Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Essay --

In the last couple of years there has been increasing amount of American soldiers being relived from active duty, being sent back to their family and friends. As these men and woman return from war they struggle to reintegrate into their civilian lives. Such strains as Post Traumatic stress disorder and very few job opportunities pose a problem. Eddie Ray Routh a former solider had many strains in his life, which eventually lead him to murder American hero Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Using criminologist Robert Agnew’s â€Å"General Strain Theory†, I will explain the motives behind these murders. Former navy seal Chris Kyle was known as, â€Å"one of America’s deadliest military snipers (Fernandez & Schwirtz, 2013).† Mr. Kyle earned his reputation in Iraq fighting the war on terror killing an estimated 150 Iraqi insurgents. Throughout his time as navy seal he earned two silver stars and five bronze stars for acts of valor. Once Mr. Kyle retired from the military he wrote a book called the, â€Å"American sniper: the Autobiography of the most lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History†. This c...

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