or divine, submissive to the idea of the father, etc. It is easy for any society to sign the parables of Jesus and do virtually anything with them, since many of the parables are so open-ended. whatever of these confusions were cleared up by councilor definitions, and othe rs were added.All of the gospel writers had a different agendum in presenting the life of Jesus this is possibly the main reason, apart from the immanent flux of a changingsociety, that the understanding of Jesus was capable of changing from age to age the definitive texts on his message are practically contradictory and are fairly open to interpretation. The formation of Christianity was basically a combination of Jewish monotheism and Roman universalism, perhaps with some Greek paganism as well. One of the earliest relationships between Christianity and the surrounding culture was extremely influenced by the journeys of the apostle Paul. Paul went into different geographical regions as he spread the word of Christianity, as mentioned.Paul worked intensely to collect money for the hapless among the saints at Jerusalem Considering the importance that Paul attaches to this mission, and also the stress on economic themes in Luke-Acts, it is very odd that Luke fails to mention e ither the mendicancy of the Jerusalem church or Pauls Great arrangement (Schneider, 2002). All of the gospel writers had a different agenda in presenting the religion is not necessarily a whole and functioning world that is per se separated from society since it relies upon society to thrive, it essential necessarily make allowances as this society changes.When dealing with Christianity and conceptions of Jesus throughout the Christian age, one must take into account societal and religious shifts as they occur synchronously. For example, for hundreds of historic period after the death of Jesus, Christians were not fully accepted, and were condemned and executed by the Romans. An exploration of the evolving understanding of Jesus at this point revolves around his parables and also the onslaught of Pauline Christianity.Although some skeptics outside of Christianity attribute the apostle Pauls states of mercy to a disease the apostle himself perhaps mentions in the Bible, and ev en within the Catholic church some argue that his visions may have been hallucinations or perhaps the result of a CNS disorder which carried him to spastic heights of epiphany, Paul still left a definitive and lasting impression on Christian history and the way Jesus was thought of by the mass numbers that Paul was able to convert, thus changing the face of Christianity to its term as a scourge in early Roman clock to an official state religion towards the fall of Rome.REFERENCESchneider, J.R. (2002). The Good of Affluence. imperious Rapids, MI William B.Eerdmans.

Does Source B support the evidence of source C about the suffragette campaign

In this essay I am going to be discussing whether or not semen B which is an extract from a book written in 1907 called Woman or suffragette supports the turn up given from spring C which is a cartoon drawn by Bernard Partridge in 1906 about the suffragette campaign and the writers and artists opinions on the suffragettes.Firstly I am going to show out that source B which is a primary source was written by a woman and it is against women get the franchise to vote. The thing that is very ironic about this is that at the date it seemed all women wanted the vote and wouldnt stop at anything to get it save this unmatched woman Marie Corelli didnt think that women should have the vote and that all women should equitable leave the men to all the important things. stem C is some other primary source and it is contempory to source B.The reason wherefore this is important is be trend it helps towards present that all of the people sort of had the same ideas about womens suffrage . In source C it shows a sensible woman and what seems to be a madman woman. The lunatic woman was looked upon as the suffragette and she has one fist clenched and in the other hand she a flag which says female suffrage moreover it looks as if it is falling apart and wearing down as if they are destroying the whole purpose of campaigning for the right.Also the master(prenominal) reason why these sources could not be used in too much in depth study is because both sources are twist towards their own cause. Source C is obviously just trying to make the suffragettes look good-for-nothing so that it makes the suffragists look better. Source B however seems to be bias towards the men and is trying to point out that women are naturally incompetent of being as mature as the men.In conclusion I think than source B most definitely supports source C for one primary(prenominal) reason. This is because they are both trying to get the point across that they dont think women are going to ge t the vote and the main reasons for this are the suffragettes. One reason though why I cast down to think that these source may disagree with each other is because one of the sources (Source B) believes that women will never get the vote because of the way the women are nurture their children. Whereas in Source C the main reason why this source thins women will not get the vote is because of the techniques used by the suffragettes for archetype the main quote used on the poster is you help the cause? Why, youre its worst enemy this quote shows the hate that the suffragists had for the suffragettes and their opinion of what their actions are doing to their main cause.

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Connections Essay

The overall connection that I chose to analyze in this report was the grandeur of man and wife, as it is an conceit that is present in around everybodys life, and it is something that heavily imp feigns the nature of a bon ton. Marriage is identifyn in society in some(prenominal) positive and negative ways, involving emotions from sure sock to bitterness.In the texts A Thousand small Suns, by Khaled Hosseini, The Ballad of martyrdom street by James K Baxter, The Silk by Joy Cowley and At wizardment enjoin by Joe Wright, this thinker of the immenseness of labor union is clearly present in all of them, yet they argon all sh confess so dissimilarly (negatively and positively) as to give examples of the ways that it is interpreted in different societies, and allow me to generalise the importance that this idea holds on a global scale. Romantic sack out is recognized in most societies by the practice of marriage.This is a great symbol in all the texts I fool covered tu rf out for Atonement, where the absence of marriage is used to show the couples true love. In this film, we see that Cecelia and Robbie be in love, however a misunderstand on the part of Cecelias sister, Briony, means that Cecelia and Robbie be prevented from marriage or even being to presenther. This is shown as a particularly tragic incident, which shows the importance that society places on the process of marriage.This is also a very big(a) idea in the novel, A Thousand bright Suns, which is order in Afghanistan. We see dickens women, Laila and Mariam, who are owned and controlled by their shared husband, and their lives literally rely on him, because as women, they are unable to attain freedom due to their countrys beliefs. In Afghan society, marriage is a sacred business, and any sexual relations outside of marriage are greatly looked down upon, and the punishment for a female offender hind end be as severe as torture or final stage by the girls family or husband.This also shows the idea of the importance of marriage that is shown in Atonement, as marriage is seen as the pinnacle of joy in both texts, However in A Thousand Splendid Suns it is shown in a more negative manner, with marriage being shown as an essential burden rather than a desire. Marriage is also shown as a necessity in the poem, The Ballad of Calvary Street, but for different reasons. In this poem, a poorly suited elderly couple stop together, to prevent the disruption of their family. This shows that even New Zealand society put forward location marriage as an all-important(a) action, and a obligation in operable family life.This shows a similar idea to that in A Thousand Splendid Suns and Atonement, that marriage is a necessary action. In the short story The Silk, we see an elderly married couple, of which the husband is nearing death. The woman in the relationship is determination it hard to set to terms with her husbands impending demise, as she has a set routine whic h revolves around her and her husbands relationship. This presents the idea that is shown in A Thousand Splendid Suns, Atonement and The Ballad of Calvary Street, that marriage is a prerequisite for a happy life, and it is a tragedy to be without it.In the Silk, we can tell that this married couple are truly in love from quotes such as, she guarded him so possessively that she even resented the twice-weekly visits from the order nurse, which shows the devoted way that they take care of each other, presenting the traditional idea of marriage. In Atonement, when childhood sweethearts Robbie and Cecelia are prevented from being together, we are struck by the tragedy of the fact that they will never be able to get married, and live out their lives together.This portrays the aspect of marriage that is shown in The Silk, that marriage is a symbol of the love between two people, and that it is a contract which binds the two people together for the rest of their lives, as we see Robbie and Cecelia denied of this entitlement. In at onces society, a happy couple who are in love are expected to get married. This relates to both The Silk and Atonement, as in both texts marriage is seen as a necessity for the happiness of the people involved, which kick upstairs supports the idea that society regards marriage as particularly important.From these texts, society whitethorn be able to reassess its outlook on the controversial return of gay marriage. The tragedy of Cecelia and Robbies separation that is shown in Atonement and the depicting of the happiness involved in marriage that is shown in The Silk could be complete to convince the large portion of society that is against gay marriage that they are wrong, as in both texts marriage is shown as a region of happiness that should non be denied of anyone.The relationships and situations that are shown in the texts are not exclusive to heterosexual couples, and would translate just as well to sapphic relationships, meani ng that the ideas attached to the texts can be applied to same-sex couples as well, and could have an influence on the opinion that people hold towards gay marriage. Unfortunately, marriage is not always a happy affair, as it is intended to be.This is simply shown in the text The Ballad of Calvary Street, as we see an ill couple who are forced to remain together due to the sucker attached to divorce. Quotes such as Mum takes down the family files, suggest that family is not an important thing to the couple, since they have fallen apart, but that they continue to regale it as such, as they consider it their duty as parents to remain married. This idea that marriage is a compulsory task is also shown in A Thousand Splendid Suns, as we see protagonist Laila is forced into marriage, for her own survival.Her husband knowingly takes advantage of her vulnerable situation, saying, These days, times being what they are, a woman needs a husband, showing that marriage can a good deal take place for reasons other than love (as was shown in The Ballad of Calvary Street), and that this can easily be taken advantage of. This presents the idea that in many different societies, (New Zealand and Afghan), marriage is seen as an essential measure, even when one or both of the people involved in the relationship are unhappy.Although this is an unfortunate truth, it is one that must sometimes be accepted, as it is frequently present in todays society. These texts could help people come to terms with the idea that marriage is not always a standard of love, as they show legitimate alternative reasons for marriage, (the stability of family life or the safety of a person in a certain community. ) This could wellbeing society as it would create an understanding and acceptance of the reality of marriage today.In conclusion, the idea of marriage is a common theme in many texts, including Atonement directed by Joe Wright, The Silk by Joy Cowley, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled H osseini and The Ballad of Calvary Street by James K Baxter. Although marriage is not always the quintessential act of love and can sometimes tell a tragic story, it is important that it is expressed in forms such as these texts so that society can reflect on its faults and hopefully improve its approach on the subject.

Kaze Lato

In theory, prefigure of expression reveals a perspective from which the fibber tells the paper. Analyzing a stratums fountainhead of spate will provide us with answers to two questions by whom and how the story is told. By the way, we notify also sympathize attitude of the writer towards his characters as well. In the case of Babylon Revisited, the angiotensin converting enzyme who tells us this story is a third-person narrator. To be more specific, he is a limited omniscient narrator.Firstly we notice that the narrator addresses the protagonist by name Charlie or the third person he, and also does the same with other characters. This suggests that he stands somewhere be side the story, witnessing it without participating in it, and then retells us what happended- that is why the narrator is called a third-person. From the objective blossom of view of a third person narrator, the story appears to be more all-round and reliable. On the other hand, the narrator in this sto ry is omniscient.Firstly it is because he can read mind of characters. He leads us into Charlies thoughts to make a look at his absolutely different life one year and a half ago and also his nostalgia of it or to face his loss when finding the Ritz legal community gloomy and quiet. Charlie directed his taxi to the highroad de lOpera, which was out of his way. But he wanted to see the blue second spread over the magnificent facade, and imagine that the cab horns, playing incessantly the first few bars of La Plus que Lent, were the trumpets of the arcsecond Empire.They were closing the iron grill in front of Brentanos Book-store, and people were already at dinner behind the trim little bourgeois fudge of Duvals. He had never eaten at a really cheap eating place in Paris. Five-course dinner, four francs fifty, eighteen cents, wine included. For some odd cause he wished that he had. As they rolled on to the Left banking company and he felt its sudden provincialism, he thought , I spoiled this city for myself. I didnt realize it, plainly the days came a spacious one afterwards another(prenominal), and then two years were gone, and everything was gone, and I was gone. The narrator knows everything Charlie has in his mind. Furthermore, the narrator even knows things that Charlie is not aware of. The most important of those is the fact that Charlie left hand his address for Duncan Schaeffer at the beginning of the text, and forgot about it somewhere between the Ritz bar and the Peters house. This one detail opens up the stage for Charlies tragic loss of Honoria at the end of the story. Charlie doesnt remember this detail hes left in confusion as to righteous how Duncan ferreted out the Peters address while the narrator know it just because of his omniscience.In addition he is not absolutely omnicient the narrator is limited at bottom Charlies perspective. In most of the story, the author describes the surrounding environment from Charlies view, and int erprets only Charlies thoughts. It is an intention of the author to dig deeply into Charlies inner life that the narrator focuses only on Charlies affable state. And this confines the narrator to be a limited narrator. However, in a small part of the story, the constant point of view is diverted to another characters perspective.In the following paragraph, the narrator tells the story from the view of Mrs. Marrion With to each one remark the force of her dislike became more and more apparent. She had built up all her fear of life into one wall and faced it toward him. Marion shuddered short part of her saw that Charlies feet were planted on the earth now, and her own maternal(p) feeling recognized the naturalness of his desire but she had lived for a long time with a prejudice a prejudice founded on a curious disbelief in her sisters happiness, and which, in the shock of one prankish night, had turned to hatred for him.It had all happened at a point in her life where the discou ragement of ill health and adverse circumstances make it necessary for her to believe in unmistakable villainy and a tangible villain The oddity in narration does not ruin the come down of the story by interfering with the point of view, but, on the contrary, it contributes considerably to the story because it enhances the reliability. The story would not be so dramatic if readers could not understand the distrust of Mrs. Marrion in Charlies reform. This paragraph keeps readers, who is on Charlies side at the first place, doubting about the certainty of his willingness to mend.It also reveals the inward uncertainty to resist alcohol in the nature of Charlie himself. Such is the not bad(p) effect that a change in point of view can has on the trend of the story. That is a brief portrait of the narrator who tells us the story of Babylon Revisited. Another question that we are answering is how the story is narrated from his point of view. The narrator have a vitally important role i n choosing what is mentioned during the story. It is because the world emerging in the story is filtered through the point of view of the narrator.In the case of Babylon Revisited, surrounding environment in the story is imbued with Charlies feelings and thoughts. Fitzgerald uses a technique called stream of consciousness technique to narrate this mixture of inside and outside world He left soon after dinner, but not to go home. He was curious to see Paris by night with clearer and more judicious eyes than those of other days. He bought a strapontin for the Casino and watched Josephine Baker go through her chocolate arabesques. After an min he left and strolled toward Montmartre, up the Rue Pigalle into the Place Blanche.The rain had stop and there were a few people in evening vesture disembarking from taxis in front of cabarets, and cocottes prowling singly or in mates, and many Negroes. He passed a lighted door from which issued music, and stopped with the sense of familiarity it was Bricktops, where he had separate with so many hours and so much money. A few doors further on he found another ancient rendezvous and raffishly put his head inside. Immediately an eager orchestra burst into sound, a pair of professional dancers leaped to their feet and a maitre dhotel swooped toward him, crying, Crowd just arriving, sir But he withdrew right away

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Overseas Students Participate in Cultural Activities Essay

Cultural activities are activities where flock spend their leisure time aid ethnical venues and events. For example, ethnical activities include going to art galleries, museums, libraries, operas, concerts and the cinema. People indispensableness to get feelings of well-being and gain more knowledge by dynamic in heathenish activities.Participation in cultural activities influences the development of students in many aspects, such as for entertainment and knowledge. The involvement of students in cultural activities can serve well them develop a well-rounded education. For overseas students in Australia, participating in native cultural activities can also help them reduce culture shock and provide a better right smart for students to understand more information concerning the history, customs and beliefs in Australia.In a field concerned with corporation in cultural activities among Australian people, it was represent that about 85% of the Australian people who aged over 15 years old participated in at least one of cultural activity during the 12 months in 2005-06 (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (ABS) (2007). Going to the cinema was the close to popular activity which had the highest percentages at 65% of people. Going to zoological park and aquariums were the two second most common activities, at 36% libraries and botanic gardens were at 34% (ABS, 2007). In addition, the same study found that people with higher educational background had considerably higher attendance range than people with lower educational attainment at art galleries, museums, zoological parks and aquariums, libraries, popular music concerts, other performing arts and the cinema. Moreover, in previous research, it was found that about 25% of respondents went to the library over 20 times during the year. (ABS, 2007).However, little research has been done to compare differences in participation in cultural activities between overseas students in Australia and Australian people. T he purpose of this research is to find out whether overseas students cultural activity behaviors were corresponding to Australians.MethodologyThis research was carried out in Navitas English language give instruction on 10th December 2010, and was concerned about the participation in cultural activities of overseas students. Data were heared through irresolutionnaires in the school. The participants consisted of 50 overseas students (25 males and 25 females), who were aged between 18-24 and 25-34, just one someone was over 35. The majority of the sample were Chinese other subjects were from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan.The questionnaire, which was administered informally and contained 8 questions, was made up of three sections demographic information, the type and the relative frequency of cultural activities. Specifically, 4 questions were developed to record general information one question was about which cultural activities students participated in the o ther 3 items asked about how much students participated in cultural activities per year, involving all cultural activities, going to the library and cinema.The survey was conducted by several groups each group consisted of 2-3 students. These groups respectively entered different classes to collect data using questionnaires. After collecting this, the data was shared by all groups.Data from questionnaires were then collated and converted to percentages. The results were compared according to gender, education and frequency in graphs.

Culture and Cultural Norms Essay

Culture do- nonhing be referred to as a spates substance of life. It can be employ to refer to the way we live and wholly that goes along with our life. That meat that for us to direct a life we confine to be affiliated to a certain subtlety or to belong to a certain culture. To be in a certain culture, wiz has to comply will the ethnic values, norms and expectations. Cultural values can be used or instead the term can be used to refer to the way we obligate our things d matchless. Wee can not be able to have statistical averages on cultural norms. There be expected and also trustworthy practices in our society. Sometimes they may not be in epithelial duct with the law or our policies.An causa is a case where it is understandable and very normal to drive 5 miles above the speed limits. (http//www. changeculture. com/Webpages/Norms/Norms. htm) Norms have alter strength and thus they have very diverse consequences incase one violates these norms. If one lacks norms , this is referred to as economies and it is loosely associated with social breakdown and mental illness. This means that depending on the offense that one has committed they may be penalize by their culture several(predicate)ly. They may be ex communed by their community or anything that this community may think.(Westing, 1988) However, culture keeps changing and people in that culture move in pace with the change. This is why round people ar more civilized than others. Due to this we find that more or less people have or seem to be more advanced then others. This can be used or is used in reference to just about elite activities such as classic music, museum caliber art. There are times that one will move place to or one continent to the next and find that he can not tot up in the next. This is because he finds that he really having a different way of life from the other people or the people that he meets.(http//www. changeculture. com/Webpages/Norms/Norms. htm) I once vis ited South America for one month in Peru. I was expecting a very normal life but I got some things that I least expected. Life was very different and that is when I agnize I was in another world with quite a different culture. I was used to a life where we had a simple thermonuclear family where we have dad, mom and my brother and my two sisters. Down on that point I found that life is quite different. A simple family I cognise consisted of the father, mother, children, uncles, aunties and the grandparents.All these were living in the uniform house under the same roof. There was a very different way of life here. whence when Sunday comes, I am a Christian and we go to church building every Sunday. Here there were no churches and people used to petition under different groups at different places. I have never seen this before. There were sacrifices at the places where they prayed and they would slaughter animals and roast meat. This was very different from what we are used to in Florida. I also understood that there congregations were headed by old men and they spoke in their own native language.I later understood that some they did not understand English no wonder they communicated in their language. (Wolfgang M 2001) These people were little light in skin color more reddish than most of us. Most of them had not gone to school and thus they would not communicate or quite they did not know any other language. This made it very effortful for them to communicate. Most of their children used to go to look after their animals in some forest. I had led this only on papers but I never thought it happens on real life. However, there were those who were civilized for example in the towns.There were more advanced. Majority of them knew how to read and write and they would communicate in even in English. I realized that I was in a different world with quite different civilization. However, the culture of the people was quite different from what I was used to. Al so, in this area there were very poor communication systems. Very few people had energetic phones and they were very expensive. I found this very different from what I am used to in our country. This gave an advantage as since people knew that we were foreigners they never turn so much on us.I would see that even if we go to a public place we were given a first anteriority in service. Life was very different here and people had to flyer us everywhere we were going. I remember one time we were pass late at night and the police were rounding up all those who were walking around. When they came to us and realized that we were foreigners, they just passed but told us to go to our house while they arrested those who were behind us. In conclusion, it happens that people will have very different cultures in different places and they will have different way of life.If people from a different culture come, they will knowledge the change and they have an advantage of creation foreigner s. This makes them to have an advantage of being served or rather being attended to first. This shows that culture is complex and mostly resistant to change. (http//www. changeculture. com/Webpages/changeprocess. htm) Reference Westing H. A(1988)Cultural Norms, War and the Environment. Oxford University Press Wolfgang M (2001)The Subculture of Violence Towards an incorporated Theory in Violence Routledge Publishers http//www. changeculture. com

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Meeting Essential Care Needs Essay

Mrs Gale is a 70 year old leave behind and retired unqualified arrive ater. The patient lives alone and relies on her son to provide introductory c atomic number 18, music and meals. Mrs Gale has a history of clog fluctuation owing to lifestyle nevertheless is trustworthyly at risk of malnutrition taboo-of-pocket to Parkinsons unsoundness. Mrs Gale shows signs of early(a) delirium and suffers from scurvy mobility and pain ca apply by arthritis. Mrs Gale to a fault has mild notion triggered by loss and has become brotherlyly isolated. All names guide been changed as per the Nursing and Midwifery Council confidentiality guidelines (2008).Mrs Gale is a 70 year old widow and retired unskilled worker. The patient lives alone and relies on her son to provide basic safeguard, manage of medicine and meals. Mrs Gale has a history of weight fluctuation owing to lifestyle but is currently at risk of malnutrition due to Parkinsons disease. Mrs Gale shows signs of early dement ia and suffers from poor mobility and pain caused by arthritis. Mrs Gale also has mild depression triggered by loss and has become soci every last(predicate)y isolated. All names feed been changed as per the Nursing and Midwifery Council confidentiality guidelines (2008).Introducing the nature of essential awe take Daily activities of living such(prenominal) as eating, breathing, and mobilising were seen by Roper (1976) as a method of delineateing the commands of a patient. By understanding what a patient requires in read to consumption norm all in ally, a nurse tummy address what is missing and produce a care plan accordingly. The Roper, Logan and Tierneys pattern of breast feeding identified the activities that are deemed essential and suggests that it is not primal to treat all the activities at once (Roper et al. 2000).Yura & Walsh (1983) believed that it is im vi fitting to separate a psyche into their inevitably and therefore you washbasinnot treat one with step t o the fore treating the others. Newton (1991) reason come out of the closet that in order to conduct a holistic approach, all factors ask to be considered. Along with the essential brings there are also the physical, psychological, sociocultural, politico-economic, and environmental factors that entrust command consideration. Factoring these into patient care produces a person centred approach (Steinbach 2009). This means that a patient pass on cognise care that is individually tailored to them.In order to meet the pauperisations of Mrs Gale, the care pull up stakes be assessed according to differences in her human needs, her social role, her expectations of care and her lifestyle behaviours. This is because as an older adult, Mrs Gales needs are different to those of younger adults and children (Copeman 1999 Yura & Walsh 1983). There will be particular reduce on Mrs Gales nutritionary needs as this is an area of reside due to her Parkinsons and the risk of malnutrition associated with it. The involuntary shaky movements associated with Parkinsons disease causes an increase of energy expenditure which smoke lead to weight loss. some other symptoms and her medication kitty also decrease fodder intake. Fortunately medication such as levodopa contains medication that minimises these side effects (Green n. d. ). Mrs Gales poor mobility and pain levels will also affect her aptitude to consume living as well as the ability to prepare, serve and purchase food and drink. Roper et al. (1996 cited Bloomfield & Pegram 2012) stated that when addressing psychological needs it is important to understand that Mrs Gales appetite will be affected by her emotional state. Mrs Gales cognitive impairment may also lead to her forgetting to eat or consuming too much (Beardsley 2000).The environmental factors to consider for Mrs Gale are the layout of her home, having a suit adequate eating area, easy food storage and how is Mrs Gale able to purchase food (Copeman 1999 NICE 2006). Mrs Gale has been identified as macrocosm from a works class family this means she has learnt behaviours which may impact on her health such as not buying suitable foods (Browne 2005). The financial costs of lusty foods, available funding, benefits and local care provisions via the social care dodge or local government schemes will also need figuring (Copeman1999 Age UK 2012).Changes due to the aging exercise also need to be addressed. Calcium reabsorption increases especially in women after the menopause, this decreases bone density. consort tissue decreases as fat increases with age there is also a decline in the percentage of carcass water meaning that body temperature is more difficult to control. Thirst decline and decreased renal function means that older friendship can become dehydrated (Copeman 1999). The function of the bowel reduces, meaning that the elderly are more susceptible to stomach upset and constipation.The risk of constipation is also increased with Parkinsons disease (Parkinsons UK 2011). The final consideration is the deterioration of the sensory system. Taste, smell, vison, pain and touch all decline meaning that food may not be as appealing (Copeman 1999). Exploration of the inference underpinning the delivery of care In order to determine the nutritional care of Mrs Gale the nursing process will be used. Nursing was described as a problem-solving process with 4 stages termed sound judgement, proviso, carrying into swear out and evaluation by Yura & Walsh (1967) (cited Aggleton & Chalmers 2000).This principle is still used in clinical bore today and is considered to be best practice (Bloomfield & Pegram 2012). By carrying out an judgment nurses can identify the causes of problems that require medical involvement. Nettina (2006) described assessment as the collection of data that will identify actual or potential health problems. This means that a health assessment is carried out to determine what care is currently infallible or care that will be required in the future.Assessment begins with a complete nursing history and finishes with a nursing diagnosis which is based on facts and evidence (Yura & Walsh 1983). Assessment is carried out by observing the patient as a whole and includes making notes on the patients dress, expression, non-verbal cues, deformities, and absence of separate such as teeth (Yura & Walsh 1983). Data collection is done by using various assessment tools such as measuring weight and height, calculating body mass index (BMI) and screening tools such as the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) (Copeman1999 Stratton et al. 006). The use of BMI alone has raised questions due to people falling outside of the normal range and still being healthy (McWilliams 2008). Evidence for the use of the MUST was concluded from research that was conducted by Stratton et al (2006). However, the MUST is recommended by NICE and is used regularly to identify those at risk of malnutrition (McWilliams 2008). In order to plan care in effect there are three phases that moldiness be considered. The first investigates the main(prenominal) concerns of the practitioner and patient.Subsequently the goals of the practitioner and client are determined. Finally the required nursing interventions are recorded (Carpenito-Moyet 2006). Planning can be used to design strategies to assistance the patients, for example provender plans and calorie allowance (Copeman 1999). With Mrs Gale the simplest and crummy intervention will be to promote a healthy diet and encourage foods with high-nutrient content (Holmes 2012). During planning, goals are determined that will lead to net health and wellness (Yura & Walsh 1983).These goals are let outed by open duologue between patient and practitioner and are assigned a age scale to be completed by (Carpenito-Moyet 2006). For example Mrs Gale has poor nutritional intake as a diagnosis and a goal could be to improve this. H owever, if the poor nutrition is due to money, then(prenominal) a clip scale of a few weeks would allow time to sort out benefits and buy the correct nutrition. If the poor nutrition was due to behaviour issues, then a longer time period would be assigned in order to assist with help in changing that behaviour (Carpenito-Moyet 2006).The Orem model of nursing (2001) states that the nurse must(prenominal) act for the patient to increase their encyclopaedism and awareness of their condition. However, in order for care to be implemented in effect a nurse must have intelligence, interpersonal and technical skills (Yura & Walsh 1983). The ability to build relationships with clients and other practitioners is important to form trust and identify where a multi-disciplined approach can be used (Aggleton & Chalmers 2000). Communication plays a massive role in the execution of care due to cut throughd sermon and questioning with the patient.The nurse must look for verbal and non-verbal cues from the patient and continue to collect data (Aggleton & Chalmers 2000). By doing this the nurse will be able to use their clinical judgement and have an adaptive approach to care (Yura & Walsh 1983). A nurse must also be realistic and differentiate their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow recognition of aid and possible referrals to other practitioners that by chance required (Siviter 2008). This sharing of information and asking for help is part of the NMCs code of conduct (2008).A nurse must also have the association to recognise normal and abnormal human functioning and the bear witness based interventions that can be used (Brooker & Nicol 2011). The care should also be safe, have the patients best interests, involve the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and the patient, and conscious consent should be obtained (NMC 2008). Evaluation of exercise is conducted to see if the best action or intervention has been used. Reflection will indicate if current goals should b e maintained or if new goals are required for the patient (Siviter 2008).However, the achievement of the goals can be subjective and difficult to mea current. To evaluate if the goals have been achieved, sense of hearing and observation needs to be conducted and it is important to suppose that non-achievement is not failure. It is possible that new more achievable goals are needed or that the current intervention is not effective for the patient (Brooker & Nicol 2011). Short term an set aside goal will be the achievement of weight maintenance or gain and long term will be the changing of negative health related behaviours (Siviter 2008).This will be educated via referral to a dietician and via information guides such as the Parkinsons and Diet leaflet, designed by the Parkinsons Disease Society (2008). Diet can also be supplemented with high energy and protein drinks such as Fresubin and are prescribed via a dietician or General Practitioner (Holmes 2012). Mrs Gales weight can be monitored every 4-6 weeks, if there are changes in her medication or every 3 months if stable (Green n. d. ). Mrs Gale can also be enjoin to age UK who can provide details of benefits, home and shopping assistance (Age UK 2012).All of Mrs Gales nutritional needs have been assessed, planned and evaluated. The implementation of this care will depend on the cooperation by Mrs Gale. Practitioners have to remember that patients have the right to refuse treatment. After all the evidence is presented and all questions and concerns are addressed the patient will have an informed picking (NICE 2007). Personal learning plan (University of Southampton 2012) determine areas for further development spunk Intrinsic motivation (Developing compassionate care)On refection I believe I need to develop my communication skills, especially when dealing with older people and cognitive impairment. This will make sure my care remains person centred (Steinbach 2009). I must also develop my understand ing of how and when to use the available assessment tools so that I can complete the nursing process (Yura & Walsh 1983). I must also improve my questioning techniques so that when I am faced with a client, such as Mrs Gale, I can collect all the relevant information I will need to plan her care (Aggleton & Chalmers 2000). Suggested activities and experiences that will assist in future developmentIn order to facilitate my development I will need to nurse patients with a variety of medical and cognitive conditions this can be achieved while on billet. This will improve my communication skills and my confidence (NMC 2008). what is more I need to observe nurses in a ward or community setting while they implement the most appropriate assessment tool for their patient. This can be done while on placement and by contacting the community care team and arranging to shadow a community nurse. While completing practice experience one, I was able to take part in the planning process.I will ne ed to continue with this so that I am confident in planning essential care. Identified areas for further development Nerve Self-belief and self-efficacy (Developing themselves and advocating for the service drug user or carer) To develop my self-belief and to be an advocate for my patient I will need to work on my confidence (NMC 2008). I will need confidence in applying the best nursing practice (Yura & Walsh 1983). I will need confidence in speaking up and making sure my patients receive the correct care and all available funding that they great power need.If I am unable to provide this service I must have the ability to refer my patients or to ask questions so that this can be achieved. Suggested activities and experiences that will assist in future development To develop this confidence, I must work alongside mentoring staff and observe dieticians, community nurses and general practitioners. By doing this I will appreciate how other professions care for my patient. Similarly I will gain understanding of which profession I would refer my patient to for future treatment.Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team will improve my confidence and allow for questioning (NMC 2008). Identified areas for further development Brain Critical and analytical skills (Application of appropriate theory/research to practice) In order for me to apply theory into practise, I must research the care of various conditions and begin to understand the theoretical knowledge behind that care. This process has begun with the research I have conducted on Parkinsons disease and also on my research into the use of BMI and MUST (Eknoyan 2008 cartridge holder 2003).I will also need to visit other areas of practice to see the nursing process being applied (NMC 2008). Suggested activities and experiences that will assist in future development I must attend any available courses, shops and meetings that deal with patient care and conditions. While on practice experience two, I would li ke to attend a nutrition workshop and discover the benefit of supplementary foods and drinks available. I will arrange to work with and observe dieticians within a hospital setting and question them on transferring this knowledge to community settings.

Drug Addiction as Depicted in the Movie “Ray”

I have watched two movies Ray and Traffic. I choose to focus on the movie Ray for a more realistic portrayal of do drugs abuse. In this movie, drugs were used as a chief escape of the blur protagonist, Ray Charles Robinson, from the loneliness of being a sort out from the normal crowd of passel who can see. He resorted to drugs to forget his condition and to have a scent divulge of belongingness.The movie begins in the year 1948 up to 1979 when the state of Georgia do a public apology to Ray Charles for banning him for life from his refusal to arrange in a segregated concert. It was a time when racial favoritism was institutionalized, where Negroes (as they were politically called back then) were made to sit at the back of a bus with a colored demarcation line, where certain places where for whites only.Such attitudes are non prevalent anymore today. Much has happened since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and America and the world has now learned to accept mutation of peoples colors and culture as part of life. somber people who were called Negroes are now politically termed African-Americans.Much has alike changed in melodic tastes since Ray Charles time. He introduced what is now kn suffer as soul harmony which was a blend of gospel and R&B in Ive Got a Woman, a song dedicated to his wife Della Bea. It was considered sacrilegious at that time. Nowadays, although soul is still alive, the music scene is full of hip-hop songs with sexually charged lyrics coupled with videos of the same taste. Gospel music is also slowly carving out a significant market niche and non anymore confined to places of worship.The central character of Ray Charles is the compelling drug addict in the movie. His downward spiral towards drug abuse started in 1948 in a small gig in a punk Seattle federation called The Rocking Chair. The announcer, a midget man called Oberon, offered him marijuana or sight to calm Rays nerves before an impromptu work. This is a very(prenominal) believable scene since it was Rays first club performance and venture outside of Florida. He was a nervous artificer and considered a greenhorn. It was within his character to be accepting of anything new and on the face of it helpful to the current situation.Later in the movie he was introduced to heroin by a member of his band, Fathead Newman. Ray tried the drug out of curiosity despite his bandmates caution. He found out that it could take him to places he had never been before, a description and justification of most drug addicts. This was a believable portrayal because the movie shows his pitiful isolation from his mates bandage on the road. They would all go out after a performance while Ray was left to tend to himself alone. His mates would oftentimes pack themselves up with drugs in a room and prevent Ray from approach in. There was an undertone of a need to belong and be part of a group coupled with the usual sense of adventure to audition something n ew.Throughout the whole movie, I see Della Bea, Ray Charles persevering wife, as an enabler. She exhibits dodge when she found out about Rays addiction to heroin. She could non put up a strong argument with Ray so she compromised when their first child was born by telling Ray not to bring the road to the home she was trying to build for him and their kids. This somehow meant that he must not openly do his drug routine at home so as not to badly influence the kids. This was also Della Beas way to keep the peace since Ray is a very strong-willed soulfulness to deal with. She also repressed and restrained her own feelings of hurt at first to try to understand Rays addiction thus in a way became an enduring spectator pump of her husbands addiction hoping that he would come to his senses for the bad garments to pass.I have seen the movie previously and I see that Rays drug abuse could have been unnecessary. He had a loving wife and they were blessed with three kids and affluence tha t was beyond his dreams. Any ordinary person would have been thankful for the things he had. However, he had his own demons to deal with and believably they were driving him to the edge of sanity and his only escape, a fast one, was the proud that heroin brought to his senses. One answer is clear though, drugs never contributed something good to his life.Works CitedRay. Dir. Taylor Hackford. 2004. Videocassette. linguistic universal Pictures, 2006.

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Females & family Essay

Being some ace means that a person has ones own concept of an own identity. This means that one bes what he/she wants and why he/she wants it. Furthermore, one that has properly established an identity potty be freed of the manipulations of others. Men and women alike are in search and in pursuance of a self that they could call their own. Even in fiction, the intellect of maintaining a personal identity is exemplified. Although their pasts could never be made proscribed quite perfectly, the char exertioner references present state and outlooks about the future are bountiful to explain what is the common theme.The women in the two stories lacked a accepted sense datum of identity that is their own. Judging from their behavior, thoughts and desires, it send away be safely said that macrocosm in a conjoin state had made them lose their selves. two female wives were accustomed to a patriarchal family where the male decides for the family. Nancy in of a abrupt Mens Path an d Mrs. Mallard in The Story of an minute of arc were typical housewives who ascertain to the decisions of their married mans. both(prenominal) craved for their own interests subtly. Both had unmet inevitably that were asking to be freed, much ignored by the people most them who were far too busy to eve nonice.Look moreliterary analysis of the story of an hour essayThe female lead character in The Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard, was aspiring for independence that she did non even know she was lacking. Being a married person, most of her time she was thinking of her familyhusband, sis and other relatives. Her own good was stick at the back of her mind and was very seldom thought of. At the time that her sister thinly broke with her the advanceds of her husbands death, she finally realized that she had been cooped up under the shadow of her husband. Mrs. Mallard was consumed by the thought of exercising her great extinguished duty.In her mind she was thinking about the fu ture that was sprightly brightly ahead of her, for times that she would be enjoying on her own. There would be no one to live for during those coming years she would live for herself. (Chopin, 1894). It spate be said that her life with her husband had not been a quite satisfying one because her husband had not understood her likes and preferences. She further thinks that collectible to his death, there would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature.A sort intention or a cruel intention made the act seem no less a crime as she looked upon it in that brief moment of illumination (Chopin, 1894). At that instant, all she wanted was to be freeto be really and truly freein the amply essence of the world. That thought she had enjoyed all to herself, as others would find it hard to come across her joy. She looked at the future ahead of her with a re rude(a)ed hope. I n the oral communication of Chopin (1894), But she saw beyond that bitter moment a commodious procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely.And she opened and spread her weaponry out to them in welcome. Mrs. Mallard had been afflicted by heart attack, which showed how flimsy she was. Despite the grief that she should be voicing out due to the sudden death of her husband, she could not cage the enthusiasm that gripped her intensely. She said it over and over under her breath free, free, free The vacant stare and the look of fear that had followed it went from her eyes. They stayed keen and bright.Her pulses beat fast, and the coursing blood warmed and relaxed every atomic number 49 of her body (Chopin, 1894). Even her loveor what used to be love, even in the littlest sensehad been forgotten completely. In fact, Mrs. Mallard thought, What could love, the unsolved mystery, recite for in the face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recogni zed as the strongest impulse of her being (Chopin, 1894) At this point she had established the notion that she was to put herself above everything else seeing that she is not expected to be caged again.She could have perceived her inappropriate response to the death and so locked herself up to celebrate with herself originally she went down to face her relatives. She was stimulated about the future that smiled brightly at her her time would be spent on whatever she wanted to do without reference to others decisions and preferences. She was at last free to be herself again. That was of course until she found out that the cause of her imprisonment was well quick and breathing, her heart failing to cope up with the sudden burst of comfort and then disappointment.The sudden news that gripped her with a revived hope for a bright future had been devastated at the truth that she was not truly freed yet. Nancy, the new headmasters indoctrinategirlish married woman, had been burdened b y the duties of a wife that she looked senileer than her actual age. In the following sentence her frustrations were illuminated as stated In their two years of married life she had frame completely infected by his passion for modern methods and his denigration of these old and superannuated people in the teaching field who would be check employed as traders in the Onitsha market (Achebe, 1972).The text explicitly mentioned that since she had been married she had lost her own sense of identity and became a subordinate of her husband who had weaken things in mind than listen to the woes of his wife. Also according to the story, Nancy had been the attender to what his husbands had to say about other people without saying that he has listened to what his wife wants to say. Achebe (1972) illustrates this position by saying that Her little personal misfortune could not blind her to her husbands happy prospects. In the scene where Nancy was excited about her husbands new arrangement , she was thinking about her new status and how every other woman would look envious. She was not concern with what her husband had to do for the welfare of the community. Instead, she was focused on what she would be. She wanted herself to be better in comparison to the other women. She wanted not to mourning the fact that she was married to a man that was not unhandsome but not dashing either. However, when she realized that unlike her all other teachers were unmarried, young and better in terms of physical characteristics than her, she was disappointed.She had wanted to be envied and be worship by others, especially females. Her simple dream was far from being fulfilled. In the story, her character had began to see herself already as the admired wife of the young headmaster, the queen of the initiate. The wives of the other teachers would envy her position. She would set the fashion in everything(Achebe, 1972). look at the two stories and the roles of females in the texts, a generalization can be made stating that females, once in a married status, is asked to sacrifice certain needs that they had been accustomed to in their single life.Because of a family, the women in the stories were asked to be more mature than they actually were, thought of more important things than themselves and asked to get wind others in turn. Belonging to a family that is ruled by the male, the lives of the two females could be seen as insignificant in comparison to their husbands. And because their opinions were often unheard, Nancy cannot be diabolic for disillusioning herself with the prospect of being the queen of the school neither can Mrs. Mallard be blamed for her blatant and straightforward yearning for freedom that had been evading him since she was married.Also, the two women could be seen as incomplete because they did not have children with whom to parcel of land their happiness with. Nancy had a husband who was busy tending to the needs of the school while M rs. Mallard had a wife that traveled for business purposes. Both were left to search their own happiness. Word count 1305 Reference Achebe, Chinua. (1972). unwarranted Mens Path. Girls at War and Other Stories. Harold Ober Associates Incorporated. 30 April 2009. http//www. emcp. com/product_catalog/school/litLink/Grade10/U10-02deadmen/selection. php Chopin, Kate. (1894). The Story of an Hour. 30 April 2009. http//www. vcu. edu/engweb/webtexts/hour/

Early Music and Baroque Era Concert Report Essay

bachelor Brandenburg Concertos No 5 was held at the Hall of Mirrors at the Coe and so Castle. According to Goltz (2006) it was held to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Bachs death. The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra was stationed at the right hand corner of the mirror planetary house where the set up was illuminated by hanging tier lights. The orchestra was all dressed to kill(p) in black with the men having black tuxedoes and the la peter outs Black dresses or pants. The Bach Brandenburg Concertos was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach during the baroque era. Bach utilize to treat prince Leopold and composed the unison for him.The tout ensemble is small and consists of ten people. The genre of the harmony performed was a symphony. It had three front ends Allegro, Affetuoso, and whence Allegro once again. For this concerto number five the instruments used were fiddles, Harpsichord, Violas and the flute. In the fast movement, the medicine kicks off in mezzo-soprano potenc y and fast. It is fast paced and the firm ensemble except for the flute is playing. Then the music goes to a diminuendo to give way to the flute which is accompanied by a violin. It is then joined again by the solid ensemble in a crescendo.Midway it goes to an fast moderato which there later kept on interchanging with allegro. Towards the end it goes to a lenient when the harpsichord takes the warmness stages. It wrap upes off with a crescendo of the violin and the flute. The second movement is an adagio with the music starting at a mezzo piano and is a ritornando. The flute, a violin and the harpsichord take the centre stage. At this stage the harpsichord is audible as there are less instruments playing. It then picks up the volume getting to a mezzo forte and then softening its pitch at intervals. The texture is homophonic and smooth.Just as it is named it is an affettuoso. The third movement starts in an allegro then goes to staccato as a spicy pitched violin leads. The viola producing thick headphone/ basses join in, in a staccato. The music rises in a spirited pitched crescendo then thereafter goes to a piano. This movement is in general a ritornello- it keeps on repeating a break off before it changes the melody. It ends in a mezzo forte. The Vivaldi Four seasons was performed by Nigel Kennedy and the English chamber Orchestra. The surgical process was categorized into four seasons the spring, crepuscule, summer and winter.It was composed by Antonio Vilvadi born in 1678 (Baroque Composers -n. d). The Vilvadi four seasons is also referred to as Le Quattro Stagioni. Each of the seasons had three movements in it. All the performances were prized by the audience who applauded at the end of for each one movement. The main focus of the Vilvadi four seasons is the violin with which Kennedy displays his virtuosic musical ability. violin Concerto in E major, Op. 8 Nr. 1 spring the movements are arranged in an alternating format. The first and th e third are in ritornello form.The second movement is slow paced and provides a contrast to the two others. startle 1 is an allegro paced music. The violin plays a solo that dominates this movement. It joined by basses which take the music to a forte then it goes impale to playing in a piano. The most notable is the parts where the violin plays in very gritty pitched allegro getting a back up from holla basses to bring out a contrast. It ends suddenly in a ritornando. bouncing two is an adagio which starts with a violin which remains the focal question for this movement. It gets an accompaniment from a low pitched string.It ends with piano undertones of a bass. Spring 3 is an allegro which starts with a mezzo forte having a shuffle of violins. This gives way to a legato solo violin which plays a high pitch with a background of low toned strings. It comes to a piano end after a session of forte music from the all in all ensemble. The Violin Concerto in F major, Op. 8 Nr. 3 fa ll/ autumn starts in an allegro which has staccatos and is high pitched. It gets to an alternate of the staccato rhythm between the high and low pitch strings. The movement remains at an allegro and only gets to a ritardando halfway through.This lasts for three to four seconds and then goes back to mezzo forte then forte to end with a mezzo piano violin. Autumn II starts with a slow entranceway by a legato solo violin which is joined by some more piano violins. The music gets to a diminuendo and progresses to die overthrow a seconds pause then the orchestra brings back the music in an allegro thunder. A harpsichord then comes in softly played together with a solo violin in adagio. This two take the movement to its end. Autumn 3 starts with a thunder from the basses. High pitched violins join in the music at a mezzo forte which then rises to a fortissimo.A highlight for me was the part where the solo violin was accompanied by claps from a percussion instrument. Violin Concerto in G minor, Op. 8 Nr. 2 summer1 has a staccato introduction which is in adagio. It then picks up to an allegro which grows in crescendo to a mezzo forte. Again the music dies down to a staccato piano violin, then to a fortissimo that thunders suddenly. This movement entitle is an alteration between a solo violin and forte sessions which the whole ensemble plays. Summer II has a slow introduction that is circumstantially interrupted by a thunder from the basses.The basses also come to an rough end just as they had come in and the solo violin takes over again. This movement is the shortest and ends with a thunder. Summer III starts forte and picks up its pace. This movement has a good display of staccato playing by the violin. Violin Concerto in F minor, Op. 8 Nr. 4 winter 1 starts with a mezzo allegro that is a staccato. The soft music increases in tempo. The melody is dynamic and moves from piano to mezzo piano then to mezzo forte and eventually forte. It ends in a crescendo. Winter I I starts with a solo violin which is mezzo forte and later gets ritardando and dies off.The whole orchestra rejoins and progresses to a diminuendo leaving a legato violin solo. The finish is a diminuendo. Winter 3 starts with a high pitched violin solo which rises in volume as the ensemble joins in. Midway it slows down to almost a stop. Then picks up a crescendo again which takes this movement to the end. I enjoyed the concerts which had a baroque style of music. The thing that stupefied me was the Bach piece did not have a conductor. This according to Goltz (2006) was an eighteenth century practice. This was a very positive experience that made me appreciate the sophistication that had been developed by the composers.

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“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll Essay

whatever of the most lastingly delightful childrens books in English argon Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Here argon what Albert Baugh write or so them in A Literary History of EnglandWritten by an flake Oxford don to amuse his little girlfriends, these two world-famous books are the best of each memorials of the Victorian love of nonsense. In them are elements of satire and parody which charge them with a long tradition, but they shot through with a graphic symbol distorted logic (for their author was a professional mathematician and logician) which is inimitable and unique.A story may be told either by one of the characters, or by an external narrator. To define by whom the narration is made is to define the foreland of view that the author has chosen for his story.Look moresatirical elements essayIn Alices Adventures in Wonderland the narrator does not offer himself as a character. Lewis Carroll uses 3rd person narrative. Yet, everything i n the story is seen, perceive or thought happens which she cannot sense, or in places where she is not present. This kind of blockage of view is called selective omniscience, that is the author knows everything, but only through one characters consciousness. Other books in which author uses the same point of view are Amintiri din copilrie and other novels written by the Romanian writer Ion Creang.In the end reader is told that everything has been a dream. There are a lot of elements which make up the dreamlike atmosphere.One of Carrolls favourite devices is the pun (play upon words) that is the humorous use of the same word in more than one sense, or of two different words alike pronounced. For instance Mine is a long tale said the Mouse. It is a long tail, certainly, said Alice, looking down with wonder at the Mouses tail.

Elijah Heart Center

I leave discuss the outflank options for the health cope eye this willing include evaluating sustenance options for neat expansion, what the best option would be when it comes to upgrading the hospitals equipment, and how bridging a working(a) capital shortage will serve to magical spell financial matters around. configuration l Capital Shortages In 1998 1999 New York, the hospitals helpless on an average $678 million due to Medic are cuts that were imposed by the equilibrate Bud shorten of 1997.It was difficult for managed care organizations to receive the full payments on managed care plans. I am assisting EACH in the best way realistic to reach $750,000 for the head start quarter. The simulation offered two options to choose from in straddle to receive the best loan to cover the remaining shortfall for Elijah fondness centre of attention (EACH). I chose give option 1, it faceed to make more sense, and fit to the simulation option 1 was the best to choose from to solve the working capital shortfall at EACH. In 3 months EACH will be receiving from Medicare and Managed Care Organizations to assist in loving the cash ladder issue.EACH will have to pay a higher rate kindle at 9. 45% only when on that point is no repayment limitation. Loan option 2 had to be prepaid within six months (impossible without red ink further in debt). I also suggested that reducing a keen amount of agency contracted staff would be beneficial for Elijah brass Center as closely, because the contracted workers receive much higher takings than those of the staff. The full time staff at the care center has been there a immense time and have established a longanimous worker relationship, the staff truly care for the patients whereas, the agency come and go.When this is apply there will be a huge change in the tax and Expenditure Projections, and all will nonice this is the well-nigh efficient measure in reducing cost. I also chose changing the scientifi c discipline mix (first time I had heard of this), this will increase the Revenue and Expenditure projections in the beginning and the future months. It is a good finis to hire unlicensed assisted personnel they may have 40 or less hospital training but they finish help out by doing such work as the Stanzas ( giftd, bathe, and dress the patient), and theRegistered Nurses evoke focus fully on his or her Job duties and the patient will receive appropriate care. By making these decisions EACH will not only save $811,249 but they would have exceeded their goal by the first quarter. The capital shortfall issue has been solved for EACH and it also is increasing. Phase II Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition CEO Gilbert Sanchez is interested in acquiring hospital equipment such as a High- Speed CT S fag endner, X-Ray Machine, and a new Ultrasound System. Mr.. Sanchez wants the best for the patients as well as the staff having updated equipment will reduce tress, and patient wait t imes.The most cost effective equipment acquisition strategy would be to purchase wisely, centre get the best for your dollar. I liked the idea of bargaining refurbished checkup equipment. The best option would be to purchase a refurbished High-Speed CT Scanner, do operating select on the Ultrasound, and a capital lease on the X-Ray Machine. The High-Speed CT Scanner seems to be the smartest buy because it is the cheapest of the three, and the life span is approximately 10 age, and it is medium technology that can become obsolescent in years, it is already 5 years old, this equipment can be upgraded.Elijah Heart Center also wants to keep up with the modish technology, and in doing the Ultrasound System would be the best option for this reason, but we would need to acquire an operating lease for the rugged upfront payments and low monthly payments. It does cost more to keep up with the Joneses. Phase sick(p) Funding Options for Capital Expansion HAD 242 Loan indemnity Program is the best choice for the expansion of Shes project this program provides mortgage insurance for hospitals. accord to RuralAssistance Center (2002 2014), The maximum term on the loan is 25 years, loan to value may not exceed 90%, a one-time fee of 0. 8%, the fixed annual premium is 0. 5% of the remaining sense of balance and the FAA insures 99% of the loan amount (HAD Section 242 Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program). This insurance can be used for remodeling, construction, refinancing, equipment and what EACH needs expansion. Hospitals are able to finance as an investment grade, and the hospital will get the lowest rate possible when it comes to borrowing funds in capital markets.The rejects Net Present Value (NP) is $221 million thru this program. In 8 years the hospital can buy back the bonds if interest rates were to decrease. In conclusion, I learned that when making money matter decisions it is best to pick up at all every option possible what may seem like a good option at the time may not be good for me in the long run. Elijah Heart Center will have a promising future as long as they follow the options and strategies given. References Rural Assistance Center. (2002 2014). Rural Assistance Center. Retrieved from http// www. Reconcile. Org/funding/95.

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Industrial growth Essay

industrial harvest-tide was mainly concentrated in the North and East of the unify States. According to our text in the year 1890 more than 85 percent of manufactured goods originated from here. The West was not as settled as the eastern and Mid westerlyern portions of our country, but still played a major eccentric supplying raw materials to the industries to the East. Between 1870 and 1900 settlers took a total of 430 million commonwealth in the West and with this began the economic growth of the western portion of the U. S. The simply advance that was technologically available to individuals of the West that connected them to the East was the line system.This was the single most important innovation that changed Americas economic and social life forever. The railway system linked cities and villages that were in separate or remote areas. It tied people together, brought in outside products, fostered great interdependence, and encouraged economic specialization (520). Som e of the resources that the West had were gold mining, oxen ranching and land bonanzas. It was these resources that would help in getting settlers from the east and somewhat the world to come out to the western part of the U. S.But with growth due to the bonanzas there were uneven growth, boom and give way economic cycles, and wasted resources (501). Individuals became migrant because of these cycles and began to followed river bottoms in search of gold, railway tracks and early(a) opportunities. The book discussed Instant Cities that would sprout up because of this migration. The West portrayed a get rich quickly type of lifestyle. Mining was a rattling influential factor as to why most came to the West and why there was a get rich ideology. But still umpteen came because of opportunities that mining produced such as providing food clothing and services to the miners. cows ranching in the west proved to be very profitable. The plains provided grasses and terrain that suited cows. Mexican helped to create the essentials for cattle ranching with introducing the long horn cattle and such things as branding, roundups, and roping (505). In 1870 millions of farmers followed the miners and ranchers to exit out west for the crop bonanzas. Farming was very hard in these early generation taking its toll on some families. But as gardening techniques got better and new technology was introduced farming became a thriving business organisation in the West.The differences economically for the East and West sections of the join States varied because of industrialization. This happened everyplace three decades after the Civil War. At the beginning of the war the United States was behind industrialized countries in Europe, but by 1900 the U. S. was to exceed many of those countries. Population was a major factor for this industrialization. It was the cosmos of the East that helped to move the East up the economic ladder faster than the West, which of course was a contributor of raw materials for these factories.Labor was gained through immigration that happened to grow by at least eight million between 1870s and 1880s and then between 1890 and 1914 another fifteen million arrived (519). The growing population expanded economic growth for the East during the latter part of the nineteenth century. The growing population helped to expand markets of the East, but when the telegraph and telephone was introduced on with the railways this only helped to exploit and expand these markets into the West.

Adidas Marketing Plan

Adidas is the number two libertine goods maker in the world, second to Nike. The go with has long reduceed on be the footwear for sports and gamey performance. The troupe has three comp starnts Adidas, Reebok, bare-assly acquired in 2006, and TaylorMade, easily cognize on the master Am Golf Tour. (Adidas Group Annual Report, 2008) This marketing plan leave alone focus on the Adidas brand.While research indicates theres a belief that Adidas makes better footwear than Nike (Vertical Ascent Website), it has been un supremacyful in penetrative the young hip-hop crowd. With a generation that has grown up with i-pods, blogs and depiction games, Adidas is looking to appeal to his junior generation through engineering science that they capture become used to using. (Marina, 2009) Adidas 1, claimed to be the worlds first computerized ingenious shoe, went on sale March 18, 2005.Adidas has long focused on being the footwear for sports and naughty performance with its core base being sports. concord to the Adidas Group 2008 Annual Report, the company targets three brands sports performance, sports heritage and sports styles. Its known for its technical schoolnological innovation and cutting edge design, with its mission being to challenge and lead through creativity. Adidas has positioned itself as a leader in master copy and competitive sports, notably soccer, basketball, and running.As the technology permeates everyday life sentence, Adidas hopes to live up to their changing expectations and deliver the trounce consumer experience through using yeasty new initiatives including interactive fitting footwear for peak performance and fit. With that focus on technological innovation, Adidas is going high tech, with everything from high tech sneakers, high tech virtual stores, and high tech promotion. This high tech is not just for show or glitz.It has a purpose to deliver the best fitting, and best performing footwear tailored to the consumers individ ual shoots. Adidas is hoping the high tech approach will eliminate potential customer dissatisfaction through virtual fitting. This eliminates producing shoes that dont fit properly or perform well. It also leads to the best fit for the best performance bring out of footwear, something desired by professional or amateur athletes, as well as anyone embarking upon a running or fitness program.Adidas is looking at the changing interests of the up and coming market who also have i-pods, picture games, email, internet, youtube and other highly technological devises as a way of life rather than traditional television or print media. With this change in media rake, theres also a change from it being one way to two-way communication, and with rapid advances in technology, they expect new and contrasting things, and new and different footwear and sportswear is a way to flip over that market.With an emphasis on fitness in todays world, Adidas must(prenominal) create an image that Adida s footwear excels for everyone who is looking to improve their health. The goal is to adduce its traditional base as well while developing a technological environment that will broaden appeal to a younger consumer. Adidas strategy is to come up with a technology that meets a consumer need excellent fitting footwear that has top notch performance.By having technology where one is not just fitted for the footwear, but also can calculate them for exact pressure and running posture, the company continues to follow its positioning as being the worlds favorite footwear for sports, and setting the stride for their footwear to meet their customers performance needs. The company is pickings that image to its traditional promotional use of television and print advertising, as well as its exclusivity banners at major sporting events, especially European soccer matches.It also has made deals with professional football players and the New York Yankees to evidence Adidas. The company is the official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics that will reach millions, billions, and potentially open up strong Chinese Markets, and renew interest in sports performance which will lead to increased sales Adidas is distributed in corporate stores, throughout the web, high end sporting stores, the internet, and more limitedly in sporting goods stores throughout the US and Europe.It is also rethinking its dispersion practices after last socio-economic classs purchase of Reebok and will close Reebok sports apparel and sneaker distribution centers in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Kentucky, and move those operations to an expanded center in southeasterly Carolina.S splitanburg was chosen for the two brands consolidated distribution center in part because its close to the two brands product shipping locations and to many customers (The Associated Press, 2008) Adidas high tech strategy is moving into its internal operations departments, adopting a better delivery system, increasing ret ail distribution, and taking customer service to a new level, beyond satisfaction to delight, thus trying to obtain return and mayhap ifetime customers, something that would be very profitable for the company. The company can benchmark its success by measuring sales, web traffic to its innovative color base on-line advertisements that never mention the product, the number of downloaded pod casts and the number of visits to their capital of France high-tech store.Works Citedhttp//