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Hih Accounting Strategy Essay

I am going to talk about HIH insurance’s Corporate accounting scandals. Background: HIH insurance was formed as a small insurance company in 1968. Its main business was to underwrite workers compensation insurance in Australia. The company expanded its operations into property, commercial and professional liability from the mid 1980s. During this period, it also moved into the UK and the US insurance markets. In the US, the focus was on workers compensation insurance. Public liability and professional indemnity insurance were its main specialisations in the UK. Corporate governance The HIH Royal Commission Report attributed the failure of the company to two key factors. First, claims arising from insured events in previous years were much greater than the company had provided for in its accounts, thus leading to an overstatement of reported profits. This is known as ‘under-reserving’ or ‘under-provisioning’. The second factor concerns the further mismanagement of HIH through poorly conceived and badly executed acquisitions. The insurance risks were not properly identified and managed. There was an environment where unpleasant information was hidden from the Board or filtered or sanitised to reduce discomfort or undue questioning from the Board. And there was a lack of sceptical questioning and analysis by senior management, by the board and, arguably, by the auditors Accounting issues: Provisions for expected future claims Evidence presented before the HIH Royal Commission indicates that the prudential margin approach is common industry practice due to the inherent uncertainties in predicting claims. Yet HIH almost always employed the central estimate and did not apply a prudential margin. The consequence was not only to take an overly optimistic view of claims provisions but to continually overstate reported earnings. Accordingly, if one assumes a lower amount of claims is likely to be made on outstanding policies this will generally make profits look more substantial than otherwise would be the case, given an inverse relationship between profits and provisions for future claims (that is, liabilities). According to Main (2003, p. 107) and Westfield (2003, pp. 38 and 43) the approach to profit determination at FAI and HIH was to chose a targeted profit number and to alter the provisions to effectively arrive at that arbitrary figure. Not only did this approach appear to violate the spirit of the accounting standard but it would eventually result in large losses being reported should actual claims exceed the amounts that were previously provisioned. Earnings management using reinsurance contracts HIH appears to have obscured its optimistic provisioning by entering into so-called financial reinsurance arrangements with other parties. Reinsurance is a process â€Å"whereby a second insurer, in return for a premium, agrees to indemnify a first insurer against a risk insured by the first insurer in favour of an insured† According to AASB1023, for a transaction to be accounted for as insurance or reinsurance, there must be a transfer of risk to the reinsurer. The standard does not describe, either in qualitative or quantitative terms, what degree of risk transfer is required. Without examining the intricate details of the actual transactions entered into by HIH, these contracts, in effect, â€Å"promised that no claim would be made on a specific reinsurance policy† (Main, 2003, p. 115). The overall objective was to use reinsurance to offset any likely increase in claims liabilities on the balance sheet with a corresponding recovery under a reinsurance contract. Accounting for goodwill In acquiring the shares of FAI, HIH gave consideration which, in total, amounted to $300. 5 million. This acquisition was initially recorded in 1999 in the consolidated financial statements of HIH as comprising $25 million of net tangible assets and $275 million of purchased goodwill. Subsequently, another $163 million of FAI-related â€Å"goodwill† was added to this intangible asset account so that by the year 2000 this goodwill account had a balance of $438 million (HIH Royal Commission Report, 2003, Section 7. 1. 4). Justice Owen contended that the goodwill adjustments (and reinsurance transactions referred to earlier) became techniques for concealing under-reserving problems inherent in FAI’s insurance portfolio. Conclusion: In conclusion, HIH insurance has several factors lead the company collapses- 2 corporate governance problem and 3 accounting issues. ‘under-provisioning’ and mismanagement are two factors of corporate governance. Provisions for expected future claims; Earnings management using reinsurance contracts and Accounting for goodwill are 3 factors of accounting governance.

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Face the Music

File Sharing By Ehtisham Malik The company Napsterâ„ ¢ made headlines in the music file sharing revolution by letting people share music for free. ) Napsterâ„ ¢ and other services like it soon attracted the attention of the record companies. Lawsuits were filed to stop illegal music file sharing, and Napster was forced to stop. After these lawsuits, the Apple iPod  ® music player changed the way people listened to music. The iPod player was small and portable. It allowed people to carry their music with them wherever they went. Apple then introduced ITunes ® on the Internet.Their reasoning was that many people who were downloading music illegally would be willing to pay a small fee to get the music legally. Apple ® saw people were interested, and was the first to market a new music player and a legal music download service. About 70 percent of music downloaders use ITunes ®. Competitors have been slow to catch up, but there are new sites popping up everyday. Companies s uch as Wal-Mart ®, Musicmatch ®, Real Networks’ Rhapsodyâ„ ¢, and BuyMusic all have music-sharing Web sites. Napsterâ„ ¢ reemerged as a pay-for-music site. This well-known music site hopes that their brand name will lead to instant market sales and success.If you download music from the Internet, make sure to use a legal download site, such as those from the companies above. Always follow copyright guidelines to make sure that you are downloading music properly. Copyright Guidelines Can you legally download music for free? Yes, but only you can play or burn the music to a CD. Can you legally download music and then sell it? No, because you are unauthorized to distribute that music. Can you copy a store-bought CD from a friend? No, due to the copyright on the CD, you need to pay for it to burn a copy, or else you are stealing. All products names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Mae West and Amelia Earhart Roaring 20’s

The Roaring 20’s Mae West Mae West stood as an idol to many female and male persons during the 1910-1960’s. West once said, â€Å"Love isn't an emotion or an instinct–it's an art. † This quote shines a perfect light on her profession and practically summarizes her beliefs. Mae West started out in New York as a vaudeville performer and eventually moved her talents to the big screen in Hollywood. The Roaring 20’s couldn’t have been a better time for West to express herself as she was not bound or expected to be any specific female image.She wrote several plays, staring herself, containing mostly sexual themes. Most of her works required quite a bit of censoring in order to be acceptable to the public. West, taking pride in her dancing and teasing, became wildly popular and respected as an individual woman. Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart took a plane ride in 1920 that would determine her path and change her life, forever. Ten minutes in a plane a nd after landing Earhart knew she had to learn to fly. Taking jobs as they came, Amelia gained enough money to buy her way through flight school.After just two years, Earhart set records for female pilots, flying at altitude of 14,000 feet. Modeling a short haircut and a leather bomber jacket, Earhart bought a bright yellow biplane naming it, â€Å"the canary. † In 1928, she was the first woman on a transatlantic flight. Amelia’s love for adventure and desire to stand out as an individual drove her to the first female solo flight across the Atlantic. Still determined, she planned to go all around the world above the equator. In 1937, because of difficulties on the plane, Amelia Earhart disappeared, lost forever to the thing she loved most, flying.

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A Modest Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Modest Proposal - Essay Example There needs to be an intervention that raises awareness on the current situation the region is facing. This might assist the people identify what they need to do in order to salvage their region from heading further downstream. This paper will examine one intervention that helps the region identify their problems and why they need to solve them. In A Modest Proposal, the author claims to want to assist the deteriorating state of the Irish. He, however, does this by lashing out at the prominent people in society who look at the current situation and do nothing about it (Swift 48). Politicians, the wealthy, and the society do nothing to aid in the reduction of the state of impoverishment in the region. He even goes as far as attacking the English community for their tyranny against the Irish. All these are characteristics of people who take it upon themselves to make a change as they see fit. Their condition is not aided by the fact that, many of the people are able to work and feed th eir families. Begging on the street by a large number of the female sex is proof enough that the condition is beyond salvaging (Swift 50). One cannot help but feel sorry for the impoverished state of the Irish community. It is not fair to lash out at one group and blame it for the lamentable state of the nation. Everyone is to blame for this situation. The Irish, the English, and the masses are responsible for not taking care of their own problems. The people in the region are incapable of rising to the occasion, and helping themselves out of this predicament (Swift 55). This should not be the behaviour of free-minded individuals. This mode of thinking does not ensure a nation’s prosperity in any way. Thinking like that ensures that a nation and its people remain backward. It renders them incapable of solving problems on their own. The social and economic ills the nation face makes people despair. In his proposal, the irony in the solution, the author offers the people shows of this despair. No progress can be attained through such means. It is barbaric and more backward in thinking that killing infants for food is a means to an end. The humanitarian crisis the people face cannot be aided through scientific theories or methods (Swift 57). The only way to avert such a crisis is not through proposals that people should watch the number of children they conceive. It is only through guidance that the nation could get down from the squabbles of poverty and social corruption. Values and motivation need addressing so that individuals may recognize what they are up against. This is in their fight against their current conditions. The political inefficiency in the region prevents people from achieving their full potential. This is in terms of problem solving crisis they face. The political bodies cannot help in addressing the plight of the people, which makes the region more sad and pitiful. Progress among a people can only be measured by how much everyone is th riving. If only a selected few are making it, then that is not progress; whether economic or social. The region is stuck at one point where everyone is feeling the pressure of the large number of people in the area who cannot assist themselves (Swift 58). The current working/labour force is also in jeopardy. There is the need to focus energy on all these areas so as to force the land to move forward with no partiality. In

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The Women of the Qing Dynasty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Women of the Qing Dynasty - Essay Example Many women were abused verbally and physically by their in-laws and spouses. Women were expected to be obedient toward men in their birth and marriage families. Ethnic Han Chinese women belonging to the upper and middle classes would have their feet bound. This practice was implemented as a way of ensuring that their mobility is limited and they remain close to home. Besides, bound feet were also considered as a symbol of beauty and femininity particularly among the elite class. This is the reason why poor families often felt tempted to bind the feet of their daughters. They thought that doing so, their daughters would be identified with rich families and the chances of her getting married into a rich family would be optimized. The practice of foot binding was very painful as the girls had to go through a series of painful developments. First, foot binding broke their arch bones. Their feet were tied into the lotus position with a long cloth strip. Bound feet deterred these women fro m working in the fields, so the families used this practice to symbolize that they were too rich to have their daughters work in the fields. Many women painters and poets emerged during the early Qing dynasty. However, it was not until the 17th century that women were identified as professionals and their artwork’s sale was considered a respectful means of livelihood (Yuho, 1993). He Shuangqing was a famous poet of the Qing dynasty. Ropp (2002) describes her background, talents, and features in the book in these words, â€Å"He Shuangqing, style name Qiubi, came from Danyang (in the southwestern part of today’s Jiangsu Province) in the Qing dynasty. Born into a peasant family, she lived in the vicinity of Siping Shan. Very beautiful, multitalented, and a lover of literacy works, she was married in 1732 into a poor family of woodcutters surnamed Zhou† (Ropp, 2002, p. 219). Having a

Generation Limbo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Generation Limbo - Essay Example In this respect, my intention is to explore ways of becoming an employer myself. I intend to explore investment avenues for small and/or medium enterprises, thereby creating jobs and employment opportunities to other people. In case this plan fails, I will consider alternative jobs that directly or indirectly utilize my knowledge and skills within or without my area of specialty. At a personal level, business future is undoubtedly worrying. The number of graduates is consistently outmatching job creation efforts. At the same time, the disparity between the rich and the poor is growing at an alarming rate, thereby making it harder for fresh graduates to realize their personal and career goals. In light of the â€Å"Generation Limbo† issues, college is a helpful institution. College exposes me to diverse personal, academic, and professional so doing, college life prepares me for more than just job search and employment. It equips me with the knowledge and skills to pursue survival opportunities, over and above career growth and

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The Pandigital Novel Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Pandigital Novel - Research Paper Example black and white to help accommodate the personal needs of each consumer.1 Of course, as with any product, there are good and bad reviews. One review mentions that the good aspect about the Pandigital Novel e-reader is that it incorporates Wi-Fi, web browsing, extra slot for additional memory, imaging and video, as well as audio capabilities. The poor features are the â€Å"resistive touch-screen is problematic; extremely sluggish performance; interface could be more intuitive; overall user experience could be better.† 2 The main product in which the Pandigital novel is consistently compared to is the Macintosh iPad. The reason for this being that the popularity of the iPad is substantial and thus the push to mimic the Mac device. Already the significant difference of the two is that the Pandigital Novel is much less in cost than the iPad ($199 vs. $499+). Unfortunately, the consumer appears to be getting what he or she pays for in the less expensive model due to the fact that the screen is not as responsive and the programs can be slow-acting in the Pandigital Novel. The iPad carries many more features including two cameras, HD recording, dual-core A5 chip, 10-house battery life, thinner, lighter, and comes with 16 applications to name a few.3 Apple as a producer was able to quickly produce a newer version of the iPad faster than the Pandigital Novel producers. ... cripples reaching Wi-Fi hotspots.4 Although, it allows for more memory space by having a slot for an SD card, the natural memory storage in the iPad super exceeds the Pandigital Novel. In essence, the Pandigital Novel has its issues, especially in light of its top competitor, the iPad. However, what consumers must recognize is that the Pandigital Novel is significantly less money than the iPad. It is also offering specs that many consumers would be satisfied with dependant on their needs. If the consumer is not desiring all of the extra applications or browsing features that are better on the iPad and wanting a simple, but radiant e-book reader, than the Pandigital Novel is a befitting choice. Works Cited Carnoy, David. "Pandigital Novel (white)." Cnet Reviews. Ed. John P. Falcone. N.p., 17 Aug. 2010. Web. 6 July 2011. . "iPad: There's more to it. And even less of it." N.p., n.d. Web. 6 July 2011. . Joan, Ben. "Difference Between Apple iPad and Pandigital Novel." Differenc N.p., n.d. Web. 6 July 2011. . "Pandigital Novel Color Multimedia eReaders - U.S." Pandigital. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 July 2011.

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A project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A project - Essay Example Lindt and Ferrero both play in a big commercial scale (Ferrero in the world) & (The Lindt & Sprungli Group). . However, the weakness of these brands lies in the fact that they only aim at the top section of the society, probably due to the high costs associated with packaging and advertising. Our brand is considerably different Undoubtedly, our brand is different from the competitors in the fact that we are not confined only to the upper class of the society, but we are catering all sections of the society; al income groups, all age groups, and both genders, and even geographical difference will be taken into consideration. In addition, we will be introducing products that will be aimed at people with various health problems, like fat-free items, and sugar-free items. Our target group The strategy of our brand is to address all demographic groups as all people, irrespective of caste, creed, color, sex or age, love chocolates. However, our products will specialize on each demographic group by meeting their group-specific needs and fantasies.

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What Does It Mean To Be Educated, and Who Decides Essay

What Does It Mean To Be Educated, and Who Decides - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in the globalization era, information has been termed as the new oil. The above is in reference to the importance and scarcity of information in the globalization era. The reflection means that when a person has the right information and at the right quantity and quality, they are deemed to succeed. Oil is a precious commodity, but, however, an exhaustible natural resource. Fortunately, information can be renewed through updating oneself with emerging trends and data. The above update can turn fatal when people update themselves with distorted information that is obsolete, irrelevant and unreliable data. For one to acquire relevant and reliable information, they have to be educated. Being educated does not necessarily means passing through the school system. Being educated is a diverse term which relates to being in the right information for survival as per the context of the learner environment survival needs. For example, one can be in possession of great information about the moon and the stars, but their immediate survival needs do not need that information.   Educating means to train or raise someone. Therefore, being educated means being trained to meet the immediate survival needs. Unfortunately, the people endowed with the role of drafting training manuals are drafting â€Å"irrelevant and unreliable oil†. James Loewen blames the textbooks as the main enemy of people who needs to be educated.

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Should Children Be Allowed Essay Example for Free

Should Children Be Allowed Essay Should children be allowed to use mobile phones at school I believe that mobile phones should be allowed to be used at school at either before school, after school and during the luch breaks. Children should not use mobile phones in the classroom as that is the time and place to learn not to go on your phone. At luch time and recess children should be allowed to use their mobile phones because thay should be able to enjoy their break and eat their food happily and freely. I agree that mobile phones should not be used in the classroom, because if children were using their mobile phones in the classroom where they should be learning, their attention from their school work could drift off, therefore they would not know what to do in their studies leading to them failing their subjects and not succeeding at school. Also the teacher would get inturrupted by the phones noises causing her not to be able to concentrate on teaching the little amount of people who are not using their phones and trying to learn But I also think that children should be allowed to use their mobile phones during their luch breaks, before and after school as they are supposed to be resting and enjoying those times of the day as those are the only times they are allowed to rest during school hours, so they should spend that time efficiently by enjoying their time however they desire. I honesly do not see any reasons why children are not allowed to use their phones during these times unless they do not violate any other school rules whilst doing so. This being said I agree and disagree on the the statement â€Å"childlren should be allowed to use mobile phones at school. I agree by saying that they should be used during their lunch breaks, before and after school and I disagree by saying that they should not be used in the classroom, the place top learn.

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Marketing Plan For Farmish Frosty Milk Marketing Essay

Marketing Plan For Farmish Frosty Milk Marketing Essay The product I intend to launch is flavoured milk named as farmish frostys milk which is mainly aimed towards young children, housewives who are the main purchasers of domestic items. But due its different flavours frosty can also cater to adults like people working in offices, as a refreshing drink, even the male population, people who are into sports activities need a refreshing drink, this can add as an energy supplement. Most of the hassle using involved in making milk with different flavours initially would be eliminated with our special flavours already added to the market shelves. The new formula with which we have introduced our product encourages the entire household to indulge in buying the frosty bottle themselves irrespective of age or gender. Frosty has emerged as a brand which pays great heed to the value of great health to our society and has produced a brand which provides an individual with energy in no time. According to a research externally a 15 ml pack of strawberry tango provides enough energy at the end of a rigorous work out to provide the individual to jog for another half an hour. Gone are the days when an individual had to take four types of vitamins every day because now with the introduction Frosty will surely become: Frosty Your daily energy supplement Frosty low fat aims at targeting the diet conscious segment of the market whereby now it becomes a complete health solution for an individual. This variety aims at providing the dieters with alternate drinks. Before, the dieters had to look at expensive milk drinks that did not even provide the basic weight control and the energy provision requirement. Frosty flavoured milk drinks consider its customers as their factor of success therefore before the launch the company conducted focus group testing and also included children in this test, as they are also a key customer group. 3. STRATEGIC PLAN AND FOCUS 3.1 Vision Statement We have just launched our company few days back in U.K and it is forecasted that the consumers will react to this product positively, reason being that the consumer has always looked for quality taste and flavoured milk, although exists in the market, those which are imported items as well as local, but with our differentiated features and natural extracts from fresh fruits and constant quality checks, we are confident that we will take up the position of market leaders in this particular product category. We forecast that frosty milk will be much consumed by place and people like: Schools Shops Supermarkets Homes Recreational parks Airports Such places are in dire need of products that provide the end result instantly; hence frostys flavoured milk, as the name says it all will provide instant energy to the tired and exhausted travellers or small kids who are traveling may need a refreshing drink. Travellers for instance, may want something that boosts their energy level. At the moment our forecasts tell us that we are just concentrating to the upper middle class and the middle class but later on we will also cater to the lower middle class and lower class, once we generate enough money to meet our costs. 3.2 Mission Statement The company aims to become a key competitor in the flavoured milk industry by being an innovative and pioneering organization, conducting business with sense of responsibility and pride, keeping customers satisfaction as a prime objective. The apprehensible standards to be set to deal with our customers, governing agencies and suppliers by being honest, fair and principled. 3.3 Goals and Objectives 3.3.1 Goals Being categorized as a market challenger we have the advantage of trying new techniques, which have not been tried before. This means that through innovative and creative brainstorming, goals set can be achieved 3.3.2 Objectives Specific In order to achieve the position of leader in the industry and hit a targeted profit we are looking to have a well enough business model / plan. Measurable After calculating sales, expenses and profit margin we assume to make some money at the end of particular period as business have to make some money out of it. So we forecast about our business in that month for the upcoming time. Achievable As every company have some Goals and objectives , we also want to achieve something out of our business. For example : In return we are looking for  £2000 2500 per month. Realistic Every business have some realistic goals that is achievable too. For example if some want to make  £5000 of profit in certain week. Yes , they can if they have some realistic business plan / model. Time related If we are looking to do business of about  £30,000 40,000 a month, for that we have to give some time in order to create such strategies that make our production fast as well as the distribution channel more efficient and effective. 3.4 Core Competencies / Competitive Advantage The key success factors that Frosty has are the USPs which make it different from the other fruit milk drinks. Firstly the experience that the company has in the juice industry has helped the company as it has the information regarding the beverage market. Apart from this the company has developed some really unique flavours, which promise to give the customer a real worth for their money. The flavors are a blend of fresh fruit and some ingenious recipes. These recipes are kept secret. The pre-product launch survey that we had carried out in different households and areas of the city proved that our Frosty provides highest energy and taste and boosts the individuals strength. 4. SITUATION ANALYSIS 4.1 Evaluation of Marketing Tools and Techniques In order to evaluate marketing tools and techniques I adopt the following three techniques Porters five forces. SWOT Analysis Marketing Audit Bargaining power of suppliers Local suppliers are mostly threatened as there is possibility from well settled retailers to import the same product from any foreign country in well enough quantity to shatter the market. In our case this kind of things may happen but we could able to stand in the market. Bargaining power of buyers In this high technological and fast moving environment most of the customers have well enough knowledge about market and that products so most of the time they But in our case this is not the problem as we are the common individual to introduce this product as we can tackle this task. SWOT ANALYSIS: Strengths: Frosty flavoured milk will be the first flavoured milk drink of the country that will be wholly produced by local raw materials, this has been achieved through the stronger ties that the company has with its local suppliers which will be providing the company with fruits that will be processed in the Frosty processing plant. As far as the milk is concerned Frosty also has an edge over its competitors, as it owns the largest network of dairy farms. One of the strengths of the company is also its most successful product of fruit juices. WEAKNESS: One of the major weaknesses of Frosty flavoured milk drinks that affect its competitive position is the low brand recall. We have just launched the product and heavy spending has been incurred in order to encourage buyers to buy more and potential buyers to try the product for the first time. We certainly know that in order to strengthen the products position the name of the product has to be on every buyers tongue. Opportunities: Frosty flavoured milk drinks will be packaged and will allow the company to take advantage of the growth opportunities of around not just some areas but all over the U.K. The company will be selling in ready to carry packs that will be made by recyclable plastic and tetra pack special packaging material called T-550 which keeps the product safer for longer. This package suits the lifestyle of not just children and teenagers but also sportsmen. Another key opportunity that the company sees is that the spending patterns of the people are changing from spending less to spending more. This means that Frosty will be targeting a market, which is spending more money due to more disposable income. Threats: The threat however that we face is that we are investing in the fast moving consumer goods market and we see that in the future due to excess competition extreme measures may have to be taken in order to survive the cut-throat competition. Another threat that Frosty faces is the threat of other beverages that may position themselves as being in competition with Frosty. So in this case frosty would have to position itself safely in order to survive indirect competition from companies such as Coke and Pepsi. MARKETING AUDIT It Involves companys analysis in both aspects internally and externally Internal External environment of the company Internal Audit: PROMOTION It includes determining the combination of tools that is advertising, publicity, personal selling, and sales promotions. Also we can determine, how to measure effectiveness, the image to pursue, the choice of media the format of messages if ads should be timed throughout the year or during peak periods or not. Promotion is any form of communication used to inform, persuade and/or remind people about an organizations or individual goods, services, image and ideas. Promotion planning is systematic decision making relating to all aspects of an organization or individual communications efforts. Since Farmish is introducing Flavored Frosty Milk, customer must first be informed about the product and its attributes. After creating awareness, promotion can be used to develop favourable attributes of the flavoured milk. With an audience category, Farmish can identify to opinion leaders, people who influence others. In addition, it should also fully understand and use the mechanisms of word of mouth communication, the process by which people express their opinion and product related experience to another person. Farmishs promotional plan will lay maximum stress on Frosty and its attributes such as excellent quality and taste. Its main objective would be of moving consumers from awareness to purchase. It will also seek to communicate its overall image of the market innovator, introducing different enticing flavours. However, the main purpose of promotional activities will be aimed at creating an image in the consumers mind that when they consume the milk they will be refreshed and will enjoy the alluring flavour. PRICE The aim is to give good value for money through good competitive prices, which result in consumer satisfaction. The pricing objective is to optimize the profits of the company and to get the return on investment. The price of the milk is lower than the price of foreign brands with comparable quality and the same quantity. Although local brands cost less but the quality offered by Frostys is greater. Pricing Method: The basic method for pricing the product is cost-plus method or strategy where a fixed percentage is added to the cost in order to determine the price at which the product will leave the company. Pricing Strategies: Primarily two pricing strategies are used in order to achieve the overall marketing objectives and the pricing objectives: Competition-Based Pricing: In order to meet competition it is essential that prices should be competitive as compared to other brands of similar quality. Penetration Pricing: This pricing is done in a way so as to attract consumers to buy the product that will enable the company to penetrate into the market and gain market share. One way to do this is by lowering the pick-up price of the product, which makes it more easily reachable for the consumer. Introducing smaller bottle sizes with less weight can lower pick-up price. Retail Prices of Farmish Frosty Milk 150 ml bottle  £0.40 P 250 ml bottle  £0.90 P 1 litre pack  £1.40 P SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion involves paid marketing communication activities that stimulate consumer purchases and dealer effectiveness.. The 3 main objectives of sales promotion is to, Generate trial and repurchase, Build market share and, To build brand image and positioning. Advertising would create a specific image in the mind of the consumer i.e. positioning. Similarly sales promotion will be carried out in a way so as to further the quality perception of the product. Sales promotion helps attract customer traffic. For example, if Farmish would offer free samples on trial in stores to draw customers. Since Farmishs Frostys Milk is a consumer product, their success depends upon satisfaction, trust and goodwill. They believe, they can best serve the needs following a consistent, fair and sensitive program of consumer communication. For that reason we set up a help line 0800-8067840 DISTRIBUTIONS Distribution decisions include determining whether to sell via intermediaries or directly to consumers, how many outlets to sell through and whether to control or cooperate with other channel members. We planned to distribute the products on our various outlets covering all over the United Kingdom. To make sure that the customer gets the milk in its original premium form, therefore we focus to distribute Frostys flavoured milk twice a week amongst the outlet. DISTRIBUTION CHART FLOW FOR FARMISH FROSTYS MILK Warwickshire Warehouses Distributors Retailers Wholesalers Consumers Personal Sales Force Institutions External Audit : Competitors: Frosty flavoured milk does not consider itself as extension to the segment consuming milk. But it sees itself as a key competitor in the flavoured milk drink industry. Our competitors are currently well settled in the market and have a major share of the market. With the launch of Frosty flavoured milk it will come in direct competition with the local and foreign rivals such as Vanilla flavoured Milk by ASDA, Yazoo drink by Friesland NESQUIK by Nestle. Frosty aims to position itself as a brand with a different image than its competitors. Frosty thinks that it should make sure that a fun image of the product is created in the minds of the customers. Frosty through its creative slogans wants to create this image. Our company considers Yazoo as the market leader in the flavoured milk industry with a high market share of the urban markets and an innovative approach of providing the customers with the new tastes. The product that we launch will have a similar approach to that of Yazoo in providing the customers with a range of totally new flavours. Nestle is as market challenger to Yazoo and is giving Yazoo a tough time with respect to increasing market share. If the leader offers a price advantage then Frosty would also do the same. It goes with any changes in packaging. Through the companies sources it has attained information that suggest that the Yazoo is planning to launch its flavoured milk in family size bottles. This information is enough to launch a major offensive against this move. This means that by the time Yazoo would launch its family size packs we would be already in the market and may even have an advantage of claiming the idea as our very own Demographics: The demographic environment mainly provides a brand structure for our company to place our product. In other words, it greatly facilitates in the market positively for products and determining its possible competitors. Almost many social classes consume flavoured milk; age and gender factors do not have a significant impact on this milk. And it could be somewhat broadly and easily categorized. Individual belonging to all sexes, and ages consume our milk. The Frosty Flavoured Milk is best been suitable for the following: Young Children Teenagers Married woman for small children Adults Old-age people Psychographics: There are people who belong to middle and upper middle-class. Modern time-conscience, busy people, students, and children who want to work hard and believe in achieving their goals, our Frosty Flavoured Milk will be source of satisfaction, energy and refreshment, and more importantly convenience and timeliness on their busy lines. The astringent and hygienically maintained flavours give its refreshing quality. Many people are not aware of the criteria of Mutual-Drinking which applies to Frosty flavoured Milk that has good quality and flavour balance, and does not need any artificial aroma. 4.2 Company Analysis Focus: The companys main focus is to attain the position of a leader itself in the Industry. Culture Our reputation for quality, taste and nutrition is best and we are also being trust by our consumers on what we do. We are also looking forward to get delighted by our consumers because of the new and innovative products that we have yet to create. Strengths As far as the milk is concerned Frosty also has an edge over its competitors, as it owns the largest network of dairy farmers Weaknesses One of the major weaknesses of Frosty flavoured milk which also affect its competitive position is due to having the low brand recall and in order to strengthen the products position the name of the product has to be on every buyers tongue Market share Currently in this highly competitive environment we are having 10-12% of market share but our aim is to acquire at least 30%-40% of the flavoured milk market share by the year 2011. The high margin would attain us the desirable market share and have all the possibilities to make our way towards the top ranking in the market. 4.3 SWOT Analysis Internal Environment of our company Frosty flavoured milk will be the first flavoured milk drink of the country that will be wholly produced by local raw materials, this has been achieved through the stronger ties that the company has with its local suppliers which will be providing the company with fruits that will be processed in the Frosty processing plant. One of the major weaknesses of Frosty flavoured milk drinks that affect its competitive position is the low brand recall The external environment of our company The company will be selling in ready to carry packs that will be made by recyclable plastic and tetra pack special packaging material called T-550 which keeps the product safer for longer Another threat that we are facing is from other beverages that may position themselves as being in competition with Frosty. So in this case frosty would have to position itself safely in order to survive indirect competition from companies such as Coke and Pepsi 4.4 Industry Analysis 4.4.1 Competitor Analysis Market position Farmish Frosty is producing flavoured milk; thus, we are competing with all the players in the. Milk industry like Countrys life organic milk, Nestle Milk flavoured milk brands like FRIJJ, Milka, Rose Milk etc. Hence our competition is highly existing and established milk brands in the market. Farmish Frosty hopes to position its flavoured milk in a totally different perspective than that of its competitors by offering convenience for all household individuals. Market shares SWOT 4.4.2 Collaborators Subsidiaries, joint ventures, and distributors, etc. 4.4.3 Customer Analysis Number Type Value drivers Decision process Concentration of customer base for particular products 4.4.4 Porters Five Forces 4.4.4 Porters Five Forces 4.5 Climate/Environmental Analysis Macro-environmental STEEPLE analysis: Social and cultural or demographic Technological Economic and Supply/Demand Environmental (natural) Political Legal Ethical 5. MARKET-PPRODUCT FOCUS 5.1 Marketing and Product Objectives 5.2 Market Segmentation Target Market In order to approach our target consumers, Farmish divided the market out in different segments. These segments were taken to be the potential markets having the most return. Segmenting was done under the following core elements. Geographic Segmentation: In the geographic segmentation, we first went for the population factor. We started our launch from the main parts of UK. We launched frostys milk first in London where we aimed at the renowned retail stores and super stores like Asda Tescos and then in Manchester and Birmingham.. This was a good start as we have gained sales instantly. After only a matter of two to three months we gained 15% market share in London. Greater market share in London was due to the cosmopolitan city. Demographic Segmentation: In the demographic segmentation, our primary concern was the Age factor. In that, we are willing to address the youngsters from the age of 5 and above. Usually milk is associated with young children, so in our initial launch we targeted the young children and also the teenagers. Other than that, we are also concerned for the family life cycle; we chose families, which were primarily young married couples with young children as our potential targets. We preferred these families to belong to the upper and middle classes. We also preferred educated people with good buying power. Income was another factor we took into consideration, as we are not focusing on the rural or suburban areas, but more on the urban cities, mainly the upper middle class segment. As the population distribution and usage pattern shows that flavoured milk as a product is mainly consumed in the upper class, upper middle and middle -middle class. So frosty will also penetrate in this particular segment with different marketing programs. Individuals who greatly value quality, convenience and time, those who are trend following, energetic and outgoing also come into our target as our proposition. The family life cycle limits should also be increased to cover all the following categories as well. Bachelors Young married Young married with young children And families with young children Behavioural Segmentation: Consumers justify the consumptions of milk for the benefit of releasing fatigue and lethargy, as milk gives an individual a feeling of refreshness and instant energy, in a way recharging a person. By behavioural factors we can easily depict what sort of consumers would be best fitted for our flavoured milk. It is of interest to note that the role of flavoured milk can vary differently during different parts of the day categorized as follows: Breakfast Drink: Our milk will be aimed towards the morning drinkers of milk, usually school going children, as energy drink. It serves an energizer and with our special flavours, given the amount of energy they bring, using strawberries, mango, vanilla etc, add to a part of a young child growth and is also good for the body as a whole. Is can also be used by teenagers, as the trends today are changing and much of our culture is being influenced by the western culture and we find that having milk and juices in the morning as at breakfast time has become a normal norm. Mid-Evening Drink: during the evenings frostys milk can also be used as an instant energizer to those individuals who are into sport activities, people who do vigorous exercises. Over here, we can even segment on the basis of health conscious people who want to maintain a healthy diet and cut on high fat food, for that as well, we have our separate line for low fat flavoured milk, which comes in all flavours. So clearly we can say that our product will be catering to both males and females who play sports. The only difference being that males want something refreshing to quench their thirst and females want an energizer drink which is low in fat, so out flavoured milk with cater to the needs of both the genders. Many school going children would also want the milk as part of their after play, coming to their mothers and asking for a cold glass of flavoured milk. Night Drink: can be used to relieve oneself from the daylong tension and fatigue. Even adults can have this drink before going to bed, as it tends to soothe ones mind with the days long work. We can segment our markets on the basis of consumer usage rate, those individuals who are more loyal to flavored milk can be targeted with more diligence and we can use appropriate strategies to attract potential consumers towards our product. Psychographic Segmentation: In the Psychographic segmentation, people who are conscious of their life styles should also be brought in the target market. The concept of leading a casual life with flavoured milk as a daily refreshment drink should be introduced. Flavoured milk should be made a substitute for other drinks such as juices and fizzy drinks for the consumers who are food value conscious. With our frostys milk being introduced in tetra packs as well as cans it would add to the lifestyle of the elite class, and would also be easy to carry around for young children as a snack pack for their lunch periods. 5.4 Point of Difference Because of our close ties with our suppliers and our own dairy farms the acquiring of the raw materials is easy and cheap which gives us an edge over the competitors and gives us an advantage in pricing our products this makes that we can lower our price and still gain the same advantage 5.5 Positioning

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Oppositions in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay -- Heart Darkne

Oppositions in Heart of Darkness      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is full of oppositions.   The most obvious is the juxtaposition of darkness and light, which are both present from the very beginning, in imagery and in metaphor.   The novella is a puzzling mixture of anti-imperialism and racism, civilization and savagery, idealism and nihilism.   How can they be reconciled?   The final scene, in which Marlow confronts Kurtz's Intended, might be expected to provide resolution.   However, it seems, instead, merely to focus the dilemmas in the book, rather than solving them.      Ã‚  Ã‚   Throughout the first part of his interview with Kurtz's Intended, Marlow talks about saving her from the darkness:    "Yes, I know," I said with something like despair in my heart, but bowing my head before the faith that was in her, before that great and saving illusion that shone with an unearthly glow in the darkness, in the triumphant darkness from which I could not have defended her-from which I could not even defend myself." (93)    The Intended believes wholeheartedly in Kurtz, as well as in the greatness of civilization and imperialism.   As Marlow now knows well, her ideals are nothing but illusion; however, he acknowledges and protects them.   He has a somewhat sexist view of women; as he has stated previously in his narrative, he believes that women cannot deal with reality and thus need illusions in order to survive.   It is noteworthy, however, that even though this observation comes before the interview with the Intended in the sequence of narration, the story is being told after the interview has happened, and thus it is not unreasonable to suppose that Marlow's opinion of women has been formed from this very inci... ... Adelman, Gary. Heart of Darkness: Search for the Unconscious. Boston: Little & Brown, 1987. Conrad, Joseph.   Heart of Darkness.   Ed. Ross C Murfin.   Second ed.   New York: Bedford Books, 1996. Levenson, Michael. "The Value of Facts in the Heart of Darkness." Nineteenth-Century Fiction 40 (1985):351-80.    Professor's Comments: Very well done--subtle and perceptive and well-argued.   A very sophisticated and beautifully written paper as a whole. I wish you'd included the details of the setting, but mainly, see question on p. 4 [Well--acknowledge that her "certainty" only exists, and is only "unextinguishable", because it's blind illusion.   Do you think that's what Conrad offers us as a source of hope?] : you stop just short of moving out to Conrad, and what he may offer us by way of "certainty" and even hope in the midst of all the fogginess.     

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Generational Gaps And Conflicts Essay -- Literary Analysis

In the short story Who’s Irish by Gish Jen and Everyday Use written by Alice Walker, both authors address generational conflicts between mothers and daughters, as well as struggles to coexist while living in very different cultural mindsets. The moral of both stories is that cross-cultural issues exist in every family tree and we often find comfort in unlikely places. While a mother may not agree with her daughter’s choices she never loses love, and while a daughter may not like decisions that are made by their mother she never loses respect. Both are stories about women going through struggle to integrate and adept into modern American life, two mothers struggle to understand their daughters and the lives they are immersed in. Gish Jen is trying to communicate a sense of loss a mother experiences because she does not understand her daughter and struggles to adapt in Who’s Irish. The authors point is that American life through the eyes of an elderly foreigner is hardly understandable, things like, the wife being the bread winner, career oriented women, marital problems, and gender specific roles that are too rigid. Through the grandmother's voice; the author develops these themes with humor and sympathy, written in broken English, the she intends for the reader to see how difficult the world is to express in a language that is foreign to you the reader, perhaps as a way to contrast how different her thinking is compared to the world she lives in, America. The author emphasizes the grandmothers love for both her daughter and granddaughter throughout, her love for her family never ends in spite of her confusion over their culture and the way they choose to live, constantly comparing the way situatio ns and people are to the wa... ...ish was more thoughtful and caring in trying to become accustomed to her daughters ways, whereas Mama in Everyday Use was more rigid, she preferred her lifestyle the way it was and she had no intention of changing, nor could she couldn’t understand why Dee would want anything more, as she and Maggie were happy where they were at. The irony of both stories isn’t hateful or bitter but a message of love and caring despite differences. In the end we are left wondering whether the results of the quandaries are right or wrong, and to question our own motives with our families, relationships, and lives. Works Cited Jen, Gish. "Who's Irish." 1999. Literature: Craft and Voice. Vol. 1. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2010. 105-10. Print. Fiction. Walker, Alice. "Everyday Use." 1973. Literature: Craft and Voice. Vol. 1. Boston: McGraw- Hill, 2010. 608-13. Print. Fiction.

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Being a Good Tutor :: essays papers

Being a Good Tutor Tutoring, you think it is the easiest job that you could have. You think so because of the flexibility of time, and the only thing you need to do is be there on time to help students (Tutees) with the subject that they have difficulty understanding, which you obviously have the full knowledge about because you earned an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in earlier semesters. However, all that you were thinking is definitely wrong. The tutees don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. There are many qualities you need to have in order to be a good tutor besides being intelligent. As Clayton College and State University Peer Tutoring Program (CCSU) mentioned in their web site, â€Å"Intelligence alone does not result in successful tutoring; more important is what kind of person you are† (Characteristics of a Good Tutor). Also, as CCSU mentioned, the tutor should have a â€Å" Positive outlook, having a desire to help others, liking for the subject matter, open minded by accepting others points of view, having the ability to see what needs to be done and do it, understanding, and having the ability to feel what another person is feeling.† So what do you need to do when you have an appointment with a tutee for the first time? Besides having all the personal characteristics that I mentioned earlier, you also need to know about the subject that you are going to help the tutee with before going to the appointment. Then you need to review this subject even though you are good at it because you can gather the different ideas on this subject and also analyze the information that you might have forgotten. You need to think after that about how the session with the tutee is going to be, write some notes, and be ready to answer any question your tutee might ask you. Now you are ready to meet the tutee. When you meet the tutee, the first thing you need to do is to introduce yourself and tell him or her that you are a student, especially if that is his or her first time having a tutor. Try to be friendly in order to help the tutee lose his or her nervousness by asking the tutee how the class is going on. Use the first ten to fifteen minutes to organize, plan, and show the tutee what you are going to talk about in the session.

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Individualism and Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness Happiness is not one thing; it means different things in different places, different societies, and different cultural contexts. There are multiple â€Å"pursuits of happiness†. It's impossible to define â€Å"happiness†. It's left to each of us to define what â€Å"happiness† is. Happiness cannot be achieved in minutes it comes from the pursuit of happiness, Working towards and achieving goals. Pursuit of happiness differs from person to person and from culture to culture. Diener and his colleagues (Diener et al. 2003) believe life evaluations are important to the quality of life in all societies because it is hard to imagine either a good life or a good society without a positive sense of SWB (positive psychology pg114). However, they argue that every culture has set values, and goals that people use to evaluate their happiness. Culture refers to beliefs, social norms, religious background, these characteristics shared by people in a place and time for everyday existence. Understanding the culture differences will allow you to understand the differences in of happiness.For the most part each culture has certain values and goals that are looked upon to be the acceptable norm for happiness and that is how happiness is measures. The media, parents, schools, peers influence the way people think, act, and feel towards a successful life. The general population that surrounds you influences people's ideas about the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it. Comparing the traditional American perspective on happiness with the traditional Asian perspective on happiness, by cultural and historical factors that contribute to happiness.Americans are individualistic culture which means the people are primary focus is that of themselves and their immediate families. In contrast to Asians, which are, collectivistic cultures, where the members are concerned more with the well being of the group rather then their own well-being. On a verage, people living in wealthy nations are happier than those living in less wealthy nations. The untied States is near the top of the income measure, 6th in life satisfaction. Japanese like and have high income, but only moderate in subjective well-being.China ranks very low on income measure and higher then Japanese in subjective well being measure. Over the past 25 years, history of international surveys have not changed the ranking have been quite stable. | Asia collectivist culture characteristics traits: * Each person is encouraged to be an active player in society, to do what is best for society as a whole rather than themselves. * The rights of families, communities, and the collective supersede those of the individual. * Rules promote unity, brotherhood, and selflessness. Working with others and cooperating is the norm; everyone supports each other. * As a community, family or nation more than as an individual. * United States Individualism cultures characteristics traits : * â€Å"I† identity. * Promotes individual goals, initiative and achievement. * Individual rights are seen as being the most important. Rules attempt to ensure self-importance and individualism. * Independence is valued; there is much less of a drive to help other citizens or communities than in collectivism. * Relying or being dependent on others is frequently seen as shameful. People are encouraged to do things on their own, to rely on themselves. * The stereotype of a ‘good person' in collectivist cultures is trustworthy, honest, generous, and sensitive, all characteristics that are helpful to people working in groups. In contrast, a ‘good person' in individualist cultures is more assertive and strong, characteristics helpful for competing. Asian members rate happiness and life satisfaction on the lower end of the scale. They do not think of their life as being happy or sad, satisfying or dissatisfying it just is what it is.Believing emotional feelings are te mporary they live in the now rather then wanting more for tomorrow. In Asian cultures, regard how others view you and necessary related to how they view themselves. Positive feelings occur when pleasing others, fulfilling social expectations. Achieving goals that enhance interdependence is directly related to happiness in collectivist cultures. For Americans positive feelings are strongly related to goal achievement. Achieving goals enhances our independence giving us a sense of pride and accomplishment.That feeling is important to Americans in reaching happiness promoting mutual trust and support in relationships is directly related to happiness and well being within the Asian culture. In individualistic cultures, a shared belief in the importance of feeling good about oneself promotes self-enhancement and social exchanges characterized by mutual approval and praise. Considering the wide ranging influence of culture on peoples feelings, thought, and behaviors (Markus ;amp; Kitayama , 1991), different types of persuasive messages may very well influence people differently in cultures as distinct as north America and east Asia.

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Attachment Theory Essay

Attachment theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans. Its most important tenet is that an infant needs to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for social and emotional development to occur normally. Attachment theory explains how much the parents’ relationship with the child influences development. Attachment theory is an interdisciplinary study encompassing the fields of psychological, evolutionary, and ethological theory. Immediately after World War II, homeless and orphaned children presented many difficulties,[1] and psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby was asked by the UN to write a pamphlet on the issue which he entitled maternal deprivation. Attachment theory grew out of his subsequent work on the issues raised. Infants become attached to individuals who are sensitive and responsive in social interactions with them, and who remain as consistent caregivers for some months during the period from about six months to two years of age, this is known as sensitive responsiveness. When an infant begins to crawl and walk they begin to use attachment figures (familiar people) as a secure base to explore from and return to. Caregivers’ responses lead to the development of patterns of attachment; these, in turn, lead to internal working models which will guide the individual’s perceptions, emotions, thoughts and expectations in later relationships.[2] Separation anxiety or grief following the loss of an attachment figure is considered to be a normal and adaptive response for an attached infant. These behaviours may have evolved because they increase the probability of survival of the child.

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Romeo and Juliet Diary Entries

Dear diary, as it is the first time I am writing to you, I would like to tell a little concerning myself. My name is Romeo, and I come from the Montague family, with my dad Mr. Montague and my mum Lady Montague. I am sixteen. Not that I have a high regard for myself, but I have to say that I am quite attractive, bright and sensitive. I live in the middle of a fierce fight between my family and the Capulet’s. This battle has started ages before I was born, and will keep on going for generations and generations. Sincerely, I think that this fight is foolish, and that violence doesn’t make thing different and by no means will between our two families. I take the Capulet’s as equal to us, and nothing will alter my mind. I feel that this day couldn’t get any worst for me. You see I like this girl from the name of Rosaline, but she doesn’t return her affection towards me. This made me miserable for the whole day, and I had not the desire to see any people. I went around the region, and went into profound thinking and came to the point that there was no more point of breathing if I could never get will my beloved Rosaline. The only person informed about my love for her is my dearest cousin â€Å"Benvolio†. I told him how I felt, and how I couldn’t live without her, and he gave me the advice of going with him tonight at the masked party at the Capulet’s mansion. Dear diary I hope my cousin is right and if not what should I do? 21 April Dear diary, I am writing to tell you that I have forgotten about Rosaline in my heart and that at ball, at the Capulet’s I have fallen in love, from the first moment I saw her, and she unclasp my heart, and treed it from the thing I thought I loved and fixed it only on her. You see the moment I laid sight upon her; she engulfed my feelings upon her, and made me forget about Rosaline. The only shocked I had was after the tender kissed I got from laying my lips on hers, was that I later on learned that she was a Capulet. She is a thirteen-year-old girl, she is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever laid eyes on, and her eyes reminded me of starts lighting upon a dark night. Even though she is of the enemy family, I thought that in any cases love was possible, and that without letting both siblings know I could forever be with her, and that in any cases we could run away together. On that night, after the ball, I have left both Benvolio and Mercutio and went climbing up her balcony, and from both side we exchanged our vows. When she was done with hers, I stopped her mouth with a kiss after having heard enough, and my heart was beating so fast that the night with her passed so fast till the moment I had to leave, which made it hard to take out my sight upon her perfect shadow. 25 April A few days later, I had gone through some with Juliet, and I finally think she is the one I want to be with. I hurried early in the morning to Friar Laurence who for me is some kind of second father, and at the same time a best friend which I tell everything to. He is quite old, and works in a small church in the middle of a field of roses. When I arrived their, I jumped in his arm, and him exited to see me, I thought it would be a good moment to actually express my feelings for Juliet. But after I have told him that I have no more feeling for Rosaline, but for the Capulet’s daughter, he turned his head away from me, and kept on walking. He then stopped and told me that what I am doing will just make the relation between both family more complicated, but the more he thought of it, the better it was for both families, so he agreed to the marriage, and on very special day we got married. 27 April Dear diary, after I have thought that nothing could ruin the joy that I had in my heart for a couple of days, well it actually did. When I went to see Benvolio and Mercutio to tell them some of the good news, well there was a fight going on in the center of the village. Tybault, which is Juliet cousin, came to our territory, and asked for trouble, and Mercutio which could not refuse a fight, decided to fight against Tybault, which I tried to make it not happen, but by falling, the fight ended by dearest Mercutio to die in my hand from Tybaults sword. Without any pretoughts, I rushed to Tybault and killed him as revenge towards Mercutio. And this is when everything turned into hell. As the prince kept on saying, that if by any means a fight was happening between then two families, the one responsible was ask to be killed. So after having killed Tybault I thought that the best idea was to flee and go hide somewhere outside the region where nothing could happen. But would Juliet be ok? How would she get any of my news? What should I do? 02 May It as been five days since I didn’t see my beloved Juliet, and I am going crazy without her. I keep asking myself those questions, if everything is ok on her side. I would do anything to go back in the past and change the fight which happened. Friar told me that I should stay where I am and not move till I get a letter from him, telling me that everything would be back as usual, except that I would have to run away with my love. I would do anything to see her again, I wouldn’t mind running away till the other side of our planet. The only thing I now must be worried about is whether she is ok, and if everything will go according to plan. I have sent a loyal friend to look on Juliet while I stay and hide in the hut which I am standing in right now, and see whether everything is ok on her side. But when he came back a couple of minutes earlier, he told me that he saw Juliet dead†¦When I heard that I thought that I was gone for, I was already seeing the life falling behind me and that it is impossible that this could have happened. So without the Friar letter, I will think I would have to go to the graveyard and see whether what I heard is in fact true. Next time I will be writing in this diary I would tell how I in fact managed to run away with my Juliet and that we would for ever live happily ever after.

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Zaha Hadid

She said that, â€Å"It's not a matter of borrowing from here and there and blending it all together in a composite. Rather, there's a stream of events, each of which is an experiment. † So having said that, Gaza Had got influenced by many architects from the past, yes, but she never copied. She experiments. That is why she said that all her projects are a kind of experiment. She herself makes the experiment, and she herself tests the experiment in making a lot of possibilities and never stays at the same point.Gaza Hade's idea is that everyone can experiment but it is easier to experiment when you're younger because you have many questions and by that, you make experiments and you answer your own questions . Hade's concerns rose throughout the time because she said that day by day, people get less and less inventiveness. People get less curious about architecture, which makes her want to change it. [2] Gaza aims to build and her ideas that make images turn into construction. She always thought of the energies. Energies that causes the building to appear. The energies.Energies that causes the building to appear. Appear in a way that we couldn't imagine that it exists. With Gaza Hade's modernity, she wanted to change the world. Change for the better through architecture. Her aspects in changing the world through modernity are a lot. First, the technology, using the present resources that could harness a lot of possibilities but what Gaza Had wants is to make a form to its minimum. Minimum that meaner the future, the new and the modern. Second is changing the world by its act. Gaza Had wanted the people to open their eyes.The world is new but we Just don't recognize it. Modernity is the new world. Gaza Had doesn't invent what she designs. She makes new forms and new ways rooting or modernity. What I noticed about Gaza Had is that yes, she is fond of modernism. Modernism meaning edgy shapes and geometric forms, but she changed it. Looking by all her designs , there is a similarity. The curves that are present in all of her designs are much seen by the people. This shows her feminism. Not being biased to the sexuality, but it shows how different a woman can do with her own design.PEAHEN SCIENCE MUSEUM The Peahen Science Museum located in Wolfhound, Germany that was completed in November 2005. The concept and idea of this building is a magic box where people are capable of peeing their minds with curiosity and desire for discovery in all who open it. Just like the building, since it is a science museum, it should speak to its self. Science makes us curious and this building gives you the desire to enter and to discover. Science makes us curious and this building gives you the desire to enter and to discover. 1] The Peahen Science Museum as described by Gaza Had, â€Å"the most ambitious and complete statement of our quest for complex, dynamic, and fluid spaces. † It does not simply imply a normal building but it adds the technolog y of today. This building s designed to not to obey the standard rules of construction but Had made a realm of possibilities. She always thought that nothing is impossible because this building requires new methods and materials in order to build. As said by Gaza Had, â€Å"to create an urban field on the ground, with an object above was a rare opportunity for us. Looking at it from the outside, it looks so massive and complex which makes it look like a spaceship. It shows a huge hold on the ground. Same as entering from the inside, the massiveness is still there and transgress occurs. What I like about this building are the lights. It is easy to make lights in a very simple way, yes, but Gaza Had did it differently. Making the lights small which makes the concept bring back to life. The desire to discover is what they want to achieve like questioning why are the lights like that?Why aren't the walls are enclosed properly? Why does it have to be this massive? It makes us questions things and discover with our own minds. Having number of columns that makes it float makes the next level of the building columns. Which makes it unique and strange at the same tame. She was able to make open spaces that makes it look like not claustrophobic. Because imagine this building without the windows and the open spaces it feels like no one would go and enter inside that is a contrary to their concept of a magic box. Umber of columns that makes it float makes the next level of the building columns. Which makes it unique and strange at the same tame. She was able to make open spaces that makes it look like not claustrophobic. Because imagine this building without the windows and the open spaces it feels like no one would go and enter inside that is a contrary to their concept of a magic box. I think what Gaza Had did to this building was an experiment. Not that she had fun making in or something, but experiment of design.From what I said earlier, Gaza Had always wanted experi ments but it never stays the same. Had make buildings massive yet breathtaking. What Gaza Had designs are simply answers to our questions. She designs by her passion and energy that correlates from her intentions and ideas. Gaza never make things complicated she's Just making architecture a realm of possibility for everyone to appreciate it. Http://www. Gaza-had. Com/architecture/peahen-science-centre/#section-assets http://www. Airspace. Com/features/Gaza-had-architects/peahen-science-center-/

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Comparison of my manifesto and Hugo ball manifesto Research Paper

Comparison of my manifesto and Hugo ball manifesto - Research Paper Example As one of the most adorable artists in today’s world of researchers, and through his piecework directed to artistically, he has articulated various researches based on description of philosophical meaning and usually terming it as â€Å"my problem, my life, my suffering.† All this started when he begun to write his Friedrich Nietzsche dissertation. Hugo’s manifesto is justified just from his top-notch researches he has ever delivered. First and for most, Hugo anticipated intense studies mechanism, one of the articulation that I intend to administer and keep at bay as my top-notch manifesto. From his autobiography, Hugo Ball intensified himself by reading widely basing understanding norm on the various systems of thought. This was through German moral philosophy he learnt, with modern psychoanalysis, without forgetting Russian anarchism and Indian as well as Christianity mysticism. Reading widely to get knowledge is one of my manifestos I entail to employ since th rough this I see my artistically work grows widely and be among the top-notch artists with outstanding research work adopted within my policy. Hugo in his work as an artist provided an aspect of Dada movement probably in Zurich and his philosophical roots of his revolt emphasized this. I intend to adopt the cultural and norm to propel my manifesto towards success. In consideration of my culture and the surrounding environment, I believe that my policy will be availed accordingly, based on my experience and surrounding environment which affects anyone both internally and externally. Hugo Ball explains and justifies well the principles of Dada movement, bringing in the aspect Dadaism that explains why the anticipation has huge impact between the artists and other people as well. Motivational and social transformation is one of my Manifestos I intend to use as an artist. In comparison with my manifesto, Hugo also anticipated an aspect of motivational and social transformation norm in h is work. This is evident from the fact that Hugo Ball gives out a motivational and inspiration to upcoming artists by starting that â€Å"The reason for this huge impact is that it is very different that the â€Å"art† known for years. It is against everything in art. The name of this movement is very simple. It has different meanings in different languages.† This is evident further especially after learning that â€Å"The use of such an ordinary and simple word also refers to not being captivated by the rules and norms in every aspect of life. This means that the simplification should be valid in every aspect such as the name of the movement. It also rejects the use of word invented by others; they want to use their own inventions of words.† (Ball 10-13). Visual Arts and Film Studies generally require extensive and diverse knowledge from various levels of life hierarchy and well versant with current issue at hand. I intend to bring out lively articulation in ar t by initiating current issues that will in turn involve the technology being availed and in support with traditional point of view within my manifesto. This will be through written books that oversee the past and the present. Hugo Ball also used this manifesto articulation by ensuring that all the information were written down before being presented which brought about coherence and a sense of feelings as far as artistically work is of concern. â€Å"He began writing a book on Bakunin that would continue to occupy him for the rest of his life. At the beginning of the manifesto, Hugo Ball explains these meanings. In French, it means hobbyhorse, in German it means good-bye and in Romanian it means â€Å"yes, definitely right. As it can be seen it is such a

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Provide critical arguments in support or against the statement that Essay

Provide critical arguments in support or against the statement that 'Leaders from Enron are accountable for its downfall as th - Essay Example Though the company seems to be very highly praised by outsiders but internally the company had a much decentralized decision making structure and financial control system which made very difficult for outsiders to get a clear view of the company activities and its operations (O’Rourke, 2007, p.199). This problem is not only due to the poor managerial performance but also due to the departmental issues which are involved in the process of ruining the ethical values and the principles of the company. The executives and the managers are the primary people responsible for the downfall of the company for not maintaining the corporate culture and transparencies in the business process. If the operational management team have worked in a proper manner in full force it could have been possible for Enron Corporation to escape the tragedy (Spedding & Rose, 2007, p.543). About the company Enron being one of the most innovative companies in America for six consecutive years and was ranked 7th on the fortune 500 companies. The Houston, Texas based firm was considered as one of the greatest energy trading companies of the world (Sterling, 2002, p.111). In the year 2000 the company reached its summit with above 19,000 people and approximately with a annual revenue of more than $100 billion. The mission statement of the CEO Kenneth Lay was not only to become the greatest company in the energy sector but also to become the world largest company. With the deregulation in the energy sector during 1980’s the business became very risky both for the customer as well as for the companies. At this critical situation Enron came with an indigenous solution of leveraging its large network of pipelines for the construction of the gas bank to act as intermediary in the transaction process which in turns lowers the risk in the market. Enron introduced a concept of buying and selling on a certain dates at a certain price with an extra premium to ensure safety against risk. The man behind this innovative idea came from the CEO and President of the firm Jeffrey Skilling. He then introduced many more products along with the gas bank. The products include various derivatives of energy and swap for Enron’s trading partners and stakeholders (Fusaro & Miller, 2002, p.31). These products give the option to the people to buy gas in the future at a predetermined fixed price which gives the company the opportunity to trade at a fixed price even when the market price is floating. This innovative strategy gave the firm immense opportunity growth irrespective of the market condition (Lawrence & Weber, n.d., p. 450-451). Rise of Enron With the new innovative way of business Skilling began to change the whole corporate culture of Enron. He recruited the best professionals from the industry to compete with the largest and most prestigious investment banks. With the immense growth and reputation for the outsiders the internal culture slowly transformed to a darker t one. With the harshest employee ranking system,

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Czech Republic country analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Czech Republic country analysis - Essay Example (4) Masculinity pertains to the degree to which a society supports the traditional masculine work role model of male achievement, control, and power (â€Å"Hofestede’s Cultural Dimensions† 1, 2, 3, 4). (1) Czech has a slightly lower power distance index in comparison to the US. This means that in the Czech Republic managers treat their subordinates with respect, entrust them with vital work and may even socialize with their subordinates. This is supported by the fact that the Czech has a well-educated population (â€Å"Czech Republic† 2). (2) The US individualism score is substantially greater than the Czech’s. In the Czech Republic the social unit is more important than the individual. Therefore when running a business there one has to remember that conformity is not only expected but is also perceived positively. In line with this it is important to note that most Czech’s end business early on Fridays for shopping or traveling to their country cottages for the weekend. (3) The US has a fairly greater masculinity score than Czech. This means that in Czech Republic men and women are given equal opportunities and positions. This would definitely affect the staff recruitment policy for a business moving from the US to Czech. With less masculinity, the Czech culture prioritizes family relationships and quality of life over work. People work to live which implies flexible working hours and longer vacations than their counterparts in the United States. This could be a disadvantage to opening a textile factory because the workforce may not be as willing to work round the clock to meet the often demanding short lead times characteristic of successful apparel retailers. (4) The Czech has a substantially greater uncertainty avoidance score than the US. According to Hofstede this is reflective of a society with a deep and long cultural history and a largely homogeneous population. The high

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Article Critique Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Article Critique - Assignment Example In Keohane’s article entitled â€Å"Imaginary fiends,† he states that there is a discrepancy between the actual decrease in crime rates and the beliefs of the American public regarding crime. Keohane presents arguments that show how the public is both mentally and emotionally made to believe that â€Å"crime got worse in the United States in 2009† (2009). In his article, he presents facts that show how â€Å"we’ve come to believe what we believe† and how the public needs to â€Å"take some steps toward mending our relationship with reality† (Keohane, 2009). Warr’s article entitled â€Å"Fear of Crime in the United States: Avenues for Research and Policy† takes a similar route of argument as Keohane’s. Warr argues that people should know accurate information about the status of crimes because while â€Å"Fear†¦under many circumstances†¦is beneficial†¦under the wrong circumstances, [it] can unnecessarily con strain behavior, restrict freedom and personal opportunity, and threaten the foundation of communities† (Warr, 2000, p.482). ... His article shows the extent of his research regarding the topic. Similarly, Warr’s article utilizes ethos. Firstly, Warr is a known criminologist who has authored several books and articles regarding crime. His background alone can be qualified as valid argument in terms of credibility. Furthermore, his article boasts of extensive research, just like Keohane’s. He presents both quantitative and qualitative analyses coming from various credible government and non-government sources. The only issue, however, could be that Warr’s sophisticated presentation may be a bit hard to follow at first especially for those who are not familiar with the sociology of crime. Keohane uses pathos, or the appeal to the emotions as well. At the onset of the article, he immediately grasps the audience’s attention by saying, â€Å"The year 2009 was a grim one for many Americans†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Keohane, 2009). Immediately, he is able to communicate that his article is something that should interest his target audience --- the American public. He goes on to say that, â€Å"Citizens, though ground down and nerve-racked by the recession, still somehow resisted the urge to rob and kill one another†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Keohane, 2009). This appeals to the emotions because Keohane establishes agreement with an underlying value common among the audience, and at the same time, he paints a positive scenario of the audience. Warr’s article, on the same note, utilizes pathos, but this time by discussing the nature of â€Å"fear.† Fear is a strong emotion and every reader would understand what Warr wants to say in terms of fear of crime. He appeals to his audience’s emotions by making this emotion of fear as one of the main foundations of his argument. Logos, or the

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SE Asia Basin History project (South China Sea Platform and South Essay

SE Asia Basin History project (South China Sea Platform and South China Ocean Basin) - Essay Example Geologically, the nearly 3.5 million square kilometers area is primarily surrounded by a series of sedimentary successions which are highly rich in petroleum resources (IHO, 1998). According to many experts, South China Sea platform and ocean basin has a complex geologic structure comprised of folded fundament dating back to the pre-Cambrian period, Indo-china period and Herynina periods. The rhomboid shaped marine basin is largely confined by crustal structure fractures, lithospheres as well as massive tectonic belts. This paper presents the history of the South China Sea basin including its stratigraphic columns and dissects as well as the history of its deposition. South China Sea basin is locacated at a junction of three major tectonics namely; the Eurasian,Pacific-philippine and the India-Australian plates. The basin lies on top of a continental self that was drowned during the ice age. According to many experts, the oceanic as well as the stretched continental crusts that are presently underlying the South China Sea basin have always experienced a series of tectonic movements since the Cenzoic times. The basin is located within the juncture area of the Indo-Australian, Eurasian and Pacific plates and the Regional Plate Tectonic events have played crucial roles to control the formation plus evolution of continental marginal basins. It is widely speculated that the basin may have been formed by underlain by continental crust before it was affected by rifting and subsequently overprinted by forearc structural setting after the initiation of subduction. For example, the evolution of the region may have been as a result of a collusion of the Eurasian and Indian plates, the northward drifting of the Australian plate as well as the westward subdution of the Pacific continental plate during the Cenozoic period as shown in figure 1 below. With regard to its crustal structure, the basement of the basin

Final plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final plan - Essay Example Thus the above condition does reflect that the product is quite new to the target population of around 690,850 people in Guatemala. This population is held to largely consist of the elite households in the region that lone account for around 50 percent of the total wealth. Thus from the above data it is quite evident that the target population which is comprised by around 10 percent of the total population of Guatemala has the potential to invest in large amounts for acquiring the product. This calls for rendering a large promotional and advertising campaign to help relate the product effectively with the people falling in the target population. The product being in the introductory stage calls for effective advertising and promotional activities. Advertising and promotional activities thereby are required to get large scale support of considerable investments and must endeavor to project the salient benefits attached to the product. In regards to choosing the media for advertising the product in the region it is understood that the media like radio and television would help support the largest part of the advertising activities (Bryson, 303). The majority of the population in Guatemala has access to radio and television for which such media can be effectively considered for advertising the product to the target market. Again the use of print media also constitutes an integral part for advertising the products for a study reflects that newspapers do contribute in a significant fashion in regards to advertising activities in the region (Fox, 52). The availability and thereby use of internet among the population in Guatemala is highly restricted with only 10.37 percent of the population having access to such. Thus the advertisements can be rendered through slots prepared in regards to radio and television as broadcasting media and full or half pager advertisements rendered in regards to print media

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Screening a genome wide deletion library for mutants sensitive to Essay

Screening a genome wide deletion library for mutants sensitive to gemcitabine - Essay Example The other type of repair is nucleotide excision. In the repair, the genes are linked to DNA glycosylases (Wei & Chen, 2006). Some of these genes are listed thus: UNG OGG1 MPG NEIL MGMT (Wei & Chen, 2006). The above image shows highlighted DNA genes Checkpoint Genes Damage can occur on the DNA during cell division causing it to cease dividing. This is what is referred to as checkpoint damage. Causes of the damage might be due to radiations such as from ultra violet rays. Checkpoint genes help in repair of DNA at the points of breaks through a response in the body. In the case of humans, these genes are defined as the G2 checkpoint genes. They include RAD17 as well as RAD1. The other genes include HUS1 (Stern, 2002). Rad13 Rad13 is a human gene. Its product is involved in DNA repair and it gives rise to a nuclease which is christened Rad13 nuclease. The gene is about 80mm. the systematic identification of the gene is SPBC3E7.08c. Its characterization is also known. The following is an image of the gene (Caspari, 1985). The modern society has been taken through environmental changes that necessitate the adoption of genetic science. The results in this experiment shows the findings from a genetic mutation test carried out in the laboratory. What needs to be understood is the process that facilitates this type of reaction. Some factors need to remain constant during the laboratory experiment so that there is high accuracy and efficiency in the findings. It should be noted that the required temperature for tests and subsequent analysis and interpretation should remain around 250c – 30oc for the specified time period. The two strains under question must also be cultured on a solid medium which will provide the best medium for a desirable outcome. In this test, the point of focus is the strain that grows on the EMM plus NAT and EMM plus Hygromycin, but not on the EMM plus CYH.This project touches partially on pharmacogenetics which majorly undertakes the studies on the role of inheritance in the variation in phenotypic response to drug. Such phenotypes ranges from serious inadequacy of therapeutic efficacy at one end to life-threatening unfavourable reactions of drugs the other end (PFEIFER, 2006). This test would be very applicable in genome-wide techniques in the clinical pharmacogenomic and its model systems which vary from yeast gene deletion libraries to cell-line based model. The validation of the candidate genes plus the application of genome-wide technology is essential for following up the identification of the candidate genes. In the strategy for genetic model specification during the screening of the geno-wide, an easy-to-use Bonferroni-corrected method which is multipurpose in the sense that it fits both recessive and multiplicative model is found to be reliable if used. In the context of this experiment, it is better to have in-depth understanding of what the classification of mutation is all about (SPENCER, 1997). On the basi s of effects on structure, deletion is one of the most explored in this project. In so doing; these mutations change the gene reading frame just like in the case of insertion. It is however imperative that people understand the unfitting opposite aspect of the two. Deletion is fairly random while insertion constitutes a given sequence that doesn’t necessarily take a random order. The results obtained from the experiments and tabulated were formatted in four distinctive columns for easy analysis. In this table there are theoretical short explanations and

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The CIA created Osama bin Laden Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

The CIA created Osama bin Laden - Research Paper Example Accordingly, the following analysis will seek to engage with this very topic. As such, it would be necessary to delve deeply into storable roots of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and determine whether or not a clear and determinant level of group exists with respect to the way in which this potential â€Å"asset† was handled. In accordance with the basic premise of investigative reporting, the discussion will be concentric upon those alleged and proven aspects of cooperation that exist between the Central Intelligence Agency and Osama bin Laden. Is the hope of this particular author that such a level of discussion will be beneficial in shedding further level of light on what can only be described as an increasingly murky and seemingly undecipherable relationship. As with many of the assets and informants that the Central Intelligence Agency seeks to develop around the globe, Osama bin Laden was of little importance to the agency prior to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Recognizing that fellow Muslims were being oppressed by an atheist regime, Osama bin Laden, and indeed many others throughout the Islamic world, set out to provide moral, material, and direct support to the forces that were fighting against the Soviet occupation. As such, Osama bin Laden left what many individuals would describe as a comfortable life and began to utilize this fortune, time, and energy as a means of funneling money and material to the mujahedin. Although it is true that Osama bin Laden began to play a more active role as the 1980s progressed, it was this initial activity that placed him on the radar for Pakistani ISI, Saudi intelligence, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Further, as it was the United States’ direct and implicit goal to see the Soviet Union fail in its attempted invasion of Afghanistan, coordinating with anti-Soviet actions and supplying these individuals with the required material and

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Robert Rauschenberg Essay Example for Free

Robert Rauschenberg Essay â€Å"Estate† by Robert Rauschenberg is by far the most interesting piece of art work seen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Robert Rauschenberg is a well-known Abstract Expressionist of the modern art period. Robert Rauschenberg is most famous for his Combines of the 1950s, in which he uses non-traditional materials and objects in combinations. While the Combines are both painting and sculpture, Rauschenberg has also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance. Robert Rauschenberg’s â€Å"Estate† is both abstract and expressionism. He uses abstract shapes and color patches in his work. There is a lot of use of warm colors such a red, orange and yellow in which gives one a hot and vibrant feel. The powerful colors capture vivid emotional reactions. The gesture lines allow one to see Robert’s arm at work. Repetition is used with the quick fluid strokes along with bold strokes that he uses on the canvas. The diagonal lines give a feel of explosive energy to the art work. There is an asymmetrical balance in the work because the weight counter balances each other. There is more going on towards the right side, than the left which gives the art work an asymmetrical look. Although Rauschenberg uses recognizable images he makes them his own by titling and turning the images sideways to give them a different effect. The materials used to create this artwork include oil, silk screened ink along with photo screen. (MSN) The oil allowed Rauschenberg to blend the colors directly on the canvas. He also piled up the oil thickly giving it a ruff textured look. The oil also allows the painting to have shadows. Photo screen is used with familiar images such as the statue of liberty along with Michelangelo’s â€Å"Last Judgment. † â€Å"Rauschenberg would screen in art reproductions, images from newspapers, and anonymous photographs of city scenes. †(Art Culture) The photo screening gives the art work individuality. This art work was actually inspired by trash, Robert Rauschenberg use to walk around the block collecting things that he found interesting. He states, â€Å"I wanted something other than what I could make myself and I wanted to use the surprise and the collectiveness and the generosity of finding surprises. † (Art Info) Therefore, the art was meant for viewers to be surprised, and curious. It is meant to be a world of surprises, and open up people’s mind to what the streets and the city really is. â€Å"It makes our perception of both street and city changed. † (Art Info) â€Å"Estate† is considered to be apart of the abstract expressionism stylistic movement which was created during the American post WWII movement. This movement rejected traditional European painting styles and emphasized on expressive gestures. It is also apart of the pop art movement which emerged in the mid 1950’s in Britain and spread throughout the United States. It used objects and images from popular, commercial culture. â€Å"Estate† is very unique, and is unlike any of the art work that came before it. Before, the art work was very plain and simple with the use of dull colors. It did not have any expressions or emotions attached. This art work is very modernized with the use of bright, bold colors, photographs and the use of abstract shapes. It developed from past art styles such abstract, surrealism and expressionism; taking a little bit of each stylist movement to create this. It reflects the 21st century culture because it is very â€Å"busy. † The art work has many things going on which reflects how Americans are in the 21st century; we are all extremely busy in our lives. I consider â€Å"Estate† to be a valid work of art, I believe that is very creative and brings out a lot of emotion from the artist. I think it is a beautiful piece of art work that is one of a kind.

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The Three Abrahamic Religions

The Three Abrahamic Religions The three Abrahamic Religions do have some things in common, such as the belief that there is only one God, but they have some differences too. Beliefs in profits, beliefs in who is the real God and things such as those make their religions different. A first major difference between the religions is the book they study and follow and how they treat this book. The Islams have a book they call the Quran. The Jewish population has a book called the Talmud, and the Christianity religion has a book name The Bible. What are the differences in these books? Well first of all, they all treat them differently. The Islams never put the Quran below themselves. They think of this as if they were saying, Im higher than God, and Im more important than him. They also take very good care of it. When they arent using it they have it wrapped up inside of a cloth and set it on a high shelf. Also, no one else can touch their Quran without permission from an Islamic believer. The Quran itself states that only those who are clean and pure should touch the sacred text. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . The Jewish population studies a book called the Talmud. They read over this book, memorize it, and sometimes go into major detail of what somethi ng in it means. The Talmud is made up of six sections, called Sedarim (orders). Each Seder contains several books called mesachot or tracts (singular: mesachet). The Talmud. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . There are eleven mesachot in the Talmud. Each of them deals with many of the different Jewish laws. Lastly, there are the Christians, who study The Bible. The Bible to Christians is like a book full of different ways to live your life. Most people dont treat their bible like a special sacred book. People toss them around, lay in on their nightstand next to their beds, and other things such as that. The Bible has many different sections, some of these sections are in the Old Testament, and some are in the New Testament. Within these sections, there are many, many chapters, and within the chapters there are verses. For instance, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -Philippians 4:13. Philippians is the section, 4 is the chapter, and 13 is the verse. As you c an see, these books are all very different within each religion. They study them differently, treat them differently, and the text within them is very different. They also have different beliefs in the coming of God and who Jesus was. The Jewish religion believes that the messiah has yet to come, whereas Christianity and Islam believe than Jesus was the messiah. The Jewish believe that messiah will come later in life and they will be taken with him. The Christians and Islams believe at the second coming of Jesus, Jesus will leave the Jewish people behind and only take true believers as to let the Jews accept the fact that this is the second coming of the messiah, then he shall later come back and bring the Jewish people with him. The places where the three religions think they will be taken after Jesus takes them with him are all different also. The Islams think they are going to an eternal paradise. Jews believe one of two things, either they are going to heaven, or they think there is no afterlife. Lastly, Christians believe they will have an eternal heaven. They also have a specific view on a bad afterlife. Islams and Christians both think they will go to eternal hell whereas Jews think they will go to either eternal Gehenna, reincarnation, or no afterlife. They also have different outlooks on the birth and death of Jesus. Christians and Islams believe Jesus was born from a virgin birth, meaning Mary just randomly by Gods will had a child she was to name Jesus. The Jewish people on the other hand think Jesus came by a normal birth, saying that Mary and Joseph had a child together. Then theres the death of Jesus, which they dont agree on either. Islams believe that Jesus did not die but ascended into heaven during crucifixion. The Jewish and Christians populations believe that he died by crucifixion. Comparison of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . Then each religion has an outlook upon the other two religions. The Islam has something to say about Jews and Christians, Christians have something to say about Jews and Islams, and Jews have something to say about Christians and Islams. The Islamic people think that Jews and Christians are respected as People of the Book, but they have wrong beliefs and only partial revelation. This means that Islamic people think that the other two religions are respectable by what the Quran says, but they think that the beliefs of these people are wrong. Jewish people think that both Islam and Christianity are false interpretations and extensions of Judaism. This means that the Jews think that Islams and Christians are completely wrong in what they do and that they are not following or believing what they actually should. The y think that the other two religions should do exactly what the Jewish people do and then they would be following what they need to be. Then there is Christianity. They think that Judaism is a true religion, but with incomplete revelation. Christians believe that Jewish people are right in what they believe in, but they dont think they have full grasp of everything they need to believe in. They also think that Islam is a false religion. Christians believe that Islams are wrong in everything they do and what they are doing is completely wrong. They are against anything Islamic people do, and would never partake in any of it. Comparison of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . Not everyone in this world can believe the same things, do the same things, or even partake in the same activities, but that doesnt mean they cant sometimes get along. These three religions dont hate each other, they just dont always necessarily agree with one another. Its like they are siblings fighting over where to go out to eat. One of them wants seafood, one wants barbecue, and the other wants Italian. Christians want Jesus to come take them away so they can go live an eternal life in heaven, Islams want their God to come save them so they can have an eternal life in paradise, and the Jewish people want Jesus to have his first coming and save them. They all have disagreements on whats right and whats wrong, but they can sometimes get along. For instance, they all believe in one God and worshiping that one God. They all believe that there should be a certain day on which they worship, even though these days are not the same. They all believe in a hell and demons along with angels . They all have a special book of their own that they study, and in that book is the word of that religions God. So you see, they may have many, many differences as the three Abrahamic Religions, but they do have some things in common that they agree about also. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . The Talmud. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. . Comparison of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. .