Monday, August 12, 2019

Medical Genetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Medical Genetics - Essay Example Individual II.5 is a homozygous normal parent while the partner is a homozygous affected person for a particular DNA coding conferring to a wild type phenotype. However, in an autosomal dominant inheritance, only a single copy of the wild-type phenotype allele is required for an offspring to be susceptible to expressing the symptoms. Therefore, each offspring has an equal probability of 50% of acquiring the mutant gene allele symptoms, and the other half would not be affected by the autosomal inheritance according to Onkers, I. (2009). Since the type of inheritance in this particular genetic pedigree is an autosomal inheritance, a heterozygous male (Bb) for the DNA coding mating to an affected female (bb)individual would produce one out of four offsprings expressing altered symptoms. However, within the unaffected offspring there would be two carriers (Bb) who will not show undesired traits for a particular condition. This is because when a homozygous wild-type mate with a heterozygous individual, there is a 25% chance of acquiring mutant (affected) individuals (Relethford, 2012). In a dominant, autosomal inheritance, individual III 1 (bb) can only acquire healthy offspring if she marries a homozygous normal man (BB). However, though the father (bb) of the individual III 1 (bb) suffers from the same disability as she does, the fathers’ disability does not affect her daughter’s subsequently genetic inheritance (Nielsen & Slatkin, 2013).

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