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'Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay\r'

'As a handicraft amazes and expands, eventually the goal of a employment is to transform from go with into a corporate powerhouse. Once the goal of a keep comp some(prenominal) turned corporate is met a flock is to operate eventually internationally within new(prenominal) countries. With the ability to operate a business internationally this will enable a corporation gateway to several features. These features are more gross income, dumbfound and disperse domestic and international stocks, capital expenditures in the forms of resources and manpower in foreign countries. These features also compose the recipe for creating more jobs within those foreign countries a corporation plans to operate within.\r\nCulture Issues Affecting Corporations Actions after-school(prenominal) the United States\r\nThe well know jean article of clothing companionship known in the retail business as Levi’s operates beneath the business arouse of Levi Strauss and fraternity. Levi St rauss and come with is located in the heart of Federal California’s Bay Area city of San Francisco. Levi Strauss and Company operates and own its factories of clothing internationally in 110 countries (Levi Strauss & Company, 2012).\r\nWith the business growth and days in operation Levi Strauss and Company also wipe out been ready under extreme scrutiny because of business practices and business ethics. Most of the examinations and criticizing of the company business practices score been from various groups and individuals ranging from employee unions, stock market companies and individual, even from away companies associated with Levi and Strauss. One of the reasons for criticism was the attention brought onto Levi and Strauss operational cardinal of the corporation’s factories in Bangladesh, India. What the assessment of Levi and Strauss Company found was that its resources also included the employment of baberen on the job(p) within the factories.\r\ nMany of these s have a bun in the ovenrren running(a) within the both factories working under the minimal age ensnare. This had arrange Levi and Strauss into a bad business spot. With the United States the minimum age limit to work legally in non-hazardous areas is 14 years of age (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). In India the children working at two of Levi Strauss and Company were under the age of 14 years of age. With umteen of these children working there most of the wages were used to inspection and repair support their families who depended on their child’s wages. Levi’s implemented into its Terms of Engagement that any child working under the minimum age limit would hire his or her salaries covered while salaried for his or her full education (Levi Strauss & Company, 2012).\r\n ethical Perspectives Of Levi and Strauss Company Global Organization\r\nLevi Strauss and Company have ethical perspectives are in agreement with the volume view of operat ing as an ethical orbicular business entity. Levi Strauss and Company operates under a ecumenical Code of Business give, and a Global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption insurance policy (Levi Strauss & Company, 2010). Under the Worldwide Code of Conduct Levi’s operates its business affairs with good obligation and integrity. The Code of Conduct also encourages the corporation’s employees base business decisions under the corporation’s ethical values. Operating under anti-bribery and anti- corruption policy, Levi’s operates under for for each one one realm’s specific laws and regulations, in addition, these policies are put into effect to help the company’s employees be able to identify any potential business scenarios and avoid situations, which can put the company’s ethical policies at insecurity (Levi Strauss & Company, 2010).\r\nWhile operating in 2008 Levi Strauss had stock pertinent information regarding its factor ies in the boorish of Uzbekistan. Levi Strauss and Company had gone under pressure to investigate about the working conditions of forced child labor to draw cotton in Uzbekistan. With inquiries from the company’s external stakeholders, environmental nongovernmental organizations, socially found firms, and internationally based retailers, the company intercommunicate the issue of forced child labor to harvest the cotton in that country. What Levi’s did was ban the cotton harvested in Uzbekistan (Levi Strauss and Company, 2010). From the part of 2008 through with(predicate) the middle of 2009 the company brought the issue to the United States political sympathies and engaged the country of Uzbekistan government to resolve the situation of the country forcing children to harvest the cotton within that country (Levi Strauss and Company, 2010).\r\nLevi’s Ethical Perspectives Across Cultures\r\nLevi Strauss and Company faces polar challenges operating in con trastive countries and abiding by various cultural ethical differences. While operating in different Asian countries Levi and Strauss took part in The Asia Foundation to help support the end of corruption that is common in many Asian countries (SUPPORTING vulnerable POPULATIONS IN ASIA, 2012). the Asia Foundation helps with funding from Levi Strauss and Company create programs which are to enable a better emotional state for many people in Asian countries. With percentage to end corruption Levi and Strauss has taken a pro-active show up to end this dilemma that is still in many of the Asian countries.\r\nIn working internationally Levi and Strauss has addressed the issue of women’s rights in countries such as Egypt. In another(prenominal) countries the humane rights of women are uniform to almost nothing putting women down at the bottom of the social pyramid. Levi and Strauss has partnered with Business for Social righteousness to run a program also known as the HERPro ject-for Health Enable Returns that is meant to help women in educating women about health reproduction and access to total health services (Jill Nash , Vice President, Levi Strauss & Co. unified Affairs, 2010).\r\nWith regards to operating in international countries Levi and Strauss must be able to handle each challenge differently and adapt policies for each specific region. One response may work in one country but may not work in effect in an another country. Levi and Strauss operate under a high standard of ethics and code of behave within the United States, which is far higher when compared to other foreign countries. Operating business in a high ethical standard is something Levi and Strauss have been innovating as the corporation ventures to operate in foreign countries. With each country come challenges, which may be analogous and different from other countries, which are unique to each region.\r\nIn conclusion businesses are either presently or entering into the global market as the realization of more income revenue is abundant. When companies look to grow with expansion into other countries sometimes the earnings of revenue will tend to take a company’s focus of concentration away from transaction with cultural aspects and challenges unique to those specific country regions. When the bewilderment on not learning about the different cultures and ethnicity asks business do companies create mistakes that can have a major ethical issue in the public view. The best result would be to admit business research on how business conduct operates in each country to avoid any potential ethical dilemmas.\r\n'

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