Monday, February 3, 2014

Security Guard

The worst of a guarantor Guards life in Jamaica The liable take shapeer in Jamaica who earns a minimum wage has to come in a number of line of works on a daily basis. These problems surf from living conditions at home to work related issues. It is rattling interesting to learn how these workers cope with every their problems as they coif up a large section of the Jamaican workforce. For them option is the key as their craft is seen as their bread and entirelyter. In an interview with former male security guards I was able to highlight some of the problems that these workers faced. Most of these workforce worked for well-established Security Firms and happened to have similar social and economic problems. in that location was no doubt that some of them had life a piddling easier than others, but they shared the same sentiments about their jobs.The main themes that derived from the transcripts of these interviews were economic, social, and aroused and job related problems. Coping strategies were also detected in the interviews. well-nigh of the variables that were taken into consideration were age, m Their jobs were risky peculiarly if they were given guns on the location. They saw themselves as targets for gunmen. They encountered a flock of ridicule from the common on the job and sometimes threats from intruders. stock-still some clients who were asked to evince identification refused to do so and abuse them verbally. They encountered the same problem with the searching of vehicles. Most of those men ready their job in truth stressful and they had concerns about their health. For the draw workers it was said that if they were to become reverse on the job the beau monde would pay the doctor measurement but it would be deducted from their income. concord to Mark, if he became ill on the job and was unable to work, the confederacy would pay him for up to 8 hours and no more. Sometimes absence from work could lead to no pay or veritable(a) loss of job in the long run. ! Stan did say that if he got an assignment and did not liberate up, he...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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