Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Fromm's Human Needs Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fromm's Human Needs Theory - Essay Example The article shows how Fromm’s ideas could be beneficial today. Brennen article â€Å"The Sane Society’: Erich Fromm’s Contributions to Social Theory† evaluates Fromm’s book The Sane Society. In The Sane Society, Fromm attacks Western capitalism and promotes a communitarian socialism. Fromm believed that without specific purposes like productivity and self actualization, humans are alienated and unhappy. Basing the foundation of his theory on Freud and Marx, he asserts that a communitarian socialism is the answers to the capitalism causing mental illness. Despite expanding on Freudian and Marxist thoughts, Fromm had criticism of both men’s ideas. In the end, this article suggests that Fromm’s views might have validity. This article explains Fromm’s theory on human based needs. Fromm had written a book called Escape from Freedom. In this book Fromm explains the evil of totalitarian regimes. The reason Fromm gives for individuals following a leader in a totalitarian regime is free of freedom and security about one’s role in society. He goes on to explain the totalitarian regimes are evil due to the obliteration of individual rights. On the other hand, Brennen’s article suggests Fromm believes democratic nations give too much freedom. This theory was laid out in Fromm’s The Sane Society. According to Fromm to be mentally healthy means working at a meaningful task, socializing during work, self actualization, and society working on specific issues together. Psychological issues should be considered of higher value than ownership or monetary concerns (Brennen 2006:8). This vision involves a communist type of government. Communitarian socialism is a government where all citizens contribute according to skills for the good of the community. This allows meaningful tasks can be completed, which in turn allows every citizen to

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