Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anaylze This

Courtney Hargett Professor Russ Whiting ENGL 111-601 18 folk 2011 Its All round science: In an article in the New York clock in conclusion week the Vietnamese government was accuse of abusing medicate addicts. repel therapy, as the Vietnamese government calls it, is intimate to get medicate addicts off the streets and back on their feet (Fuller, par. 1). However, The gay Rights Watch say that, The centers argon little more than coerce labor camps, designed as profit-making machines for businesses (Human Rights Watch 6 ). here(predicate) lies yet other atrocity bestowed upon dose addicts. Due to the imperious and thoughtless actions of prohibitionists, addicts and non-addicts likewise are murdered, maimed, and incarcerated. When will we realize that drug addicts are loathsome and should be treated accordingly. Drug colony is a unsoundness and therefore addicts should be treated as patients non criminals. With the centers rampant(ip) physica l abuse, little or no pay to issuing fielders, higher(prenominal) relapse rates, and squalid conditions that serve as incubators for infectious disease, the alone solution is to shut them down and replace them with facilities focused on treating the individuals medically. The Human Rights Watch released a report on kinfolk seventh chronicling the barbarity of these drug detention centers.
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The one coulomb and twenty-one page report details the experiences of people indifferent in fourteen centers under the authority of the Ho qi Minh City government. In centers all over Vietnam, there are forty-thousand men, wom en, and children being held against their wi! ll, with no trial in a squelch of righteousness (HRW 6 ). As Quy Hop, a detainee in the Binh Duc center for four years stated, I was caught by law of nature in a roundup of drug users... They took me to the police post in the morning and by that evening I was in the drug center... I saw no lawyer, no referee (HRW 25). The detainees not only work in harsh conditions if they food waste to work or violate rules they are...If you want to get a skilful essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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