Sunday, November 3, 2019

Name Fake News Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Name Fake News - Essay Example During one episode on the Television, the narrator states that one of the lead characters of the Lancaster Police was arrested by the "Lancaster County Police" but in the real sense there is reportedly no such law enforcement agency in Lancaster. This is name fake news that deceived the innocent public. The name fake news genre is believed to have dated back to the 1960s and it was used widely in radio news, film production and in televisions. Fake names were used to portray the real people so as hide the identities of the people and enhance the understanding of the target group (Gibson 2012). It is important to highlight here that name fake news to a greater extent damages our understanding of current events. This is true because it gives the public falsified information of things that are untrue and if the public believes in the false information, it may lead to the destruction of human dignity, defamation, and some loss may also occur. If for example, a news anchor during broadcas ting reveals the fake name of a product that is to be sold in the market having different price to the real price of the original products. Due to the false information, the innocent buyer will not only spend more than the actual price of the product but also purchase a wrong item that was not intended (Gibson 2012). Fake name news can also damage our understanding of current events in publications such as books and newspapers. If an author in his publication indicates that a particular town or city exists or particular people existed having various activities such as the one that appeared in the recent Moscow News with claims that a city existed and it was full of sins done by the citizens. This kind of negative information may damage the peoples view on how they consider a particular group from a certain region while in neither reality the city does not exist nor the purported Television show that gave the false news (Burchard 2012).

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