Friday, April 26, 2019

Staying Put by Scott Russell Sanders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Staying Put by Scott Russell Sanders - Essay ExampleAccording to the research findings it can whence be said that in terms of the perspective of theologians and religious experts, the concept of God is the center of the human beings and talks about enlightenment like a zen master once said indirectly that the personal level of consciousness is the best place for enlightenment or to be the center of receive universe of understanding. Aw atomic number 18ness is the first important point to make directions toward a good future as people throughout centuries had dealt with difficult circumstances to study and create change fields of studies to make consentient patterns and knowledge on how to direct towards a better future for the entire humanity. Divergence in the specializations in knowledge reflect varying paths and mongrel realities like in the United States wherein culture, religions, beliefs, races and ideas mix in varying proportions. In relation to the dilemma of the future path of the world, it cannot be denied that there are three things that are constant everything changes, everything has basis and everything is interconnected. Everything changes can mean that life is dynamic while having basis means everything happens for a reason. On the other hand, everything is interconnected shows the concept of unity which most religions teach to their faithful. The downside on the current edit of the world is that people are heading toward different directions and many are caught in the complexities that cause surprise as seen in ecology.

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