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Biological And Physical Process Of Aging Essay -- essays research pape

The develop process is difficult to analyze because of the way that the bodys organ systems work together. The breakdown of one structure get out in the long run affect the function of others. The medical field of gerontology deals with examining the biological changes of aging, some(prenominal) passive and active, that occur at the molecular and cellular levels. This paper will seek to explore those changes, and the affect that they set out on the process of aging. age as a passive process involves the breakdown of structures and the resulting slowing of functions. At the molecular level, passive aging is seen as the degeneration of the elastin and collagen proteins of connective tissues. These proteins atomic number 18 primarily responsible for the smoothness and firmness of young skin. Consequently, when these proteins breakdown, the skin will sag, and the muscle will lose its firmness. Another sign of passive aging is the breakdown of lipides at the biochemical level. As a ging membranes leak during this lipid degeneration, a fatty, brown pigment known as lipofuscin accumulates. As this happens, the mitochondria, or the powerhouse of the cell begins to break down, thereby decreasing the amount of aptitude that is being supplied to the cell. This cellular degeneration may be set into carry through by highly reactive chemicals known as free radicals. These molecules have an unpaired electron in the outermost valence shell. This causes the molecule to catch electrons from other molecules, setting into motion a chai...

The Guilt of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay -- William Shakespeare

The Guilt of Macbeth and bird Macbeth Guilt is a very strong and uncomfortable heart that often results from ones avow actions. This strong emotion is one of the theme ideas in William Shakespeare, Macbeth. Both Macbeth and brothel keeper Macbeth feel guilt, unless they react in different ways. Guilt hardens Macbeth, but cause Lady Macbeth to commit suicide. As Macbeth shrives to success guilt whips Macbeth where he can no longer think straight. ab initio Macbeth planned was to kill Duncan but it wasnt enough he too had to kill Banquo and Macduffs family. On the other hand Lady Macbeth had to surround upon the weird sister to unsexed her so she had no true feeling towards anything as if she was a man. However, the true guilt of the murder can angle of dip on either Lady Macbeth or Macbeth. Perhaps one of the strongest explicit evidence that show guilt, is how it affects lady Macbeth, how she couldnt handle it any longer, and that was the suit of her death. Lady Macbeth realizes that nothing could ever get rid of the smell of the affinity and the guilt caused by all the murders committed by Macbeth. Heres is the smell of blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this weensy hand. O, O, O, (V, I, 53-55) Its also sh accept here that she feels responsible for every psyche her Husband killed. The guilt of Duncans murder can be placed heavily on the hand on Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth wants the murder of Duncan for her own gains. Given the present situation, she is hungry for power. The weird sisters predicted that Macbeth would be king. This means that the unmistakable result would be Lady Macbeth will be queen. Instead of postponement for Duncan to die naturally or to be killed by someone else, she forces the projection onto Macbeth. ... ...d her children be murdered. As Macduff reaches England he hears the news and grief and vow revenge upon Macbeth. Although the tragic hero Macbeth physically committed the crime, it was L ady Macbeth that pushed him to his limits of rational archetype and essentially made fun of him to lower his esteem. With Macbeths defenses down, it was an easy task for Lady Macbeth to influence Duncans murder and make up an excuse as to why she could not do it herself. The Quotes and explanations used throughout this essay, built up induction that guilt plays a large role in motivating Macbeth. felonious feelings were brought out through the characters actions and responses, until the very fatal check were they wishes none of all this ever happened. Works CitedShakespeare, William. Tragedy of Macbeth . Ed. Barbara Mowat and Paul Warstine. sunrise(prenominal) York Washington Press, 1992.

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Learning importance and a example of essay in learning Essay

encyclopedism is a major part of life. People scat to set in e truly steps of their life. Learning does not unavoidably involve complex terms, it can also be primitive liaisons that keeps chance in day to day life of an individual. Everybody has different interest, likewise they grant a different pattern of encyclopaedism things. Some people learn faster through visual medium, some through audio, and some clean writing down the things depending upon what the subject matter is.I believe that learning process does not start when one settles in a dinner gown environment but it start right from the birth of an individual. Walking, talking, decision qualification etc. atomic number 18 some examples including every other primary things are the result of learning. Every time anyone has to acquire a new skills, they make to be focused and scrutinize the subject matter thoroughly, that is how learning happens. Learning affects the confidence of a somebody as well. If someone lea rn things pronto than they have higher confidence in doing things and learning new things as well.After going through the video couple of times I realized that one who puts hard work and devotion in learning new things can automatically adapt into the ways the things are through with(p) and will become successful. I myself am very much arouse in music and vaguely inspired by the beauty of it. I think music can be the most influential thing in an individual life.Music can make a person relax after a hard day at work, therapeutic the illness, provides maximum level of comfort to an individual. Being so much influenced on music I have managed to learn a very a few(prenominal) legal instruments and it always gives me pleasure and comfort when I am playing them. nevertheless I do not require to stop here. I want to learn more about music. I want to be qualified to read the music and understand every keys and notation in it. I want to be a musician like David Gilmour from the gre atest telephone ever, Pink Floyd, who is able to play any string musical instrument that exists in planet today.I am currently doing my major in Business with Information Technology however in order to follow up my ambition in music I have also be after to take music as my minor subject and later on carry it as my profession along with my Business major degree. It is very much important to me because of my vague interest in it, but broadly it makes me very happy.Finally, I am profoundly inspired from the video that I provided watched and it helped me to boost up my morale. I do have much respect for the people attempting to make things happen and these people are just one of those few who dare to take the challenges and do something that makes difference to others.

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The Relationship Between the Roman Authorities and the Early Church

When previous(predicate) Christians began to read the Bible and follow The Way, they begun to walk the avenue and carved which was uniquely Christian history. Eusebius was a bishop, an everyplaceseer in the custom of the apostle Paul and John among others. It is amazing that his detailed account during those days were not only preserved for posterity, but that he had the tenacity, the determination and the strength to station and record people and events he was facing during his day. These were people who were being kill or whose bodies were mutilated.We read of characters and personalities different people from all walks of life who had a common experience. They became disciples of savior the Christ and almost all of them faced the similar fate which is martyrdom. The roman type government was more than a rear enddrop for the riding horse of the story that Eusebius had written. It was an conglomerate whose rule was not to be underestimated for its intelligence and its equally determined goal to subdue all who seemed and were planning to defy that rule. just for some observers today, the capital of Italy seemed tolerant for the practice of any religion.The question and then re master(prenominal)s why did capital of Italy perse raile the Christians? And why do we odor back to this period to call it as the era of the martyrs? Looking back at Romes policy we see the Imperial regime as remarkably lenient over the religions of those they have power over with. If the national religions of those territories would take on homage to the emperor among their other ceremonies or rites, Rome almost never get in the way. As long as the roman letters authorities think that the Christians were just a sect of the Jews, chase of Jesus enjoyed immunity much interchangeable the rest of them.But upon realizing that this supposed Judaic sect were up to more than being very fanatical close their monotheistic beliefs and that this sect not just incessantly talk ed about Jesus but intended to make Christians out of the entire population of the empire and that this was spreading like wildfire, Rome changed its stance and started to view the Christians as threats. From beat to clip, the Christians felt the wrath of the papist authorities as well as its very own people. The experiences of every named disciple or follower were more than horrific.These Christians suffered torture of every kind invented by fellow human being. The main cause of the loathing and revulsion that the early Christians felt from within the Roman participation lies in the formers distinctive life-style. The real Christian is a person who is essentially unlike the rest. Problem is that men always view with suspicion people who are different. Then and now, conformity not distinctiveness, is the way to a trouble-free life. So the more early Christians took their religion seriously the more they were in danger of crowd reaction.Thus, simply by having a lifestyle in acc ordance with the teachings of Jesus, the Christian was a unvaried unspoken condemnation of the pagan way of life. As Eusebius in his time was observing and reacting to the events that took place, it was not that the Christians went about all or any forms of accuse to disparage the government and those who were not with The Way, nor were they consciously self-righteous and a cut above all others. It was clear then that the Christian ethic was a criticism of the pagan way of life.Fundamental to Christianity and primary cause of continual hostilities was the Christians rejection of the pagan gods. The Romans expectedly had deities for every facet of living- be it for harvest (sowing and reaping), or perhaps something to do with the weather. The Christians denial of them marked the Jesus followers as enemies of the state. There were also social events which were of themselves reasons that Christians object because they were inherently wrong like the gladiatorial combats which were int olerably inhuman.The picture is clear that it was hard for Roman society to co-exist with a totally distinct and seemingly opposing lifestyle that to negociate or hurt to discourage these Christians was the order of the day. This widespread hatred for early Christians helps explain the persecution in the Roman hands. There were outbursts of bloodshed which became common. Another demonstrable and related reason why Christians were persecuted was the slanders disseminated against them. This was both implied and detailed in the reports make to Eusebius from named persons. Once these defaming stories started they could never be stopped.The secrecy with which Christian gatherings were held aroused suspicions and bred distrust. Charges include sex orgies, cannibalism and even ridiculously, atheism. But the more serious supposed wickedness the early disciples of Jesus committed surfaced from the tradition of emperor worship. This practice sprang from the merits of Roman rule what was po pularly called Pax Romana or the Roman peace. The resulting peace was a deep and heartfelt gratitude to the spirit of Rome. This was an easy step from the spirit of Rome to become the goddess of Roma and eventually evolved into champion final symbol of Roman spirit which was the emperor.Any allegiance other than to that of the Roman emperor slowly spelled determent or threat to their governance. No other sect or root posed this threat during these times than the fanatical Christians who were loyal to their Lord. In one sense, Rome was right because there was a real conflict of loyalties. The Christians never compromised by saying Caesar is Lord. From then on, Roman authorities branded them as a band of potential revolutionaries threatening the existence of the Roman imperium and were then deserving of expulsion or death.

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Democratic Leadership Essay

Explain what is meant by democratic leaders. Evaluate the strong point of employing a democratic leadership style on the success of Harrods. handling E-library sources to find another example that had also been successful using a democratic leadership style.Democratic leadership style is an open and collegiate style where ideas between the leaders and the subordinates flow freely as the discussions argon held in an open manner and where all members opinions are respected. Its very much participative and involves employees in the decision making process. It involves the redistribution of power and authority between employees and managers to fork out employee involvement in decision-making. The following features characterize democratic leadershipstatistical distribution of certificate of indebtedness A manager that leads democratically volition distribute responsibility among his group to facilitate participation in decision-making. Empowering group members Leaders moldiness emp ower their members so that the members can accomplish their responsibilities. Empowerment includes providing training and fosterage necessary for delegated task completion. Aiding group decision-making process A major office of a democratic leader is to ensure democratic deliberation in making group decisions. This means that a leader should act as a facilitator and mediator between group members and ensure that a psychologically healthy and respectful environment is maintained. Advantages of Democratic leadershipDemocratic leadership techniques generally will do a better dividing line creating job satisfaction because it fosters a sense of participation, control and autonomy. Greater employee participation in decision-making may also lead to greater innovation and creative solutions to problems that will better serve an institution.Disadvantages of Democratic leadershipIt may not be as efficient as a much traditional centralised and authoritarian form of direction. It may be to a greater extent than costly to the organization in time and resources. Accountability may nightimes present a problem.Employing democratic leadership at Harrods has the following advantages Employees felt up that they are more important to doing the job as they have been given more responsibilities and methods to voice their opinions. The pressure has been reduced from mangers as they delegated more responsibilities to employees and were left out with more strategic decisions to be made. Performance at Harrods have increased because the employees felt that they are more important and have more self-confidence. The workflow of departments became more fluent as the department heads and employees have a degree of exemption to make decisions. The only disadvantage was that top management has lost some of its powers over the employees, but the overall benefits exceeds the cost which acts in favor of Harrods management. other example of Democratic leadership company is Apple as it gives its employees the granting immunity to make decisions and to be creative in the workplace.

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The impact of family and neighbourhood on the academic achievement among African American teenagers

1.0 IntroductionPerformance in naturalize has for many years been well-nigh attri only whened to an individuals life history chances. As the need for an individual to endure advanced level of training to be able to sustain prefatorial living be catch a necessity, the consequence of difficulty in training turn in become imperative (Leventhal &038 Brooks-Gunn, 2000). However, individuals do not attend checks in a vacuum as they come from families, localitys, and various life events that to the highest degreely impact on their execution in one way, or an other.Currently, well-nigh half of the teach going juvenilers be benighted. Over 70 part of residents in large cities in the United States are too coloured (Williams et al., 2002). Based on this statistics it is important to understand the specific aspects of schoolman increment of coloured people in the United States.According to ecological theory, the milieu has a great shape on the development of adolescents (Ste inberg, 2001 Ingoldsby &038 Shaw, 2002). As much as the adolescents make their own behavioural choices, societal structures and interpersonal relationships are viewed as imperative aspects that shape the adolescent choices (Leventhal &038 Brooks-Gunn, 2000). Adolescents growing up in the twenty-first century look beyond their parents and siblings for developmental stake. Therefore, the concept of neck of the woods comes in when analysing the development of adolescents. The neighbourhood concept in this context refers to both habitation and school neighbourhood and how it interacts with the teenager.2.0 Problem DefinitionThe liberate of educational operation gap has been documented by various studies (Gutman et al., 2002 Rankin &038 Quane, 2002). Unfortunately, most of these studies indicate that African American learners have the lowest educational standards in the United States (Moore &038 quest for?Lansdale, 2001). Empirical evidences indicate that in comparison to their whi te counterparts, the feat of African American children is below the normal standards (Leventhal &038 Brooks-Gunn, 2000). Many African American learners come from families that are not only economically unstable but also socially underserved. Several reasons have been think to the poor pedantic mathematical operation of African American teenagers which eventually results to high rates of school dropout. everyday sheers that these teenagers face include racism, privation, and violence (Brody et al., 2001). These issues affect their emotional and pedantic performance. collectable to their poverty ridden home views and surrounding, African American teenagers fail to establish a link between schoolman excellence and collapse adult life (Moore &038 Chase?Lansdale, 2001). The teenagers are also aware of the stereotypic approach colligate to their race which affects their self-concept and ultimately educational performance (Gutman et al., 2002).Consequently, it is important to establish family and neighbourhood computes and how they impact on the academic performance of African American teenagers. This stain is vital in the context that the current understanding on the issue is limited and does not consider the modern-day neighbourhood concept, where the United States has embraced blend racial neighbourhood settings in most places where African Americans reside. More so, most African Americans live in big cities, which expose them to multiracial settings that whitethorn affect academic performance of the teenagers. Specifically, it is important to analyse how parents, peers, close friends, classmates, and teachers influence the performance of the African American teenagers.3.0 interrogation Aim and ObjectivesTo fully inquiry this question issue, the following objectives go away guide this studyTo investigate the colligate between family settings and academic motion of the African American teenagers To examine how school and home neighbourhoods influences academic movement among African American adolescents To devise a way send regarding family and neighbourhood in managing the poor academic performance among African American teenagers 4.0 belles-lettres ReviewVarious factors have been coupled to poor academic performance among students. A study by Leventhal and Brooks-Gunn, (2000) determine variables within a culture, a family, and the environment to greatly influence the academic transaction of learners as compared to the type of an educational program. The roles of social and individual support in education are influential in the academic achievement outcomes. The school environment communicates to the learners on how the school perceives them (Brody et al., 2001). A school that is cognize to arouse collegiality, respect and values has students that are positively inclined to better performance (Gutman et al., 2002). African American learners record high levels of school drop-outs due(p) to the possibility that the school environment does not support their needs. Consequently, the school setting as a learners neighbourhood influences the academic achievement of the learners (Rankin &038 Quane, 2002).Studies have also suggested the existence of other various factors that influence the academic achievement of the learners other than the school curriculum (Ingoldsby &038 Shaw, 2002). It is essential to understand how these other factors affect the African American adolescent especially those that are lining academic hurdles. Peers have been identified to determine the teenagers deposition towards their learning institutions (Brody et al., 2001). The fact that African Americans generally have a problem with academic performance the role of peers may in most cases be negative as far as academic performance is concerned. For instance, studies have shown that the mere leave out of approval from peers is substantive enough to negatively influence the academic achievement of the adolescents (Wil liams et al., 2002).Further much, numerous studies identify parenting as a central player in academic performance of teenagers (Leventhal &038 Brooks-Gunn, 2000 Gutman et al., 2002). Parents that have supportive association with their teenagers tend to promote a sense of autonomy among the teenagers which allows the teenagers to not only explore their environment but also seek parental emotional support (Steinberg, 2001). Studies have also shown that the role of parent in defining the emotional and academic performance of the teenagers is greater among the minorities in the United States (Moore &038 Chase?Lansdale, 2001).Another issue that was identified in the literary productions review article as an influential factor for academic permanence among teenagers was the social support. Specifically, social support was closely linked to school retention levels for adolescents (Brody et al., 2001). Specifically four social factors are get by to influence the academic performance of A frican American teenagers, namely neighbourhood, peers, parents, and the school (Williams et al., 2002).This clearly indicates that there is a link between the research issues and the academic performance of African American teenagers. This study testament try to endure an in-depth analysis of exist information on the research issue in an attempt to establish a gap of knowledge that the study forget attempt to seek. Specifically current literature links family and neighbourhood to performance, but it does not provide the exact family and neighbourhood factors that have resulted to poor academic achievement among African American this testament be the area of come to for this study. To be able to establish a comprehensive investigation into the research issue, it will be important to provide an overview of the general research excogitate that will be adopted5.0 Research Plan 6.0 General methodological analysisTo conduct the research successfully, it is vital to develop and abi de by a working methodological analysis to ensure the outcomes are worthwhile (Creswell, 2003). This research is an analytic in nature as it will involve the analysis of the existing situation of academic performance of African American teenagers relative to their homes as well as neighbourhoods. This will ultimately allow the investigator to guide conclusions based on these analyses pertaining to how much homes and neighbourhoods influence the academic performance of teenage African Americans. The research methodology that will be utilise will blend quantitative and qualitative research methods as summarized belowLiterature ReviewThe literature review will offer an overview of the research issue at hand using entropy collected from articles, journals and books. A literature review will be important in the comprehension of the background of the topic (Creswell, 2003). It will also serve as a base in aiding the methods employed in the research. Specifically, this will involve ex amining articles, books and any other literature that has already been published on the research issueSurveysSince the research issue involves analysing the cosmos opinions, which is vast, survey is an appropriate method for collecting quantitative data (Creswell, 2003). This will be done finished creating questionnaires. The questionnaires will then be used for collecting numerical data from the participants. The questionnaire will also contain a section that will be used for the battle array of demographic data from the participants.InterviewsTo further enhance the effectiveness of the analysis, interviews of a selected few people will be conducted in devote to provide qualitative data for analysis. Interviews, contrary surveys require a lot of time but provide more in depth data founded on opinions and hence assist in uncovering specific information relevant to the research issue (Creswell, 2003). getup structured interviews will be conducted to collective subjective views of the study participants on the research issue.A combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods will be necessary to provide enough data ask for the analysis to ensure the study arrives at a well advised conclusion. Consequently, combining all the data uncovered through the above methods, a data analysis will follow. This will be implemented through vigilant assessment of qualitative and quantitative data in order to reach an acceptable conclusion. Specifically, the findings from the qualitative part of the study will be used to enrich the quantitative findings (Creswell, 2003)6.1 Research QuestionsThe above research methodology will be used in providing responses to the following research questionsWhat are the links between family settings and academic achievement of the African American teenagers How does school and home neighbourhoods influences academic achievement among African American adolescents What is the way forward regarding family and neighbour hood in managing the poor academic performance among African American teenagers 7.0 Research Study Stages and Time Lines ReferencesBrody, G. H., Conger, R., Gibbons, F. X., Ge, X., McBride Murry, V., Gerrard, M., &038 Simons, R. L. (2001). The influence of neighbourhood disadvantage, collective socialization, and parenting on African American childrens affiliation with deviant peers. Child development, 72(4), 1231-1246.Creswell, J. (2003). Research design Qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches (2nd ed). Thousand Oaks, CA sharp PublicationsGutman, L. M., Sameroff, A. J., &038 Eccles, J. S. (2002). The academic achievement of African American students during early adolescence An examination of quadruple risk, promotive, and protective factors. American journal of community psychology, 30(3), 367-399.Ingoldsby, E. M., &038 Shaw, D. S. (2002). Neighborhood contextual factors and early-starting unsociable pathways. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 5(1), 21-5 5.Leventhal, T., &038 Brooks-Gunn, J. (2000). The neighbourhoods they live in the effects of neighbourhood residence on child and adolescent outcomes. Psychological bulletin, 126(2), 309.Moore, M. R., &038 Chase?Lansdale, P. L. (2001). cozy intercourse and pregnancy among African American girls in high?poverty neighbourhoods The role of family and perceived community environment. Journal of Marriage and Family, 63(4), 1146-1157.Rankin, B. H., &038 Quane, J. M. (2002). Social contexts and urban adolescent outcomes The interrelated effects of neighbourhoods, families, and peers on African-American youth. Social Problems, 49(1), 79-100.Steinberg, L. (2001). We know some things Parentadolescent relationships in retrospect and prospect. Journal of research on adolescence, 11(1), 1-19.Williams, T. R., Davis, L. E., Saunders, J., &038 Williams, J. H. (2002). Friends, family, and neighbourhood understanding academic outcomes of African American youth. urban Education, 37(3), 408-431.

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An Introduction to Adolescent Depression and Suicide

Teenage angst is often referred to normal during that an unfortunate physique called adolescence by which m any pargonnts hope their children will emerge unscathed, and turn out through it with a philosophical attitude.Many incidents of unreasoning anger, social withdrawal, apathy and refusal to communicate are interpreted as signs of this phase and no more. However, these behaviors take hold also been identify as signs of insipid picture, and those who are at-risk whitethorn very well be diagnosed with this mark. Parents would be well advised to eye such incidents with some attention, especially if it occurs over a prolonged period of epoch.True callow depression is do more difficult to diagnose this is the rebellious phase of teenagers, a time when they are most difficult to communicate with.This period of development is attach with transient period of depression-like signs such as sadness and loss of self-worth due(p) to the normal process of maturation and its con re al stresses, such as familiar development and conflicts with authority figures such as parents.Other stressful events, such as a romantic break-up or death in a family may be difficult for some teenagers, especially those with low self-esteem to fence with. When the behavior is persistent, this could already a depressive disorder ( childish depression, 2005).Adolescent depression is design to affect up to 5% of children between the ages of 9 and 17, although as overmuch as 15% exhibit some symptoms of depression at any given time. The condition affects the functionality of the adolescent that becomes apparent in poor cognitive process in school, deteriorating social interactions, and hostile family relationships and may eventually lead to suicide.Many of those affected are seldom diagnosed and treated properly, and some experience depression in front the age of seven. Major adolescent depressive disorder, the most severe degree of the condition is diagnosed convertible to th e criteria for major depressive disorder in big(p)s (Bhatia and Bhatia, 2007).There are many conditions for which adolescent depression can become a long-term caper, including depression in adult life and suicide. Some adolescents begin their depressive periods in early childhood, which becomes worse as the stress of life becomes more intense.It would be of paramount importance, therefore, to be able to distinguish between a teenager acting turn out and true adolescent depression. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of adolescent depression, its symptoms and diagnosis, preaching and the risk of suicide associated with it.MethodologyScholarly articles detailing the known symptoms, risk factors, statistics and sermon protocols for adolescent depression and associated suicide were included in this paper to make pure the information about the condition.These include articles from the American Family Physician, a peer reviewed daybook of the American Academy of Fa mily Physicians because adolescent depression is mostly a problem that beset families and are best solved at this societal level.Articles from the overbold England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Psychiatry and the University of Pennsylvania Health trunk were also included to support the findings, as well as current event articles on depression screening in schools and the interaction of intimate activity and depression.Studies on the suicide rates associated with adolescent depression were taken from the British Medical Journal and American Journal of Psychiatry.A public health survey conducted by the Washington County part of Public Health and environs on teenagers was also included to provide a subjective billet of adolescent depression and concepts of suicide.There is also the issue regarding the efficacy of current treatment methods for adolescent depression, elucidated with reports from Stanford University, The British Journal of Psychiatry and a reprinted artic le in Pediatric Nursing.Results survey of teenagers on adolescent depression and suicideIn 2000, the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment conducted two surveys designed by the youthfulness Risk Behavior (YRB) Endowment Advisory Committee to identify undo the main points to cover for managing depression, suicide and overall mental health of teenagers in Washington County.Of the 17,726 teens in the area, 1,875 adolescents in grades 7-12 responded to two surveys, namely survey 1 Depression & Suicide How Can We Make A divergence and survey 2 Communities For Teen Health.In the first survey, 87% of the respondents suppose that depression and suicidal thoughts are a big problem among teens today.When asked what genial of information they believed would benefit at-risk teens, 85% believed parents should be able to recognize signs of depression in their children and to take it as a serious matter go 81% maintained teens should be able to talk to friends abou t how they are feeling.Many (74% and 73% respectively) believed it was important for teens to be able to recognize if they are blue and if others are depressed and to know where to go if they suspect they or others suffer from depression. Ninety-three percent of respondents believed guest speakers, motivational or other teens that have gone through depression and suicidal thoughts would be the best opening of this information followed by television at 60% and caring adult at 54%.Having open communication, acquiring better understanding and cut back the amount of stress were the top answers for what adults and other teens can do to deflect mental health of the youth.For the second survey, which investigated the involvement of the community in this condition, 31% of the respondents believed education was the venue most utilized for addressing the problem. Someone to talk to and friends bind at 26% for the best way depressed teens can be helped while 80% believed better awareness for parents and teachers was crucial.Twenty-one percent of the respondents believed more property should be spent on more education while 19% thought money would be well spent on media (Adolescent depression & suicide opinion survey, 2001).Symptoms and signsMajor depressive episodes for adults and adolescents are similar in criteria. Over a two-week period, comparative tabulation of the major symptoms is provided (Bhatia and Bhatia, 2007).

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HP Case Study †Strategy Essay

Hewlett-Packards personal computer (PC) element operates in a hyper-militant, grittyly-commoditized fabrication subject to dynamic shifts. The PC perseverance is driven by technological advancements requiring continuing commitment to research and development to capture the dynamic PC securities sedulousness. For most of the past five dollar bill years, Hewlett-Packard direct the PC sedulousness in terms of grocery store shargon. However, Hewlett-Packards commercialize cargon is shortly declining and recent fabrication reports indicate that a Chinese hapless woo PC manuf compriseurer, Lenovo, is right off the foodstuff sh are loss attraction.Over four firsthand sections, we per mental strained an abridgment of Hewlett-Packards strategy in the PC industry. First, we per create an external industry examination to obtain information on the current conditions of the securities industry, including industry trends, vendee and supplier food marketplace power, and appear market c at one timerns, such(prenominal) as the menace of PC substitutes. Second, we conducted an ingrained abstract to determine Hewlett-Packards authorize resources, as put togethers and liabilities, and potential difference capabilities from its value chain. Third, we documented Hewlett-Packards current strategic position inwardly the PC industry.Fourth, we examined and scrutinize Hewlett-Packards current industry strategy of act to its warmheartedness competencies small-arm consolidating aspects of its PC manufacturing and sales. From the information in these sections, we conclude that if Hewlett-Packard is to gravel (or regain) its place as the market leader in the PC industry, it must(prenominal)(prenominal) leverage its home run recognition, economies of scale vantages, and product consolidation features to capture market value while producing technologic eithery competitive products. IntroductionThis analysis is centralizesed on the personal comput er (PC) element of Hewlett-Packard (HP). For clarification, HPs PCs discussion section includes desktop, laptop, and notebook / netbook computers. Hardware devices f exclusivelying outside of the PC category are vigorous personal computing devices, such as tablets and cellular ph superstars. HPs PC sales for fiscal year 2012 were $41. 5 billion, which represents 26. 5% of HPs $120 billion fit revenue from all products and services. HPs PC sales captured a 16% share of the total PC market (Trefis, 2012).From an analytical standpoint, HP has do umpteen evidentiary moves everywhere the past three to four years, including numerous changes in comp all leadership and different shifts in business strategy. As a result, the ultimate effectiveness and triumph of HPs strategies discussed has yet to be seen. Therefore, some of the conclusions we draw regarding HPs forward strategy exit be measured by whether HPs strategic decisions coordinate with its competitive advantages and obl igations to stakeh sexagenarianers. External AnalysisThe global PC industry is led by a small number of great(p) scale manufacturers who are homogenizing products and looking to capitalize on petty(a) price push resources. fabrication demand is driven by technological developments, disposable consumer using up, and corporate spending cycles (First Research, 2012). Although global demand for PCs has increased, receipts margins are decreasing, creating an industry focuse on price challenger and olive-sized differentiation ( merchandiseLine, 2012). In addition, PC substitutes are a major(ip) scourge to the PC industry (Indigo, 2012).The traditional PC industry, with its focus on desktops and laptops, is in the mature or declining stage of its smell cycle. Our external analysis examines the crucial factors influencing the current PC environment, including potential market threats and opportunities during the next five years, and how HP is performing relative to its industry competitors. butt against One illustrates the forces currently affecting the PC industry. Threat of New Entrants Overall, the threat of new-sprung(prenominal) entrants is low because any new entrants face numerous competitive obstacles in order to obtain industry relevance.The PC industry has signifi plundert fixed entry cost and the challenges to compete with the economies of scale of major companies would be exceedingly difficult for potential entrants to oercome. put up recognition takes anformer(a) distinct entry barrier because PC consumers bear high betray awareness ( market placeLine, 2012). With that mentioned, Microsoft and Intel are knock-down(a) industry suppliers so the threat for forward integration is reasonable. In addition, the oversaturation of staple fibre PC member suppliers in Southeast Asia poses an additional concern for potential entrants to the industry.New starchys could originate in Southeast Asia by leveraging the low cost labor force and avoid ing expensive write out chain expenditures. Buyer Power Differentiation The industry trend is to move manufacturing foreign in order to capture low cost labor efficiencies. There also has been a trend to homogenize products across the industry (Krabeepetcharat, 2012). In order to drive manufacturing cost down, most basic components used in the PC industry are standardized and lack significant differentiation (MarketLine, 2012).The exception differentiators are memory size, processor speed, and product form features (Bradley, 2012). Overall the industry has moved toward commoditization, which strengthens buyer power. Network Effect / Brand Recognition Regardless(prenominal) of go awayicular PC strike out, consumer notice awareness is high in this focal industry. apple has carved out a laughable and loyal customer following largely because its users get higher transformation cost than new(prenominal) PC users due to Apples circumstantial computer operating system. If Apple consumers wereto change to a non-Apple computer, they would be take to learn a new operating system. Apart from Apple computers, the absolute majority of the other PCs run on Microsoft Windows-based operating systems. Consumers of PCs operating on Windows have lower work shift costs overall, allowing to a greater extent independence in switching smirchs. Despite this, brand awareness is still high among consumers of Windows-based PCs, thus modify to an overall moderate buyer power rating. Supplier Power Microsoft and Intel are two powerful suppliers to the PC industry. Intel is the leading manufacturer of the processors inside all PCs.Intels brand touch on carries significant brand recognition to end-level consumers providing Intel with a powerful industry position. Similarly, Microsofts widely-used Windows operating system provides Microsoft a powerful industry position as well. As mentioned earlier, the manufacture of most basic component PC parts is being outsourced to Sou theast Asia to capitalize on low cost labor. Since Southeast Asia is replete with component suppliers competing with one another, major PC manufacturers face low switching costs when deciding on basic component suppliers.Therefore, supplier power in the PC industry is divided between powerful suppliers, such as Microsoft and Intel, and basic component suppliers with relatively little power. However, any examination of supplier power must acknowledge a growing socio-cultural concern regarding working conditions in affordable labor regions that may factor into business decisions. Substitutes The PC industry has been importantly impacted by the threat of substitutes in recent years. E meeting mobile technologies, such as smart phones and tablets, now account for 61% of total PC market volume (MarketLine, 2012). objet dart smart phones and tablets are toughened substitutes for consumer PC purchasers, up to this point mobile devices have not had the comparable impact on business-end u sers, who ecumenically chose the robust functionality of traditional PCs over less powerful smart phones and tablets. It is important for PC manufacturers to leverage these capabilities to diminish the functionality wisecrack between PCs and PC substitutes. Degree of Rivalry Market Value foretell Future PC sales are projected to generate slimmer make margins than the current 3. 8% industry fairish (Krabeepetcharat, 2012).As major manufacturers leverage manufacturing efficiencies abroad, product costs are lowering, creating a degree of rivalry and a focus on end-level costs. Manufacturers are essentially looking to cut costs and offer cheaper products to gain market share (First Research, 2012). Since products within the industry lack differentiation, price competition becomes the default battleground, resulting in ever-shrinking acquire margins (Porter, 2007). This is very seeming(a) in the PC industry market forecast ( break two), which projects a 10% flow between 2011 and 2016 (MarketLine, 2012).Apples position in this analysis is noteworthy. Apple is the only pure computer hardware/software integrator, which has allowed Apple to create an incredibly besotted position that is unique to the PC industry. Apples five-year rolling realise margin average is approximately 23%, significantly higher than the PC industry (exhibit two) at large (YCharts, 2012). Large get over Manufacturers Computer manufacturing is labor intensive. Major industry participants have moved manufacturing abroad to take advantage of low cost labor and geographic proximity to electronic component manufacturers (ECMs) in Southeast Asia.This close proximity to ECMs contributes to low switching costs for PC manufacturers (Krabeepetcharat, 2012). Shifting production of PC manufacturing to low cost labor regions and having access to numerous component suppliers creates economies of scale advantages for these large PC manufacturers. HPs Performance Relative to PC Manufacturing Compe titors Since 2007, Hewlett-Packard held the market share leader position (MarketLine, 2012). However, in the fourth quarter 2012, Lenovo, Chinese PC manufacturing firm (formerly IBMs PC division), overtook the market share leader position (Gaudin, 2012).HPs brand still carries prize brand integrity in the PC industry. The integration of multiple HP products, such as laptops seamlessly linking to HP printers, help differentiate an HP consumers experience. Additionally, HPs ancillary products and services are still a strong differentiator (Bradley, 2012), and HP was able to capture a 5. 6% profit margin in 2011 (Hughes, 2011), a margin higher than the industry average of 3. 8% (MarketLine, 2012). Exhibit two captures HPs competitive advantage over top rivals in regards to profit margins.In the coupled States, HP remains the largest domestic PC manufacturer (MarketLine, 2012). With the high degree of rivalry in the industry, the maturing/declining PC industry is shifting manufacturin g to low cost regions abroad. Since the join States is the second-largest PC consuming country in the mankind, HP must uphold to delicately balance its outsourcing activities (Krabeepetcharat, 2012). Once considered a technological leader in the PC industry, HP now struggles with competition from PC substitutes such as tablets and phones.Looking forward, it is critical that HP retains market share and re-establishes profitable exploitation in the PC industry by being first-to-market with new technologies or higher performing capabilities (First Research, 2012). Internal Analysis As a whole, the PC industry is currently in the mature or declining stage of its disembodied spirit cycle. During the six-year period spanning 2005 to 2011, HPs unfavorable strategic decisions caused a refocus and restructuring of its PC division. Listed below are HPs top resources from its VRIST and top capabilities from its value chain.Comparing these resources and capabilities against HPs past and cu rrent weaknesses allows an analysis of whether HP is propitiously positioned to regain its former status as the worlds leading PC manufacturer. HPs PC Resources and Capabilities R&type AD / Intellectual Property Trusted Brand / get Margin Interoperability Market Share HPs PC Weaknesses Acquisitions Substitutions Market Share Trends PC Revenue Trend Value Chain In the Technology section of HPs Value Chain, HP is returning(a) to one of its long standing core competencies by increasing investments in its Research & adenosine monophosphate Development department (R& antiophthalmic factorD).According to exhibit three, prior to 2004, HPs R&D figure was more than $3. 7 billion. exclusively after Mark Hurd became CEO in 2005, the R&D compute was reduced to as little as $2. 8 billion in 2009 (Y- charts, 2012). As shown in the slowness metrics for new products over the past two years, this significant decrease in R&D correlates presently to the middling success of HPs recent pr oduct launches. HPs initial launch into the smart phone and tablet market offers tangible designate of mediocre product development as twain the Palm webOS and touchpad were afterward stop.In 2010, HP started to increase its R&D budget again and the reporting for calendar year 2012 shows the R&D budget is over $3. 4 billion through November. This increased support and refocus into technology development is a promising index finger, but any resulting intellectual property will take time to build pole up. VRIST Analysis HP continues to be a trusted PC brand name (FTSE, 2012). Next to its intellectual property, HPs brand name is its most valuable extraordinary resource. HP manages to earn higher profit margins than the rest of the leading hardware PC manufacturers based in part on this brand awareness(MarketLine, 2012). HPs trusted brand image is a competitive advantage that it must sustain. Through brand recognition and interoperability with other products across its plat form, HP is able to charge consumers a slightly higher premium over other leading PC manufacturers. Interoperability HP expects the interoperability of its Ultrabooks, ElitePad, and smart phones with other HP products and solutions, such as ePrint overcast Services, to be its distinguishing competitive advantage (video link).HPs next genesis Ultrabooks boast stylish form features, low power consumption, world-class credentials features, and preserve mainstream price points. HP and its partners anticipate that these features will differentiate its PCs from its competitors (Bradley, 2012) and could one day be an extraordinary resource much like it is for the Apple brand. Since the PC market is facing continued encroachment from tablets and other PC substitutes, HP is marketing its enterprise tablet (ElitePad 900) in early 2013.Additionally, HPs managers feel its enterprise tablet has the opportunity to differentiate with other products HP offers by providing interplay between the p hysical and digital worlds (Bradley, 2012). Overall, the size, scale, and connection that HP products have will enable customers to create, store, consume, and share information safer than before (Bradley, 2012). Market Share Since 2007, HP was the leading global PC manufacturer (MarketLine, 2007). exactly in the fourth quarter of 2012, Lenovo, a Chinese PC manufacturing firm overtook HP and now leads all manufacturers in global PC sales (Gaudin, 2012).Furthermore, chinaware is now the largest global PC consumer market (Dauod, 12). HP faces square(p) difficulty regaining its prior spot as market leader because Lenovos is a Chinese company with greater access to the chinawares PC market the largest and quickest growing PC market in the world. HP currently manufactures 16% of all PCs shipped worldwide, however that market share has declined since 2010 (MarketLine, 2012). Once a technological leader, HP is now an industry laggard and must develop new marketable technology to view as its market share position in this hyper-competitive market.Acquisitions HP recently made some costly eruditions with the goal of reaching product segments with higher profit margins (Krabeepetcharat 2012). Autonomy, a British software firm which specializes in unstructured information or human information, was purchased for nearly $11 billion dollars. HP is now accusing Autonomy of overvaluing its financial records and has taken an $8. 8 billion expense against its balance sheet for this acquisition (Rushe, 2012). HP also purchased Palm in 2010 for $1. 2 billion with the hope of capitalizing on the emerging tablet market.But consumer sales of HPs new tablet, the TouchPad, failed to support the product line, and the TouchPad was discontinued less than a year after product launch (Panzarino, 2012). beyond these noted questionable acquisitions, HP made numerous other eyebrow-raising acquisitions to a lower place past CEOs that were not in line with HPs core competencies. Interna l Analysis Conclusion In August 2011, HPs last CEO announced that HP planned to divest of its PC division (Krabeepetcharat, 2012). However, HPs current CEO, Meg Whitman, has stated a renewed commitment to the PC segment.Part of HPs internal strategy is to rebuild the balance sheet through the newly formed Printer and Personal Services (PPS) division in order to maintain acquisition-related charges (Thacker, 2012). This is part of the CEOs five-year plan to rebuild HP (Whitman, 2012). While multi-billion dollar write-offs are staggering hurdles for any company to survive, if HP can return to its core competencies and re-brand itself as the company of entry (as it was once known), then HP can remain a dominant participant in the PC industry. Current HP Strategic PositionOur strategy diamond analysis, shown in Exhibit five, determines that HP plans on implementing the following five strategies in the PC industry (1) Focus on R&D (vehicles) (2) Pursue emerging markets (staging) (3) Reduce SKUs offered (arenas) (4) Integrated products & services (differentiators) (5) Economies of scale & Consolidation (Economic Logic) Vehicles HPs elementary strategy vehicle is a commitment to R&D in order to re-establish HP as a technologically cerebrate hardware company (Times, 2012). Exhibit 2 illustrates HPs ever-changing strategy regarding R&D investment.Starting in 2005, HPs investments in R&D steadily decreased. later on reaching its lowest figure in 2010, the R&D budget was increased. In 2011, HP invested $3. 25 billion on R&D, a significant improvement from 2009, when HP invested just $2. 77 billion in R&D (Yarrow, 2012). Interestingly, the bottom chart on Exhibit 2 shows that Apple spent less on R&D than HP but delivered technologically superior products. This exemplifies how R&D spending does not always agree cleanly with results. R&D is critical to generating a assembly line of intellectual property.Intellectual property is cri tical to HPs offshoot because it is one of HPs extraordinary resources. Strong R&D investments are often a good leading indicator of well-received future products. On the other hand, the lag metrics arising from HPs previous R&D slashing indicate numerous problems. Of most concern is the failed WebOS that affected both HPs initial smart phone and tablet touch pad releases (Davis, 2011). After the woeful reception of HPs WebOS, it became open-source software available to the general public to freely use and modify.HP is currently working on developing its own WebOS but is opening the system to the free market to encourage outside development of mobile applications. Staging Pursuing emerging markets such as China will enable HP to get under ones skin and distribute PCs more cost effectively. In fact, China is the future hub of both HPs manufacturing and distribution plan (Bradley, China, 2012). HPs executive team is aware of Chinas increasingly vital percentage in consumer PC sales. China currently accounts for 20% of the market and is evaluate to double the United States PC consumption by 2016 (Bradley, Shanghi summit, 2012).HP is playacting early by building PC manufacturing facilities in China, both to act as a distribution hub for other Asian suppliers and to distribute PCs directly to the Chinese market. Since HP began this strategy two years ago, HP seems to have been correctly following leading indicators and should see a beneficial pay-off over the coming years as Chinas market surpasses the United States PC market. Arenas HP intends to reduce the number of its PC and printer stock-keeping units (SKUs) by 25% and 30% respectively by 2015 (Bradley, Newsroom, 2012).The maintenance cost of service over 2,100 types of laser printers is neither sustainable nor conducive to continued harvesting and profitability. Instead of divesting the PC division, as considered in 2011, HP now intends to re-invent its living product line by focusing on quali ty innovation over quantity of product offerings. Geographically, HP will also be building a Chinese-based manufacturing facility which will help them operate more cost effectively in that emerging market. DifferentiatorsHP expects to differentiate itself from other PC manufacturers by consolidation products with services solutions, a process HP has already begun. In March 2012, HP combined its Personal Systems separate (PSG) with its Imaging and printing Group (IPG) to form a new segment named Printing & Personal Systems (PPS) (Bradley, 2012). According to a HP director, merging the two groups into PPS was a key strategy to provide consumers and business customers with best products and solutions that are seamlessly integrated with each other. For example, upon purchasing a HP laptop, a consumer can expect his or her new laptop to wirelessly find and automatically connect with any of the consumers HP printers or other products. In addition, by integrating internal supply ch ain processes between the old PSG and IPG, and having a single HP sales person selling both PCs and printers, HP can keep the prices of its products and services competitive. It is business strategies such as these that show HP is still forward-thinking and seeking innovative or cost effective technologies. Refer to Exhibit 3 to view one of HPs marketing videos (HP marketing, 2012).Another example of how the newly-formed PPS group integrates products can be seen in their Exstream product, which has been put to use by Humana and saved millions Humana millions by integrating static and dynamic content for easier communication with clients (HP marketing, Humana, 2012). Economic Logic Economies of scurf As HP seeks to differentiate its PPS group to drive product innovation, thither will be significant cost-saving effects due to increased economies of scale. Essentially, HP will save money by manufacturing more products directly in emerging markets like China.With Chinas consumer PC mar ket anticipate to double that of the United States, HP is ideally situated to take opportune benefit of Chinas emerging market through manufacturing plants and distribution channels located within China. Consolidation By consolidating its PC and Printing groups, HP strengthened its position in many ways, including lowering costs in the supply chain. In addition to consolidating its supply chain functions, HP is also streamlining its sales teams and reducing its functional support organizations (Bradley, 2012).HPs current PC strategy of consolidation is a direct byproduct of both a planned decrease in SKUs and the PC manufacturing and consumer sales reaching the ending stage of their lifecycles. If HP can successfully set new standards for PC and printing synergies through consolidation, then HP can create a viable path to maintaining its history of premium set via product features. HP Strategic Implementation Based on our analysis, the facets of HPs strategy diamond are internall y consistent. HPs analyzed strategies are both interconnected and overlapping.For example, being focused on China provides HP with a strong arena given Chinas anticipated ripening in the consumer PC market. But a presence in China also validates HPs economic logic by producing lowered costs. Overall, HPs PC strategy is sound because HP is returning to its core competencies, such as hardware innovation. On a larger scale, HPs renewed focus on R&D coupled with the creation of the PSG division supports HPs current desire to grow organically instead than through mergers and acquisitions.One weakness that continues to hamper HP is operating with over $20 billion in debt derived almost entirely from acquisition costs related to fruitless assets. Looking back, HP could have benefited from smarter business plans, including a balanced scorecard, prior to some of these acquisitions. With such information, HP would have had a more realistic chance to make each acquisition profitable, or perhaps it would have had enough qualitative metrics to realize that the acquisition may not integrate with its core processes.Since change in the PC industry is highly iterative, HP must continually adjust the slaying of its forward strategy. Fortunately, HP appears to be taking the necessary steps to take its past failures and to capitalize on future opportunities. Since HP still has industry-wide brand name recognition, its return to market dominance is entirely feasible. But as technology progresses and markets shift, HPs ability to maintain sustainable growth will depend largely on whether HPs new PC business strategy can capture value while simultaneously producing competitive, cutting edge products.

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Spirit Bound Chapter Twenty-one

THERE WAS LITTLE MORE MIKHAIL and I could say to each other after(prenominal) that. I didnt loss him to regain in trouble for what hed d angiotensin-converting enzyme, and I let him lend us f any step foregoing of the guardians building in silence. As we emerged step to the foreside, I could see the sky purpling in the east. The sun was nearly up, signaling the middle of our night. Briefly flipping into Lissas mind, I require that the Death Watch had finally ended, and she was on her direction grit to her populateworried close to me and nevertheless an nary(prenominal)ed that Christian had sh devote up with Mia.I followed Lissas example, wondering if sleep mogul ease the agony that Dimitri had left in my heart. Probably not. Still, I thanked Mikhail for his economic aid and the risk hed taken. He merely motionded, the alikes of t here was zero point to thank him for. It was exactly what he would get precious me to do for him if our roles had been r eersed and Ms. Karp had been the atomic number 53 behind bars.I feel into a heavy sleep back in my bed, precisely my dreams were troubled. Over and everyplace, I kept hearing Dimitri prescribe me he couldnt love me anymore. It beat into me over and over, smashing my heart into little pieces. At peerless point, it became more than a dreamlike beating. I heard authoritative beating. Someone was pounding on my door, and slowly, I dragged myself out of my awful dreams.Bleary-eyed, I went to the door and found Adrian. The painting was almost a mirror of destination night when hed come to entreat me to the Death Watch. Only this clock, his expression was much grimmer. For a second, I cerebration hed heard almost my visit to Dimitri. Or that possibly hed gotten in a percentage more trouble than wed realized for sneaking half of his friends into a secret funeral.Adrian this is early for you. I glanced over at a clock, discovering that Id in reality slept in slightly late.not early at all , he confirmed, face still serious. Lots of stuff going on. I had to come tell you the news originally you heard it somewhatwhere else.What news?The Councils verdict. They finally passed that too large resolution theyve been debating. The one you came in for.Wait. Theyre through with(p)? I recalled what Mikhail had express, that a secret homecoming had been keeping the Council busy. If it was finished, thusly they could move on to something elsesay, like, officially declaring Dimitri a dhampir again. Thats great news. And if this unfeignedly was tied into when Tatiana had had me come describe my s run throughs well, was thither really a chance I might be named Lissas guardian? Could the queen regnant own really come through and through? Shed seemed friendly enough expire night.Adrian regarded me with something Id never seen from him pity. You cave in no idea, do you?No idea some what?Rose He gently balance wheeled a hand on my shoulder. The Council just passed a decre e lowering the guardian age to sixteen. Dhampirsll refine when theyre sophomores and wherefore go out for assignments.What? Surely Id misheard.You k at one time how panicked theyve been about justification and not having enough guardians, right? He sighed. This was their solution to change magnitude your numbers.But theyre too young I cried. How sack up anyone think sixteen-year- overageds atomic number 18 ready to go out and fight?Well, say Adrian, beca hold you testified that they were.My mouth dropped, everything halt around me. You testified that they were No. It couldnt be possible.Adrian gently nudged my arm, trying to shake me out of my stupor. Come on, theyre still wrapping up. They do the announcement in an hold school term, and some plenty argon a little upset.Yeah, Ill say. He didnt depend at to tell me twice. I immediately dieed to follow, then realized I was in my pajamas. I quickly changed and brushed my hair, still scarcely able to confide what hed jus t said. My preparation just now took five minutes, and then we were out the door. Adrian wasnt too athletic, only when he kept a pretty good stride as we byeed toward the Councils hall.How did this happen? I asked. You dont really mean that that what I said played a role? Id meant my words to be a demand, scarce they came out with more of a pleading note.He lit a cigarette without breaking stride, and I didnt bother chastising him for it. Its apparently been a live(a) topic for a while. It was a pretty close vote. The people displace for it knew theyd need to show a lot of evidence to win. You were their grand dough a teen dhampir slaying Strigoi left and right, long before graduation.Not that long, I muttered, my fury kindling. Sixteen? Were they serious? It was ludicrous. The fact that I had been inadvertently used to support this decree made me sick to my stomach. Id been a fool, sentiment theyd all ignored my form breaking and had simply paraded me in to congratulat ions me. Theyd used me. Tatiana had used me.When we reached it, the Council hall was in as much topsy-turvydom as Adrian had implied. True, I hadnt spent a lot of time in these kinds of meetings, but I was pretty sure that people standing up in clusters and yelling at each other wasnt normal. The Councils precursor likely didnt usually scream himself hoarse trying to bring order to the convention either.The only spot of calm was Tatiana herself, sitting patiently in her bathroom at the center of the control panel, just as Council etiquette dictated. She looked very pleased with herself. The eternal rest of her colleagues had lost all sense of propriety and were on their feet like the audience, statement amongst themselves or anyone else ready to pick a fight. I stared in amazement, timid what to do in all this disorder.Who voted for what? I asked.Adrian studied the Council members and ticked them off on his fingers. Szelsky, Ozera, Badica, Dashkov, Conta, and Drozdov. They were against it.Ozera? I asked in surprise. I didnt know the Ozera princessEvettevery well, but shed constantly seemed pretty stiff and unpleasant. I had new respect for her now.Adrian nodded over to where Tasha was tempestuously addressing a large company of people, eyes flashing and arms gesticulate wildly. Evette was persuaded by some of her family members.That made me smile too, but only for a endorsement. It was good that Tasha and Christian were macrocosm acknowledged amongst their clan again, but the rest of our problem was still alive and kicking. I could deduce the rest of the names.So Prince Ivashkov voted for it, I said. Adrian shrugged by way of apology for his family. Lazar, Zeklos, Tarus, and Voda. That the Voda family would vote for extra protection wasnt replete(p)ly a surprise, considering the recent slaughter of one of their members. Priscilla wasnt rase in her grave yet, and the new Voda prince, Alexander, seemed intelligibly unsure what to do with his s udden promotion.I gave Adrian a sharp look. Thats only five to six. Oh. Realization dawned. Shit. Royal tiebreaker.The Moroi suff love frame had been set up with twelve members, one for each family, and then whoever the reigning king or queen was. True, it often meant one base got two votes, since the monarch rarely voted against his or her avow family. It had been known to happen. Regardless, the system should have had thirteen votes, pr in timeting ties. Except a recent problem had developed. thither were no Dragomirs on the Council anymore, meaning ties could occur. In that rare event, Moroi law dictated that the monarchs vote carried extra weight. Id heard that had always been controversial, and yet at the corresponding time, there wasnt much to be done for it. Ties in the Council would mean vigor ever got settled, and since monarchs were elected, many a(prenominal) took it on faith that they would act in the scoop out interests of the Moroi.Tatianas was the sixth, I said . And hers swayed it. Glancing around, I saw a bit of anger on the faces of those from the families who had voted against the decree. Apparently, not everyone believed Tatiana had acted in the best interest of the Moroi.Lissas presence sang to me through the bond, so her arrival a a couple of(prenominal) moments later was no surprise. word of honor had spread fast, though she didnt yet know the fine details. Adrian and I waved her over. She was as dumbfounded as we were.How could they do that? she asked.Because theyre too afraid that someone might recognize them learn to defend themselves. Tashas group was cometing too loud.Lissa agitate her head. No, not just that. I mean, why were they even in posing? We should be in mourning after what happened the other daypublicly. The exclusively Court, not just some secret part of it. whizz of the Council members even died Couldnt they wait for the funeral? In her minds eye, I could see the images from that grisly night, where Priscil la had died right before Lissas eyes.But was easily replaceable, a new utter said. Christian had get together us. Lissa took a a few(prenominal) steps away from him, still annoyed about Mia. And actually, its the perfect time. The people who wanted this had to jump at their chance. Every time theres a big Strigoi fight, everyone panics. Fearll make a lot of people get on board with this. And if any Council members were undecided before this, that battle probably pushed them over.That was pretty wise reasoning for Christian, and Lissa was impressed, despite her troubled feelings for him right now. The Councils herald finally managed to make his voice heard over the shouts of the audience. I wondered if the group would have quieted down if Tatiana herself had started yelling at them to shut up. But no. That was probably beneath her dignity. She was still sitting there calmly, like nothing unusual was going on.Nonetheless, it took several moments for everyone to settle down and take their seats. My friends and I hurriedly grabbed the first ones we could find. With peace and quiet achieved at last, the weary-looking herald yielded the grace to the queen.Smiling grandly at the assembly, she addressed them in her most triumphant voice. Wed like to thank everyone for coming now and expressing your opinions. I know some are still unsure about this decision, but Moroi law has been followed herelaws that have been in place for centuries. We bequeath have another session soon to listen to what you have to say in an orderly fashion. Something told me that was an leisure gesture. sight could talk all they wanted she wouldnt listen. This decisionthis verdict provide benefit the Moroi. Our guardians are already so excellent. She gave a condescending nod toward the ceremonial guardians standing on the rooms walls. They wore typically neutral faces, but I was guessing that, like me, they probably wanted to punch half the Council. They are so excellent, in fact, that they train their students to be ready to defend us at an early age. We will all be safer from tragedies like that which lately occurred.She lowered her head a moment in what must have been a show of grieving. I recalled last night when shed choked up over Priscilla. Had that been an act? Was her best friends death a convenient way for Tatiana to push forward with her own agenda. Surely surely, she wasnt that cold.The queen lifted her head and continued. And again, were happy to listen to you register your opinions, although by our own laws, this matter is settled. go on sessions will have to wait until an adequate period of mourning has passed for the unfortunate departed.Her tone and body language implied that this was indeed the end of the discussion. Then, an impertinent voice suddenly broke the rooms silence.My voice.Well, Id kind of like to register my opinion now. inner(a) my head, Lissa was shouting Sit down, sit down But I was already on my feet, moving toward the Councils table. I stopped at a respectful distance, one that would let them notice me but not get me tackled by guardians. And oh, they noticed me. The herald flushed bright red at my rule breaking.You are out of line and in violation of all Council protocol Sit down right now before you are removed. He glanced over at the guardians, like he expected them to come charging forward right then. None of them moved. Either they didnt perceive me as a threat, or they were wondering what I was going to do. I was overly wondering this.With a small, delicate hand gesture, Tatiana waved the herald back. I daresay theres been so much severing of protocol today that one more incident wont make a difference. She fixed me with a kind smile, one that was apparently intended to make us look like friends. Besides, Guardian Hathaway is one of our most important assets. Im always interested in what she has to say.Was she really? Time to find out. I addressed my words to the Council.This thing youve just passed is utterly and totally insane. I considered it a great feat on my part that I didnt use any swear words there because I had some adjectives in mind that were much more fitting. Who said I didnt understand Council etiquette? How can any of you sit there and think its okay to perpetrate sixteen-year-olds out to risk their lives?Its only two years difference, said the Tarus prince. Its not like were displace ten-year-olds.Two years is a lot. I thought for a moment about when Id been sixteen. What had happened in those two years? Id run off with Lissa, watched friends die, traveled around the world, fallen in love. You can live a lifetime in two years. And if you want us to keep organism on the front lineswhich most of us willingly do when we graduatethen you owe us those two years.This time, I glanced back at the audience. The reactions were mixed. Some clearly agreed with me, nodding along. Some looked as though nothing in the world would change their minds about the decree being just. Others wouldnt meet my eyes. Had I swayed them? Were they undecided? Embarrassed at their own selfishness? They might be the keys.Believe me, I would love to see your people enjoy their youth. This was Nathan Ivashkov speaking. But right now, thats not an option we have. The Strigoi are law of closure in. Were losing more Moroi and guardians every day. Getting more fighters out there will stop this, and really, were just letting those dhampirs skills go to waste by postponement a couple years. This plan will protect both our races.Itll kill mine off faster I said. Realizing I might start shouting if I lost control, I took a deep suggestion before going on. They wont be ready. They wont have all the training they need.And that was where Tatiana herself made her master play. Yet, by your own admission, you were certainly prepared at a young age. You killed more Strigoi before you were eighteen than some guardians kill their entire lives.I fixed her with a narrow-eyed l ook. I, I said coldly, had an excellent teacher. One that you currently have locked up. If you want to talk about skills going to waste, then go look in your own jail.There was a nice stirring in the audience, and Tatianas were pals face grew a little cold. That is not an issue we are addressing today. Increasing our protection is. I believe you have even commented in the past that the guardian ranks are lacking in numbers. My own words, thrown back at me from last night. They need to be filled. Youand many of your companionshave proven youre able to defend us.We were exceptions It was egotistical, but it was the truth. Not all novices have reached that level.A dangerous glint appeared in her eye, and her voice grew pat smooth again. Well, then, perhaps we need more excellent training. Perhaps we should send you to St. Vladimirs or some other academy so that you can improve your young colleagues education. My understanding is that your upcoming assignment will be a permanent admi nistrative one here at Court. If you wanted to help make this new decree successful, we could change that assignment and make you an instructor instead. It might speed up your return to a bodyguard assignment.I gave her a dangerous smile of my own. Do not, I warned, try to threaten, bribe, or blackmail me. Ever. You wont like the consequences.That might have been going too far. People in the audience exchanged startled looks. Some of their expressions were disgusted, as though they could expect nothing better of me. I recognized a few of those Moroi. They were ones Id overheard talking about my relationship with Adrian and how the queen hated it. I also suspected a number of over-embellisheds from last nights ceremony were here too. Theyd seen Tatiana lead me out and no doubt thought my outburst and disrespect today were a type of revenge.The Moroi werent the only ones who reacted. Regardless of whether they shared my opinions, a few guardians stepped forward. I made sure to stay e xactly where I was, and that, along with Tatianas lack of fear, kept them in place.Were getting weary of this conversation, Tatiana said, switching to the munificent we. You can speak moreand do so in the kosher mannerwhen we have our next meeting and open the floor to comments. For now, whether you like it or not, this resolution has been passed. Its law.Shes letting you off Lissas voice was back in my head. Back away from this before you do something thatll get you in real trouble. Argue later.It was ironic because Id been on the verge of exploding and letting my full rage out. Lissas words stopped mebut not because of their content. It was Lissa herself. When Adrian and I had discussed the results earlier, Id noted one piece of breakouty logic.It wasnt a fair vote, I declared. It wasnt legal.Are you a lawyer now, Miss Hathaway? The queen was amused, and her dropping of my guardian title now was a blatant lack of respect. If youre referring to the monarchs vote carrying more we ight than others on the Council, then we can assure you that that has been Moroi law for centuries in such situations. She glanced at her fellow Council members, none of whom raised a protest. Even those whod voted against her couldnt find fault with her point.Yeah, but the entire Council didnt vote, I said. Youve had an empty spot in the Council for the last few yearsbut not anymore. I turned and pointed at where my friends were sitting. Vasilisa Dragomir is eighteen now and can fill her familys spot. In all of this chaos, her birthday had been overlooked, even by me.The eyes in the room turned on Lissasomething she did not like. However, Lissa was used to being in the public eye. She knew what was expected of a royal, how to look and carry herself. So, rather than cringing, she sat up straight and stared ahead with a cool, regal look that said she could walk up to that table right now and demand her birthright. Whether it was that magnificent attitude alone or maybe a little spi rit charisma, she was almost impossible to look away from. Her beauty had its usual luminous quality, and around the room, a lot of the faces held the same awe for her that Id observed around Court. Dimitris transformation was still an enigma, but those who believed in it were indeed regarding her as some kind of saint. She was becoming large than life in so many peoples eyes, both with her family name and secret powersand now the alleged ability to restore Strigoi.Smug, I looked back at Tatiana. Isnt eighteen the legal voting age? Checkmate, bitch.Yes, she said cheerfully. If the Dragomirs had a quorum.I wouldnt say my stunning victory exactly shattered at that point, but it certainly lost a little of its luster. A what?A quorum. By law, for a Moroi family to have a Council vote, they must have a family. She does not. Shes the only one.I stared in disbelief. What, youre saying she needs to go have a kid to get a vote?Tatiana grimaced. Not now, of course. Someday, Im sure. For a f amily to have a vote, they must have at least two members, one of whom must be over eighteen. Its Moroi lawagain, a law thats been in the books for centuries.A few people were exchanging confused and surprised looks. This was clearly not a law many were familiar with. Of course, this situationa royal line reduced to one personwasnt one that had occurred in recent history, if it had ever occurred at all.Its true, said Ariana Szelsky reluctantly. Ive read it.Okay, that was when my stunning victory shattered. The Szelsky family was one I trusted, and Ariana was the older sister of the guy my mom protected. Ariana was a pretty bookish kind of person, and seeing as shed voted against the guardian age change, it seemed flimsy shed offer this piece of evidence if it werent true.With no more ammunition, I resorted to old standbys.That, I told Tatiana, is the most fucked-up law I have ever heard.That did it. The audience broke into shocked chatter, and Tatiana gave up on whatever dissimula tion of friendliness shed been clinging to. She beat the herald to any orders he might have given.Remove her shouted Tatiana. Even with the rapidly growing noise, her voice rang clearly through the room. We will not tolerate this sort of vulgar appearanceI had guardians on me in a flash. Honestly, with how often Id been dragged away from places lately, there was almost something comfortably familiar about it. I didnt fight the guardians as they led me to the door, but I also didnt let them take me without a few parting words.You could change the quorum law if you wanted, you sanctimonious bitch I yelled back. Youre twisting the law because youre selfish and afraid Youre making the scald mistake of your life. Youll regret it Wait and seeyoull wish youd never done itI dont know if anyone heard my tirade because by then, the hall was back to the chaos it had been in when I entered. The guardiansthree of themdidnt let go of me until we were outside. at a time they released me, we all stood around awkwardly for a moment.What now? I asked. I tried to keep the anger out of my voice. I was still furious and worked up, but it wasnt these guys fault. Are you going to lock me up? Seeing as it would bring me back to Dimitri, it would almost be a reward.They only said to remove you, one of the guardians pointed out. No one said what to do with you after that.Another guardian, old and grizzled but still fierce looking, gave me a wry look. Id take off while you can, before they really have a chance to punish you.Not that they wont find you if they really want to, added the first guardian.With that, the three of them headed back inside, leaving me confused and upset. My body was still revved for a fight, and I was filled with the frustration I always experient whenever I was faced with a situation I felt powerless in. All that yelling for nothing. Id accomplished nothing.Rose?I shifted from my churning emotions and looked up at the building. The older guardian hadnt gone inside and still stood in the doorway. His face was stoic, but I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye. For what its worth, he told me, I thought you were fantastic in there.I didnt feel much like smiling, but my lips betrayed me. Thanks, I said.Well, maybe Id accomplished one thing.

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Job Descriptions Essay

As the second assignment of the Session Long Project bump a sample telephone line description for the postal service you hold with your menses employer. Were there any aras in this think over description that you felt were missing that were pertinent to your crinkle? If you were working in the merciful resource division how would you jockey if the vista applying for the position could do the melodic line? If non before long employed, use your last position. Be sure to incorporate module concepts into your assignment. sterilise your response to 4-5 pages and remember to cite any references that you apply. Job descriptions are a very(prenominal) cardinal aspect of the mesh process. It is a tool used to describe to the employee what is expected out of them during their time at the company. I go forth discuss what an effective job description should contain and what it should non contain. Also, the immenseness of receiving positive feedback from past employers. I depart describe my current position and what was explained to me. If used correctly, the job description has the potential to tell the applying possible employer everything, with s messt(p) questions to be asked.My current employer is within the United States Air Force, I am a Aerospace Medical Technician, when I first enlisted I came in expand general, which means you do not shell to pick your job, they choose it for you. I was not given much detail about this job, besides it was in the health check field. I knew I wanted to be in the aesculapian field within the Air Force due to my past job as a drugstore technician. While I was applying for this job, I went through and through the interview process and felt like it was very generic and did not tell me much of what I was applying for. Since it was a small town, family owned pharmacy, the employment process was not very thorough. It was not the sanctioned behind the prevent pharmacy technician duty, it was based around he lp brisk homes and home medical equipment, not much retail. During my time there, I was able to pick out many an(prenominal) things about each drug, side effects, compounding drugs, home medical equipment and how assisted living homes operated. I was unaware of most opportunities that were given to me while applying.The basic knowledge I was given during the interview process and what was going to be expected out of me was to fuck off a basic understanding of themedications I would be delivering to assisted living homes and to be able to learn the instigant name and generic brand name for the drugs to be filled. When I was chartered as an employee there, most of the knowledge gained was best learned by acquire involved and following someone who would teach you and help speed up your progress. I was able to shadow a few other technicians and now and then the pharmacists. What I felt was missing from this description was they did not go in much detail about room for growth, alth ough I was not kick about the handful of promotions I was given, it was very vague on what I would be to do next. Jumping from a full time pharmacy technician where I was able to fill the prescriptions than to traveling to private homes and assisted living homes to set up home medical equipment could be very foil if you were not prepared for this step.Job descriptions should be feasible, understandable and accurate for the companies substantial needs. They should include information to attract the responsibility scene, describe the main areas of the position, job training and career advancement. Specifically, the description should include the job title, summary of the title, grasp of practice, list of duties and salary range. Effectively developed, employee job descriptions are communication tools that are significant in your organizations success. Poorly written employee job descriptions, on the other hand, add to workplace confusion, hurt communication, and thread battali on feel as if they dont know what is expected from them. (Susan M. Heathfield, 2012). If employers were to conk a little bit more time muddle a more efficient and accurate job description, it would make the Human imaging Departments job a lot easier when it comes to the hiring process. This alone, I believe would limit issues brought to the department.During the hiring process, the tender resource department has an abundance of information to scroll through when making the final decision to hire the right candidate for the job. This is a very tough process to go through when trying to pick the right somebody, you have countless things to compare to. If I were to be within the human resource department and was involved in the hiring process, the first thing I would look at, would be the level of education needed for the applying position. Does the applying candidate havethe right level of education needed? Secondly, if the candidate has any job experience within the applied fiel d. Experience is one of the more important factors, especially within the medical field. I would prefer if my chosen candidate has a steady medical background. Use employee job descriptions to obtain employee self-command and support for the position and to trace the parameters of the skills and abilities you seek for the position. In hiring, well-written employee job descriptions can help you make good hiring decisions. And hiring the right team is critical for your prospective success. (Susan M. Heathfield, 2012)If at all possible, the best way to choose the right candidate would be an internship. It grants the possible employees to work alongside other employees and learn about the job, as well as the corporation. It also allows the employee themselves to make sure the chance is right for them. It gives them the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the job. This will also allow every candidate to be able to stand out, not notwithstanding will the employers be looking at a piece of paper, or what college they went to, it puts a face to the name. I believe that if you have a making love for something and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job, this will make you stand above the rest and get chosen. Even if you are not chosen for the job, you still have more experience under your belted ammunition and gives you the chance to network out and possibly meet the right person for your next work opportunity.In summary, I have much to learn about the human resource department and the hiring process. I am fetching everything I have been able to experience and apply it to my current position. To get the job you want, the best thing to have is the right education for it and to know that if you currently do not have experience in that job, do not give up, there are always alternate routes to make sure you get the knowledge needed. If you aim your sights on something you desire, your passion for it will take you there. Hopefully, this knowl edge will benefit me and make me stand out. beginning PageSusan M. Heathfield, 2012. Why Effective Employee Job Descriptions Make Business Sense. 5 Tips About Employee Job Descriptions. http//

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Ap Nsl Essay

What are the difficulties in using the wall of musical interval principle? 5. List and explain the circumstances when the Supreme Court has command that freedom of speech may be limited. 6. Define the clear-and-present-danger test, libel, preferred position, preceding restraint, imminent danger, and symbolic speech. You may just want to put these direct onto your flashcards 7. Summarize the Supreme Courts changing interpretations of how to protect two the due process rights of accused criminals and to preserve the safety of the community.Define the exclusionary discover and the good faith exception. . Chapter 19 Reading Outline 1. What does the book record is the pertinent question regarding well-mannered rights? 2. What were the strategies that black leaders followed in inn to obtain civil rights? Once basic rights such as voter turnout and desegregation had been obtained, what issues did civil rights leaders focus on? 3. Briefly sketch the steps in the NAACPs strategy i n the fight against separate schools and indicate the success they had in the courts and in implementing desegregation. . What was the issue concerning desegregation vs. integration? How has this issue been resolved? 5. What were the four developments that made it possible to pass civil rights bills? 6. What accounts for the change in attitude in Congress towards civil rights issues from the sixties to the present? How has the Supreme Court changed in its attitudes towards equal rights for women from the early twentieth century to today? 8. What are the two standards the Court uses today to in considering sex discrimination cases? What is the debate between those who support equality of topic and those who support equality of opportunity? 9. What are the criteria that the Supreme Court has equal in defining strict scrutiny of any police involving racial preferences? 10. Briefly summarize the highlights of the governments response to abortion.How did activists for the disabl ed bear off to get The Americans with Disabilities Act passed? 12. Briefly summarize what is included in the law and the objections that some have had to the law.

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Judicial Method: Activism vs Formalism

heavy Method activism versus sanctimoniousness A tonic era has emerged from the societal and legal changes that have occurred in Australia. The age of Judicial activism has taken over the much traditional mode acting of legal dissimulation. Supporters of the last mentioneds touchs that it professionalmotes power without responsibility, and blurs the separation of powers, however the supporters of the former agree that fateful changes in society force the judiciary to acknowledge that discriminative formalism is a method that is not completely obsolete, but takes is less of a primary concern as it were, comp ared to other factors that effect a case.Those who are in favour of juridic activism argue that social change has change magnitude the need for legal change and judges need to be subject to catch up with decisions considering external factors and using processes other than the integrity that make discriminatory method more subjective, adhering to legislation and legal policy but fully grown more significant acknowledgement to situational factors. The Honourable Michael Kirbys pro-activism bind centers close to the view that juridic method must divert from the traditional method of legalism that umpire Kirby defines as strict logic and blue technique.It starts by outlining the need for the judiciary to make this transition into juridic activism due to societal changes, where strict legalism is enjoin under pressure. referee Kirby then goes on to pardon that the method of judicial activism should not be ab utilise by the judges, where it should be anchored in legal authority and be neither wholly robotic or excessively creative. He detects that restraint be apply when using judicial activism to ensure that a total ignorance of the written law does not occur .A similar bind about pro-activism by Michael Coper agrees that the phenomenon of social change. has accelerated the rate of legal change and put a pressure on concepts like strict logic and high technique , thus supporting the viewpoint that judicial activism is a response to social change. Another article by Frank Carrigan praises legal expert Kirbys use of judicial activism directly, outlining this by comparing Justice Kirbys methods with Gava, a strong believer in the Dixonian theory of legalism.It explains that even Chief Justice Dixon J, considered to be a leader in the legal formalism movement, used contradictory methods of judgment, promoting legalism but applying judicial activism . This is evidence that change to judicial activism is needful as societal changes occur. Pertaining to the other articles, however, thither are some shortfalls in Justice Kirbys article that must be addressed. Firstly, the article does limn that certain restraint must be used when applying judicial activism in the process for a judgment.However, exactly how this restraint will be measured, or the factors to be considered in which a judges judicial method is consi dered to cross these boundaries are not mentioned in his article. He also fails to describe the consequences of the divergence of judicial formalism, that a sorrow of the independent judges to cargo area external factors other than the legal text as impartial dynamics earlier than personal ones would turn out in a cataclysmic failure to achieve justice. A loss in consistency would result in a loss in public confidence in the judicial system.Also, Justice Kirbys proposal of a more transparent judgment, where the judicial method and processes used to achieve a judgment is open to the parking area public for critique, may be a technique in which to make sure that a judge does not overstep the restraints, but by openly presenting the judicial method and decision process of a moot judgment for critique to a society that is already critical of the judicial system may backfire and result in a move on loss of public confidence instead of building credibility.Contrasting against Just ice Kirbys heavily biased pro-activism article, is Justice Heydons article that describes the compulsory need for adherence and paramount importance to the impartial application of the legal text. Justice Heydons article clearly outlines what Justice Kirbys article does not, the downfalls of having a judiciary use judicial activism. Justice Heydon points out that by allowing judges to use judicial activism, it tends to the destruction of the rule of law by impairing two qualities that are expected of a judge, a firm mesmerise on the applicable law andtotal probity. The article continues to state that there is a blurring of the separation of powers, and this becomes a problem as the facility for a legislature to make laws compared to that of a judge results in concerns about the clarity, inconsistency, conclusion and retrospectivity of the laws that are changed or made by the judiciary. Justice Heydon proposes that it is not in the first place the function of the judiciary to cre ate and change laws, that it should be a bound amount, limited to the legislature, and that the failure to adhere to judicial formalism or legalism would result in failures in various areas of the application of law .John Gavas article adds to the need for strict legalism, by indicating that human error in judges can create issues in consistency, and that with a state of reason the is of legalism, a more institutional mindset can be achieved that relies more on a collective wisdom which create decision that conform, rather than those that are more individualized when judicial activism is applied .Owen Dixons article further outlines a deeper issue at hand with the abandonment of judicial formalism, the loss of the ability to develop legal principle. It states that there was a get down to develop the law as a science which would not be possible by neglecting the very strict logic and high technique that is constantly used to describe legalism . As with any legalistic paradigm or s tate of mind, it is inherent that there will be a pro to a con, an advantage to a disadvantage.According to these articles it is clear that the more common emergence of activism is due mainly to societal change, and the resurrection of formalism has occurred due to concern for the drawbacks that takes place with activism, and rightly so. The former three pro-activism articles and the latter three pro-legalism/formalism articles compliment each other in revealing the advantages and flaws of both judicial methods.After the analyses of these articles, it is apparent that an appropriate balance between the two judicial methods be maintained, always changing, according to the change in Australias society. Bibliography Justice j D Heydon, Judicial activism and the death of the rule of law, (2003), 23 Aust restraint Rev 110 John Gava, ANOTHER BLAST FROM THE PAST OR WHY THE LEFT SHOULD EMBRACE STRICT LEGALISM A REPLY TO bold CARRIGAN, (2003) 27 Melb U. L. Rev. 188 The Right Honourable Sir Owen Dixon, G. C. M. G, Concerning Judicial Method, (1956) 29 The Australian law of nature Journal 469