Monday, February 24, 2020

Project management of aproject that i will give Essay

Project management of aproject that i will give - Essay Example resources and effort used and discounts the proficiencies of the project manager, thereby providing a rigid and accountable project management method. It establishes clear dependencies and facilitates identification of the critical path of the process. However, the method tends to be tedious when the number of paths and activities is large in number. It is also difficult to monitor the pace of the project using this method. WBS: WBS enables the identification of all the tasks required to complete the project and enables the project manager to move around things easily. Adding, deleting and modifying activities is a simplified process. However, it does not provide an exhaustive picture and is does not provide a chronological sequence of occurrence of the activities. A work package is a set of activities that can be assigned to an individual participant in a project. A work package helps plan a group of related activities that provide a common end result. Estimates from the parameters of work packages help determine the pace of the project as a combined set of all such estimates of related work packages. WBS is used to decompose a complex activity into a set of individual and discrete activities. An organizational breakdown structure help define the hierarchical constitution of the project’s and responsibilities. CPA is a mathematical approach to enabling the scheduling of projects. The structure of a WBS is communicated between a project manager and those responsible for each of the discrete activities. OBS is used by the project team to have an understanding of the report and command mechanism between different team members. CPA is used by the project planner, who estimates the time required for each activity and transition from one activity to another. Without a WBS, there would be no possibility to decompose a complex project into a set of simple activities. Without OBS, team members would not know whom to report to and whom to take orders from. Without a

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