Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Sarah MillerMr. MaltbySenior Project3-11-14 The History of internal determination compute close the things that make a home look nice. Think about the specific components that pull the whole place together. The paint or wallpaper on the walls, the hardwood or carpet on the floor, the furniture, and even the paintings or decoration on the walls. All of these important characteristics make up inside(prenominal) design. Interior design has been around for as long as the very first homes were built. But, what many people dont know about atomic number 18 the continuous changes in interior design throughout history. From the looks of the be times 17th century home, or the base to neoclassicism in the 18th century, to the bleed towards modernisticism in the 1900s..Interior design is an ever changing feature. Technology contend a key part in the 17th century home. The introduction of the 17th century inventions such as the internal/external brick, mob partitions, and stone walls substantially changed how the average interior was dropd and exposed. After the smashing Fire of London in 1666, the fear of fire was huge in the homes of 1700. The brick, partitions and stone not only created more effective protection against fire, but they allowed for better structural strength, improved insulation, and created opportunities for greater and more elaborate use of interior plasterwork. (Parissien 18) The use of coal in Northern Europe began to increase, do many innovations in fireplace technology. People began to realize that the size of the fireplace didnt necessarily mean more heat and the bigger the lamp chimney piece opening meant the more heat was wasted up the flue. Therefore, the fireplace opening was made smaller and the chimney piece began to serve as a decorative,... ... more spacious kitchen environment. (Ferebee 116).In conclusion, interior design has seen its dependable share of changes throughout history. The looks of the primeval 17th century home with its fury on the chimneypiece, the introduction to neoclassicism in the 18th century which stressed principals and proportion, or the first steps toward contemporaneousness in the 1900s when hygiene was the main focus. Interior design would not be the same today without the ideas of designers throughout history. I believe that our current style of interior design with its extremely modern look was a result of those very first steps toward modernism way back in the early 1900s. Next time you are admiring how wonderful your home looks, give a silent thank you to those early designers who planted the seed of interior design in many minds that has been passed down, time to time to our generation.

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