Saturday, October 19, 2019

Autism 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Autism 1 - Assignment Example Mostly, there are very many grey areas when it comes to applying ethics in corrective therapy for autistic students. The following discourse discusses the unethical nature of some of the techniques applied in schools to restrain autistic students. References are made to the video by Ross which was showcased on ABC News. The significant historical autism observation is that the disorder was unknown in ancient cultures. History has it that it impartially â€Å"appeared† approximately 65 years ago. It was observed that people with autism had difficulties in learning. In fact, such predicaments led to the establishment of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) which was in 1975. The act was intended to foster equal educational opportunities for persons with disabilities. States within the nation have varying regulations on the techniques used to manage autistic learners. School administrators, for instance, occasionally go overboard in restraining autistic students. In the videos by ABC news titled Deadly Discipline, an insightful look at the fate of autistic students and Death at School: Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline for Autistic, Disabled Kids the fate of the students at the learning institutions is revealed (Ross). An example is Andre, a student, who is subjected to an unethical therapy because of his condition. The therapy is for his alleged misbehaviours. In brief, certain schools apply unethical means of controlling their students. For instance, they use seclusion rooms for autistic students and at times they even employ aggressive physical therapy. This is wrong and should be discouraged. Autistic learners need a conducive environment since they are normal human beings. The extreme methods currently used in schools are unethical. Skin shock therapy as seen in the case of Andre in the ABC video is unethical. It is not right to subject one to 60 volts as a therapy procedure. The video even reveals a student stuffed in a duffle

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