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I. BACKROUND INFORMATIONJill Stacey Moreland(born Itabari Njeri) was born in Brooklyn, New York. She started off as being a bletherer/actress but she found a handicraft in journalism. She obtained her B.S. from Boston University, and then later on she received her M.S. take shape Columbia University. She worked as a writer for numerous projects, and then was the pen of three books. She wrote Family Portraits and Personal Escapades, The Challenge of Diversity, and Reflections of a New military personnel Black. Currently Jill Stacey does public speaking at Universities about memoir, multiculturalism, and ethnic conflict. II. oecumenic SUMMARYThe boloney, When Morpheus Held Him, was about a girl who had a drunk for a take. When the girl was three her parents separated, she did not see her father again until her parents reunited when she was seven. When her father came back into her life, she said that she could not stand her father. Her father ended up teaching younger student s or so an age where he thought was or so influential. When the girls mother went away for a couple of weeks, the girlfriend cherished to stay with her aunt pearl so she would not hand over to stay with her father. The father said no unless aunt pearl asked her if she wanted to stay with her. Of course aunt pearl did not ask her but she went anyway. When her father found out what happened, he beat her bad adequate to leave welts and bruises for months. The only time that the daughter and the father bonded was when the father would persist some music on his old piano and she would come and sing for him. When the mother came back the fights continued. After the fights were over, the father would fall asleep ascribable to his drunken rage. The only time the daughter felt safe around her father was when he was asleep.III. RELATIONSHIP TO TODAYS SOCIETYIn todays society, there are a lot of kids that didnt grow up with their father due to their parents fighting all the time. A lot of the propagation the father is a drunk and gets violent towards his partner or his children. I think that I can relate a slight to this story because I was in a similar situation with my father. When I was little my parents would separate often. I could not understand why they would separate when I was little.

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