Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Does Source B support the evidence of source C about the suffragette campaign

In this essay I am going to be discussing whether or not semen B which is an extract from a book written in 1907 called Woman or suffragette supports the turn up given from spring C which is a cartoon drawn by Bernard Partridge in 1906 about the suffragette campaign and the writers and artists opinions on the suffragettes.Firstly I am going to show out that source B which is a primary source was written by a woman and it is against women get the franchise to vote. The thing that is very ironic about this is that at the date it seemed all women wanted the vote and wouldnt stop at anything to get it save this unmatched woman Marie Corelli didnt think that women should have the vote and that all women should equitable leave the men to all the important things. stem C is some other primary source and it is contempory to source B.The reason wherefore this is important is be trend it helps towards present that all of the people sort of had the same ideas about womens suffrage . In source C it shows a sensible woman and what seems to be a madman woman. The lunatic woman was looked upon as the suffragette and she has one fist clenched and in the other hand she a flag which says female suffrage moreover it looks as if it is falling apart and wearing down as if they are destroying the whole purpose of campaigning for the right.Also the master(prenominal) reason why these sources could not be used in too much in depth study is because both sources are twist towards their own cause. Source C is obviously just trying to make the suffragettes look good-for-nothing so that it makes the suffragists look better. Source B however seems to be bias towards the men and is trying to point out that women are naturally incompetent of being as mature as the men.In conclusion I think than source B most definitely supports source C for one primary(prenominal) reason. This is because they are both trying to get the point across that they dont think women are going to ge t the vote and the main reasons for this are the suffragettes. One reason though why I cast down to think that these source may disagree with each other is because one of the sources (Source B) believes that women will never get the vote because of the way the women are nurture their children. Whereas in Source C the main reason why this source thins women will not get the vote is because of the techniques used by the suffragettes for archetype the main quote used on the poster is you help the cause? Why, youre its worst enemy this quote shows the hate that the suffragists had for the suffragettes and their opinion of what their actions are doing to their main cause.

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