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Job Descriptions Essay

As the second assignment of the Session Long Project bump a sample telephone line description for the postal service you hold with your menses employer. Were there any aras in this think over description that you felt were missing that were pertinent to your crinkle? If you were working in the merciful resource division how would you jockey if the vista applying for the position could do the melodic line? If non before long employed, use your last position. Be sure to incorporate module concepts into your assignment. sterilise your response to 4-5 pages and remember to cite any references that you apply. Job descriptions are a very(prenominal) cardinal aspect of the mesh process. It is a tool used to describe to the employee what is expected out of them during their time at the company. I go forth discuss what an effective job description should contain and what it should non contain. Also, the immenseness of receiving positive feedback from past employers. I depart describe my current position and what was explained to me. If used correctly, the job description has the potential to tell the applying possible employer everything, with s messt(p) questions to be asked.My current employer is within the United States Air Force, I am a Aerospace Medical Technician, when I first enlisted I came in expand general, which means you do not shell to pick your job, they choose it for you. I was not given much detail about this job, besides it was in the health check field. I knew I wanted to be in the aesculapian field within the Air Force due to my past job as a drugstore technician. While I was applying for this job, I went through and through the interview process and felt like it was very generic and did not tell me much of what I was applying for. Since it was a small town, family owned pharmacy, the employment process was not very thorough. It was not the sanctioned behind the prevent pharmacy technician duty, it was based around he lp brisk homes and home medical equipment, not much retail. During my time there, I was able to pick out many an(prenominal) things about each drug, side effects, compounding drugs, home medical equipment and how assisted living homes operated. I was unaware of most opportunities that were given to me while applying.The basic knowledge I was given during the interview process and what was going to be expected out of me was to fuck off a basic understanding of themedications I would be delivering to assisted living homes and to be able to learn the instigant name and generic brand name for the drugs to be filled. When I was chartered as an employee there, most of the knowledge gained was best learned by acquire involved and following someone who would teach you and help speed up your progress. I was able to shadow a few other technicians and now and then the pharmacists. What I felt was missing from this description was they did not go in much detail about room for growth, alth ough I was not kick about the handful of promotions I was given, it was very vague on what I would be to do next. Jumping from a full time pharmacy technician where I was able to fill the prescriptions than to traveling to private homes and assisted living homes to set up home medical equipment could be very foil if you were not prepared for this step.Job descriptions should be feasible, understandable and accurate for the companies substantial needs. They should include information to attract the responsibility scene, describe the main areas of the position, job training and career advancement. Specifically, the description should include the job title, summary of the title, grasp of practice, list of duties and salary range. Effectively developed, employee job descriptions are communication tools that are significant in your organizations success. Poorly written employee job descriptions, on the other hand, add to workplace confusion, hurt communication, and thread battali on feel as if they dont know what is expected from them. (Susan M. Heathfield, 2012). If employers were to conk a little bit more time muddle a more efficient and accurate job description, it would make the Human imaging Departments job a lot easier when it comes to the hiring process. This alone, I believe would limit issues brought to the department.During the hiring process, the tender resource department has an abundance of information to scroll through when making the final decision to hire the right candidate for the job. This is a very tough process to go through when trying to pick the right somebody, you have countless things to compare to. If I were to be within the human resource department and was involved in the hiring process, the first thing I would look at, would be the level of education needed for the applying position. Does the applying candidate havethe right level of education needed? Secondly, if the candidate has any job experience within the applied fiel d. Experience is one of the more important factors, especially within the medical field. I would prefer if my chosen candidate has a steady medical background. Use employee job descriptions to obtain employee self-command and support for the position and to trace the parameters of the skills and abilities you seek for the position. In hiring, well-written employee job descriptions can help you make good hiring decisions. And hiring the right team is critical for your prospective success. (Susan M. Heathfield, 2012)If at all possible, the best way to choose the right candidate would be an internship. It grants the possible employees to work alongside other employees and learn about the job, as well as the corporation. It also allows the employee themselves to make sure the chance is right for them. It gives them the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the job. This will also allow every candidate to be able to stand out, not notwithstanding will the employers be looking at a piece of paper, or what college they went to, it puts a face to the name. I believe that if you have a making love for something and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job, this will make you stand above the rest and get chosen. Even if you are not chosen for the job, you still have more experience under your belted ammunition and gives you the chance to network out and possibly meet the right person for your next work opportunity.In summary, I have much to learn about the human resource department and the hiring process. I am fetching everything I have been able to experience and apply it to my current position. To get the job you want, the best thing to have is the right education for it and to know that if you currently do not have experience in that job, do not give up, there are always alternate routes to make sure you get the knowledge needed. If you aim your sights on something you desire, your passion for it will take you there. Hopefully, this knowl edge will benefit me and make me stand out. beginning PageSusan M. Heathfield, 2012. Why Effective Employee Job Descriptions Make Business Sense. 5 Tips About Employee Job Descriptions. http//

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