Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ethical dilemma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical dilemma - Assignment ExampleIn the field of health cathexis, unfavorable thinking is an ethical decision making process that I utilize a lot and gum olibanum it is my role to cogitate in a purposeful systematic manner. This implies that the nurse or any other(a) physician has the role to get the outcome based on thinking and this will incorporate companionship and other available information and ideas to get the way forward to a solution. On the other hand, in that respect is the power of one as a nurse which must be obtained and practiced in an ethical manner (Eun-Jun, 2012). The power of a nurse incorporates communication skills and the knowledge for example, in a case where the affected role is discharged and was suffering from pneumonia, the nurse knows the patient of needs superintend but still if accommodated in the hospital, fiscal problem may occur. This illustrates dilemma with the nurses on the ethical issues.The power of the nurse come from the health ca re teams which depends on the knowledge and other expert skills which contribute greatly in the field of health care (Parker, 2008). The knowledge acquired must be respected since without respect he or she will not be motivated and thus no consideration of ethical principles and models. The power of the nurse again is gained due to consistent, superior and holistic care that is provided to the patient. The power one has will help the nurse to come up with a solution in case of ethical dilemma for example I came across a patient who was suffering from pneumonia aged 50 years. Pneumonia requires medical care on regular basis and the patient considered the financial status since she was a single mother with a daughter. The patient was open to me and discussed what she has been going through and the reason why she acquired pneumonia. In addition, she talked about her financial status. Together with the patient, we had to talk to the doctor so as to purpose the matter. I had to use th e power of one as the nurse, alongside knowledge and be able

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