Tuesday, June 18, 2019

SWOT analysis for outsourcing a business function, in this case - Essay

SWOT analysis for outsourcing a business extend, in this case - inventory management to profane reason - Essay ExampleSecondly, lack of knowledge of any particular company would lead to an inefficient service being provided by companies such as Cloud Computing at the expense of the time and resources of its client. The inventory function is one function that is central to any organizations entire business, therefrom it should be kept in-house rather than out-sourcing it to companies like Cloud computing because it might further increase the chances of fraud and theft. The opportunities and risks that may arise would be Opportunities Specialist vendors would authentically manage the inventory management system more efficiently if they get good knowledge of the companys activities, culture, environment, etc. Time would be salve Cyber embassies, if created, would really help in obtaining selective information from far away locations. Data could be retrieved quickly if the region o f operation of the company is same where the cloud computing office exists. Focus of the business would divert towards the improvement of the business rather than focusing on the inventory management system Risks/Threats The inventory management function might not be easily understood by Cloud Computing Having older and newer licenses would both have their respective complications. Data could not be easily accessible in any other regions e.g. a company operating in the EU would not be able to store its data with a U.S vendor.

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