Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Effects of Biblical Violence on Readers' Behaviors Essay

The Effects of Biblical Violence on Readers' Behaviors - Essay Example Although studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics give a low rate on the effects of music on listeners’ behaviors, that lyrics are generally not given much attention or in the case of children, are not fully understood because of their limited understanding and experience, researchers are open to the idea that somehow songs suggest certain undesirable actions. In a world where violence abounds, it is not a wise action for a person to isolate himself or for parents to isolate their children only to avoid the evils of this world. It is then important for every individual to educate one’s self and others about the consequences of a certain thought or action. For instance, the last lines of the aforementioned psalm speak about revenge to those who have done the Jews harm. However if one examines the verse closely, it is not the Jews who want to avenge themselves but that there would be another who would stand up against their enemies. This reveals their belief in the golden rule, that those who have wronged them will get their just punishments somehow. Such understanding could lead people to avoid doing evil towards others. II Yes, the Liturgy of the Hours should include the end of Psalm 137 however; it should be with the explanation or interpretation like that of St. Augustine’s, Origen’s, St. Ambrose’s and the like. The Bible could be interpreted literally and figuratively so it could not be treated similarly to lyrics of modern music where promiscuity and violence are explicitly expressed. As it is always advised by professionals in the case of children, parents should guide their children in the choice of songs they listen to and clearly explain to hem what is good and what is not. Indeed, words have psychological effects on people so that even adults should choose their songs or meditate on the good implications of the songs rather than its evil suggestions. The Bible is actually full of stories of violence and promisc uity and surely, God did not like such stories to be exposed just for the sake of telling a story about a person rather have been narrated along with the consequences experienced by the people involved. They seem to be words from a parent saying, â€Å"Look, this is what happens to you if you do this and that.† This world is full of so many evils and that is just the way the God of the Bible wants people to look at it so that they would know how to prepare for the dangers they face each day. Therefore, preachers should do likewise, presenting all the truths and not just the things people want to hear from them. They have to send the people from the church to the world, armed with the necessary attitude and words of guidance that will keep them strong to avoid being involved in violent acts. III A group of students associated with campus ministry at CUA wants to have a liturgical service which includes a reading of Psalm 137, which they understand through the lens of St. Augus tine’s interpretation: Jerusalem represents the kingdom of God and Babylon represents the corruption of this world. Some students think the language at the end of Psalm 137 is too violent to be read or prayed, and point out that the Catholic Church has removed these verses from the Liturgy of the Hours.  

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