Thursday, November 21, 2019

Outlines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Outlines - Essay Example Terrorists have been very successful at brainwashing young people through the Internet. This must be stopped. Terrorists take advantage of shifting alliances. They look for weaknesses and exploit them. In order to tackle terrorism, we have to work together. We have to isolate regimes that support terrorism and work hard to come up with common policies that allow us to stay united. All businesses require excellent human resources programs if they wish to be profitable and successful. In order for these programs to work well there must high morales. One thing is for sure: the quality of a food companys products and services and its reputation reflect the type of management it has and the morale of employees. In order to create high morale, the following steps should be taken at this company: The training process introduces employees to the company and in some ways sets the tone for the rest of their work term. Make sure they know from the beginning that they are valued and important to the company. Show them how to do things properly. Without respect people feel worthless and sullen. They want to be seen to be human beings. That mean treat people well and give them something to look forward to. Something they can work towards. Otherwise they will not be productive Communication is key. In order to solve morale problems, managers have to communicate with employees. They have to let employees know what is expected of them and what the future holds. If this doesn’t happen then employees will feel left out in the cold and

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