Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Eligibility Rules\r'

'An eligibility rule for the salvation soldiers is all applicants to exact to sire children under 18 living with them. male plug does not take aim you to have children, however, you do need to have a referral from some other non-profit organizations. Another eye difference amidst the two agencies would be the criminal spinal column ground check. The Salvation Army specifies â€Å"anyone convicted of a felony, violent offence or knowledgeable offence will not be removeed into the program. ” (testosterone, 2014).Whereas HACK_A merely mentions that they will persuade a background check. The biggest difference amidst the two is that the Salvation Army is rattling specific with their requirements. For example, they do not accept anyone who is not practicing sobriety, or at to the lowest degree been sober for 12 months, and requires proof. They also require all children to be enrolled in school, only if do not accept fundament schooling as a clay of school. The HAC K_A does not mention sobriety as a part of their eligibility rules.A similarity surrounded by both agencies would be they both suffer services to help the participants achieve the last goal of becoming independent, and maintaining a durable living situation. Also, both agencies mention that participants must meet the low income guidelines. However, HACK mentions their applicants have to meet the very low income guidelines which is listed as $28,550 according to their link (1 person). Whereas, the Salvation Army has heir income requirements listed as low income.\r\n'

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