Tuesday, August 13, 2019

General George Washington Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

General George Washington - Essay Example However, George Washington also had to face certain criticism regarding some of his military and diplomatic stand in his contemporary society. The limitations of his career are very rare if compared to the great actions and attempts achieved by this great man, who is very aptly and dearly revered as â€Å"Father of Our Country† by Americans. Washington’s career started taking prominence in the year of 1775, when the Continental Congress appointed Washington as commander-in-chief of the American Forces. In the consequent year, he was successful in throwing the British regime out of the Boston city and also captured the city of New York, thereby startling the enemy unit. Thereafter, he crossed the Delaware River in the city of New Jersey and completely bashing the enemy there, he established his expertise as a military commander. Several other incidents subsequently marked the development of his career in the succeeding years and George Washington proved his credibility to become the first President of America. Washington framed two strategies pertaining to the capture of the British Army by the Revolutionary Forces. The two prime combat forces from the British regime at Saratoga and Yorktown were captured by the Revolutionary Forces and this was only possible by the strategies framed by Washington. Washington also displayed his diplomatic expertise by successfully negotiating with the three important camps at the same time. He negotiated with the Congress, the colonial states and the French allies. He had the capacity to hold together an army that was weak and a nation that was fragile. This was not the end. He had to strike a balance between these two loose ends of a nation amidst the threats of complete disintegration and failure. In the year 1783 and by the end of that year, the war ended amicably and rumor spread that Washington has returned to his private life discarding the greed of power or position. At this incident, King

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