Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Application of the theory of Panopticisim Term Paper

Application of the theory of Panopticisim - Term Paper Example Ray Wrighti stated Panopticism includes the installation of CCTV cameras in grocery stores to catch shoplifters. The grocery camera films are strong evidences in a court of law. The prosecution presents the grocery camera film to the court to prove the suspected shoplifter tucked the grocery items under his or her shirt and brought the items outside the grocery store without paying for the shoplifted items. The shoplifter will be discouraged to pursue one’s shoplifting intention upon seeing a CCTV camera inside the department store or grocery. Further, strict implementation of Panopticism to modern society is necessary to reduce future crime statistics. The cost of installing a CCTV camera is less costly compared to other alternatives. It would be more costly to hire a security guard to monitor the possible areas of shoplifting within the grocery area. It would be more use the cameras as a deterrent to the shoplifters. It would be less costly to prevent the grocery theft by in stallation of CCTV cameras when compared to hiring a lawyer to prosecute the shoplifterii. Tara Magdalinskiiii opined Panopticism includes installation of CCTV cameras in banks to reduce the bank robberies. The CCTV camera shows the actual actions inside a bank on the centralized security center. Upon witnessing a robbery, the centralized security center officer can contact the other bank guards to protect the bank. The same centralized security center officer can easily contact the nearest police station to come to the rescue of the bank. The alerted police officers can block all robbery exit points to prevent the robbers from escaping with their loot. The CCTV camera is an important tool to reduce and stop bank robberies. John Wilsoniv theorized the CCTV camera is a useful to safeguard the train station passengers from accidents. The train station has CCTV cameras to monitor the passengers inside the train stations. The CCTV cameras will alert the centralized train center monitori ng department of any passengers entering an accident-prone area. The train center monitoring officer can alert the trains to stop in order to prevent a passenger from meeting a preventable accident. The CCTV camera is very instrumental in spotting a drunken train station passenger jumping onto the train tracks to commit suicide. Likewise, the CCTV camera can spot another drug-crazed train passenger accidentally crossing the forbidden train tracks. The train center monitoring officer can alert the busy guard to approach the erring passenger. The CCTV camera is a necessary tool to reduce train accidents. As evidence, Cathleen Berrickv stated 29 out of 32 train operators implemented an upgrade of their CCTV cameras to increase the current monitoring of its train stations, yards, or trains. The train monitoring center personnel feverishly go the extra mile to ensure every area of the train station territory is observe for possible accidents, thefts, or other illegal activities. One rail operator, the New Jersey Transit, installed smart cameras. The smart programmed CCTV cameras alert the security personnel of any suspicious activities occurring within the perimeter of the computerized cameras. For example, the smart cameras will immediately inform the nearest security officer that one passenger left a suspicious bag on the passenger-loaded train. The New Jersey Transit train officers proudly stated that the cost of the smart CCTV cameras is slight compared to the cost of the trains being bombed

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