Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Midterm - Essay Examplee denied said(prenominal) job opportunities as the whites they were made to work for the whites without pay, in the World War they were made to serve in only segregated units.The slaves were used for agricultural purposes as labor especially in cotton and tobacco plantations. They were also used in shipyards, as domestic slaves and as labor on the docks. They were viewed as slaves so much to the point that their owners bought them. A slave could be bargained for, and the highest bidder would take him or her home. The owners were allowed to do anything to the slaves including killing them as the Black Americans were not viewed equals to the rest. They were given the hardest works, worked under the toughest conditions and were treated to gruesome punishments like being left to be mauled by dogs or starved to death.After a while, the art of the slave trade was abolished in America, and was like a shot illegal and punishable by death. This shows the start of a ne w century which hopefully would bring a change to the African Americans. However, it still did not bring change. They were still treated with contempt and were discriminated especially in the fact that they could not share the same facilities with the whites like the train, the bus, the restaurants and more. They were allowed to vote in the national elections and poll taxes. In response to all this, in 10909, lobbyist groups and protest groups emerged to respond to the de jure racism. One of the groups was the National Association for the Advancement of nonreversible People (NAACP) (Zastrow, 2010). This period is at times known as the Nadir of American Race Relations. This is so because this was the height of African American segregation. It was so intense that race riots were experienced, black lynching and anti blacks violence. It was so intense that in 1946, Einstein defined African American racism as Americas worst disease. In 1981-1997, the United States Department of Agricult ure discriminated against African American

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