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Summary of a book chapter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Summary of a book chapter - Assignment ExamplePrecisely, this means that there is a rising importance of religious beliefs, practices, and discourses in life, which has signicant inferences for international relations (Thomas 2005 26).Religion and administration are profoundly intertwined in the ancient days, unlike the modern world where these elements stand as autonomous entities. Medieval authority spread among a chain of command of religious and policy-making rulers. When the Thirty age War in Europe (161848) was over, a new modern era presaged the liberation of European leadership from the religiouspolitical authority of Christendom. Power and authority became concentrated at one point. Although religious beliefs were disgorged from the political life, religion still inuences the political agenda in many countries.Policy and issues approach seeks to usher that in an anarchist world states have a hierarchy of interests. Specifically, the pattern occurs with security at the top, followed by economic welfare, and then the ideological and benignantitarian concerns at the lowest level (Desch 1998 160).Some theorists believe human economic and social activity is taking bottom in a way that portends some constellation of deindustrialized society (Lee 1993). The anthropocentric and Judeo-Christians argue that man exploits nature in pursuit of human destiny and development. Notably, this is different from an eco-radical worldview that puts an equal value of humans and nature (Eckersley 1992 Goodin 1992). Eco-radicals contend that the state is the cause of the environmental crisis (Carter 1993). Nevertheless, there is no agreement about the role of the state or its alternative. Consequently, this brings the current debate on the scope and profoundness of necessary reforms for facing the environmental challenge.The New Patterns of War and Peace approach claims that armed conict takes place within

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