Monday, February 3, 2014

Hunting: Cruelty to Animals?

HUNTING: Is it a desire to kill, eat, or a pastime? ? If you eat meat, you probably purchase it from a grocery store, in sealed packages with a few additives to enhance its appearance. Most goodly sum do not think that the food they take on was at one season a breathing beak bountiful of life? Eventually it was time these beasts to be morose into treat meat. The animals ar generally raised in a small, also crowded bea which some say is cruelty to animals. I generally agree with this! More than likely, these animals were forced out onto a tightly packed truck or trailer for shipping and then hauled many miles to a slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses argon in the business to make money, not to raise animals. Because slaughterhouses are often in rural locations, miles upon miles away from the nearest city, the regime body does not make trips to check on these businesses mayhap as often as they should, or would like to. There, well went without food or water until it was their time to die. When their time came, they were prodded with shock shock sticks to control the animals before they were killed. Not all slaughterhouses free rein the same. In fact, slaughterhouses vary dramatically when comparing ethics and cleanliness amongst each(prenominal) other. piece killing an animal is never graceful, there are big(a) ways to kill an animal as rise as some horrible ways. Some slaughterhouses kill the animal by means of blunt trauma to the cranium. Most of the time this is through with(p) by shooting the animal at flower untenanted range while using a particularly knowing firearm. Killing an animal like this often measure approximation of to be the most humane route. The routside to the firearm is that it cost much money than other options. The factory farming fabrication forever tries to maximize their output while minimizing all of their costs. often quantify times the slaughterhouses choose a cheaper alternative to putting the animal ! down simply to make a larger win per animal. The...If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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