Monday, October 28, 2019

Healthcare Managment Essay Example for Free

Healthcare Managment Essay What is healthcare management? Let’s sum it up to get a better sense of all what partakes in it, as well of doing it in an effective way. Simply put is the overseeing of all the healthcare facilities. Most likely patient encounter is not so likely, unless there is a means to speak or deal with a situation directly with patient. Healthcare relates to insurance companies, organization, and hospitals. It can get a little difficult because there are so many roles such ass, human resources, equipment, and scheduling . Being in this field is quite diverse, due to the many fields. Four Functions * As I mentioned before having this role you must be effective, in doing so there are functions that need to be set and used on a day to day basis. The first is â€Å"organizing†, which to have organization is wonderful and keeps things running smoothly. What does this consist of simply understanding your staff and helping them with their staff by assigning them with their own and last but not least support. When employees have this to fall back on it helps in many ways for the organization. Second, â€Å"planning† you can never go wrong if you plan right and plan ahead. There are objectives that need to completed, which requires decision to be made. It gives an overview of what is expected and gives better insight for all. Third, â€Å"controlling† it is not necessarily what may come to mind at first. Managers have an obligation to always we on top of things, therefore in order for this to be done being involved with the performance of the team must come into pl ay. This allows management to be able to focus on what needs to be done whether good or bad. In turn it gives an overview of how things our running. Fourth, â€Å"leading† I see as not trying to be someone’s boss/manager it is someone who builds you up for success. I can say myself that putting all four functions to work together every work day probably is not so easy. No manager is perfect, the most important thing is that you try to incorporate all in some fashion and with that things should be effective. Having children myself I feel that I am a manager with everything to go with all wrapped up in one. I am needed to make my household run in functional way. If there were no guidelines and leadership it would all come tumbling down. What Do I Want to Gain? * Learning how to be more diversified and in the professional healthcare world. I feel very strongly about this because my most absolute goal is to become a healthcare manager and I know that there is an overwhelming increases in diversity now days. Since knowing this and seeing I first hand I would like to make sure that when I become a manager for a facilities I can uphold the standard and respect for all people. This is not only for the staff, but for the patient’s sake as well. Having the knowledge and to be able to teach other and implement it within. References Lombardi, D. N., Schermerhorn, J. R. (2007). Health care management: Tools and techniques for managing in a health care environment. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons. Sherman, C. (1999). Raising management standards in American healthcare. Healthcare Executive, 14(2), 12-7. Retrieved from Wallick, W. G., Stager, K. J. (2002). Healthcare managers roles, competencies, and outputs in organizational performance improvement / practitioner response. Journal of Healthcare Management, 47(6), 390-401; discussion 401-2. Retrieved from

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