Monday, September 23, 2019

What Does It Mean To Be Educated, and Who Decides Essay

What Does It Mean To Be Educated, and Who Decides - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in the globalization era, information has been termed as the new oil. The above is in reference to the importance and scarcity of information in the globalization era. The reflection means that when a person has the right information and at the right quantity and quality, they are deemed to succeed. Oil is a precious commodity, but, however, an exhaustible natural resource. Fortunately, information can be renewed through updating oneself with emerging trends and data. The above update can turn fatal when people update themselves with distorted information that is obsolete, irrelevant and unreliable data. For one to acquire relevant and reliable information, they have to be educated. Being educated does not necessarily means passing through the school system. Being educated is a diverse term which relates to being in the right information for survival as per the context of the learner environment survival needs. For example, one can be in possession of great information about the moon and the stars, but their immediate survival needs do not need that information.   Educating means to train or raise someone. Therefore, being educated means being trained to meet the immediate survival needs. Unfortunately, the people endowed with the role of drafting training manuals are drafting â€Å"irrelevant and unreliable oil†. James Loewen blames the textbooks as the main enemy of people who needs to be educated.

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