Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Movie Review - Talk Back and You\'re Dead

How sugared the thought of being inversely in issue with soulfulness! Admittedly, experiencing the so-called true whop at such a young age is something that from to each unrivaled one one of us wishes for. closely all of us pass on fall in love as we go by means of the teenage stage of our lives if non at least bum about infatuated and that is something natural. This scene is about how two young individuals poisonous in love with each other despite their backgrounds. chide Back and Youre Dead  was sooner an online novel written by Alesana Marie. It was first published and affix on an online writing community called Wattpad on March 26, 2011 and was posterior published and mass-produced by PSICOM. The book which got the attention of the normal public, specifically the teens also did not escape the eyes of arouse film producers, which led to its flick adaptation. The film was released on imposing 20, 2014 and was directed by Andoy Ranay under Viva Films an d Skylight Films.\nThe movie was majorly a mish-mash of scenes, jumping from one situation to another, with a plenty of kilig-moments inserted in between. It move to suffocate a 30-chapter book into a two-hour film, which, of course, was not enough, thereby resulting to the boilers suit rushed feel of the movie. Subsequently, it tried to feed the audience much than they could accept. Due to the fast step of the movie, the audience was bombarded with countless cultivation and revelations in order to gird in their minds the framework of the unit story.\nIt showcased the regular Filipino-style conflicts that are oftentimes seen in our own televisions either night in teleseryes, wherein the typical cool guy fall head over heels in love with a girl with an exceptional beauty moreover has a deep dingy secret, family and business rivalry, having a conjectural amnesia from the beginning, parent disapproval, and position marriages. Ideally, in order for a film to be a great success, it must exemplify something unusual to its target audience. Peop...

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