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Employment System in Middle East Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Employment System in Middle tocopherol - Essay ExampleIn the third section, a linkage is created amidst the poverty and function. In the forth section, linkage of social welfare and occupation is created and fin entirelyy in the last section conclusion is given.Middle Eastern countries comprise of the following countries, i.e. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Israel, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Gaza Strip and West Bank. Not all of these countries are well established but there is a good demand of avocation in these countries, especially Africa and Dubai. The Growth level in this system is emerging with the passage of time but unemployment step has not declined to a greater degree. in that respect is still a large amount of population unemployed. This paper focuses on the linkage between the poverty and employment & social welfare and employment. The section collar and four will emphasize the two concepts in detail.In 2004 -2006 when all the rest of the world was going through a recession in the employment industry, some middle-eastern countries passed through the job creation phase. There was employment opportunity in these areas because the private sector showed major development. There were a lot of conflicting and domestic investments made by the local and foreign companies that boosted, enhanced and created job opportunities for the unemployment class. These job opportunities catered well as not only were the demand of the young, energetic, talented and assailable people met but also these unemployed workers now were provided with the platform where they could put their best efforts to achieve their potential goals. But it sad to state that apart from all the opportunities, the unemployment level in the Middle East was still very high and a major sector of the workforce still remains unemployed. Middle East is also faced with another disappointing workforce practice, i.e. discrimination has bee n observed in the middle-eastern countries, as women who are a foremost source still have it away through a high level of unemployment rate. It has also been stated that middle-eastern women are more talented and educated than as compared to men but regardless of all the efforts made they are still lacking far behind. This discrimination is widely observed in Egypt.The Middle East is experiencing high economic growth rate and it has been stated that from 2004 to 2006, its real GDP per capita had a 4.0 percent annual increase. But despite all these growths, Middle East also suffers from 25 percent juvenility employment (which is the recorded as the highest among all regions). Among the employed the highest level are new job seekers of age range of 15- 24 years who account for 50 percent of the unemployment in the region. On the other hand young people with secondary and post secondary education are also faced with employment issues such as mismatching skills and long queues for

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