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Connections Essay

The overall connection that I chose to analyze in this report was the grandeur of man and wife, as it is an conceit that is present in around everybodys life, and it is something that heavily imp feigns the nature of a bon ton. Marriage is identifyn in society in some(prenominal) positive and negative ways, involving emotions from sure sock to bitterness.In the texts A Thousand small Suns, by Khaled Hosseini, The Ballad of martyrdom street by James K Baxter, The Silk by Joy Cowley and At wizardment enjoin by Joe Wright, this thinker of the immenseness of labor union is clearly present in all of them, yet they argon all sh confess so dissimilarly (negatively and positively) as to give examples of the ways that it is interpreted in different societies, and allow me to generalise the importance that this idea holds on a global scale. Romantic sack out is recognized in most societies by the practice of marriage.This is a great symbol in all the texts I fool covered tu rf out for Atonement, where the absence of marriage is used to show the couples true love. In this film, we see that Cecelia and Robbie be in love, however a misunderstand on the part of Cecelias sister, Briony, means that Cecelia and Robbie be prevented from marriage or even being to presenther. This is shown as a particularly tragic incident, which shows the importance that society places on the process of marriage.This is also a very big(a) idea in the novel, A Thousand bright Suns, which is order in Afghanistan. We see dickens women, Laila and Mariam, who are owned and controlled by their shared husband, and their lives literally rely on him, because as women, they are unable to attain freedom due to their countrys beliefs. In Afghan society, marriage is a sacred business, and any sexual relations outside of marriage are greatly looked down upon, and the punishment for a female offender hind end be as severe as torture or final stage by the girls family or husband.This also shows the idea of the importance of marriage that is shown in Atonement, as marriage is seen as the pinnacle of joy in both texts, However in A Thousand Splendid Suns it is shown in a more negative manner, with marriage being shown as an essential burden rather than a desire. Marriage is also shown as a necessity in the poem, The Ballad of Calvary Street, but for different reasons. In this poem, a poorly suited elderly couple stop together, to prevent the disruption of their family. This shows that even New Zealand society put forward location marriage as an all-important(a) action, and a obligation in operable family life.This shows a similar idea to that in A Thousand Splendid Suns and Atonement, that marriage is a necessary action. In the short story The Silk, we see an elderly married couple, of which the husband is nearing death. The woman in the relationship is determination it hard to set to terms with her husbands impending demise, as she has a set routine whic h revolves around her and her husbands relationship. This presents the idea that is shown in A Thousand Splendid Suns, Atonement and The Ballad of Calvary Street, that marriage is a prerequisite for a happy life, and it is a tragedy to be without it.In the Silk, we can tell that this married couple are truly in love from quotes such as, she guarded him so possessively that she even resented the twice-weekly visits from the order nurse, which shows the devoted way that they take care of each other, presenting the traditional idea of marriage. In Atonement, when childhood sweethearts Robbie and Cecelia are prevented from being together, we are struck by the tragedy of the fact that they will never be able to get married, and live out their lives together.This portrays the aspect of marriage that is shown in The Silk, that marriage is a symbol of the love between two people, and that it is a contract which binds the two people together for the rest of their lives, as we see Robbie and Cecelia denied of this entitlement. In at onces society, a happy couple who are in love are expected to get married. This relates to both The Silk and Atonement, as in both texts marriage is seen as a necessity for the happiness of the people involved, which kick upstairs supports the idea that society regards marriage as particularly important.From these texts, society whitethorn be able to reassess its outlook on the controversial return of gay marriage. The tragedy of Cecelia and Robbies separation that is shown in Atonement and the depicting of the happiness involved in marriage that is shown in The Silk could be complete to convince the large portion of society that is against gay marriage that they are wrong, as in both texts marriage is shown as a region of happiness that should non be denied of anyone.The relationships and situations that are shown in the texts are not exclusive to heterosexual couples, and would translate just as well to sapphic relationships, meani ng that the ideas attached to the texts can be applied to same-sex couples as well, and could have an influence on the opinion that people hold towards gay marriage. Unfortunately, marriage is not always a happy affair, as it is intended to be.This is simply shown in the text The Ballad of Calvary Street, as we see an ill couple who are forced to remain together due to the sucker attached to divorce. Quotes such as Mum takes down the family files, suggest that family is not an important thing to the couple, since they have fallen apart, but that they continue to regale it as such, as they consider it their duty as parents to remain married. This idea that marriage is a compulsory task is also shown in A Thousand Splendid Suns, as we see protagonist Laila is forced into marriage, for her own survival.Her husband knowingly takes advantage of her vulnerable situation, saying, These days, times being what they are, a woman needs a husband, showing that marriage can a good deal take place for reasons other than love (as was shown in The Ballad of Calvary Street), and that this can easily be taken advantage of. This presents the idea that in many different societies, (New Zealand and Afghan), marriage is seen as an essential measure, even when one or both of the people involved in the relationship are unhappy.Although this is an unfortunate truth, it is one that must sometimes be accepted, as it is frequently present in todays society. These texts could help people come to terms with the idea that marriage is not always a standard of love, as they show legitimate alternative reasons for marriage, (the stability of family life or the safety of a person in a certain community. ) This could wellbeing society as it would create an understanding and acceptance of the reality of marriage today.In conclusion, the idea of marriage is a common theme in many texts, including Atonement directed by Joe Wright, The Silk by Joy Cowley, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled H osseini and The Ballad of Calvary Street by James K Baxter. Although marriage is not always the quintessential act of love and can sometimes tell a tragic story, it is important that it is expressed in forms such as these texts so that society can reflect on its faults and hopefully improve its approach on the subject.

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