Thursday, July 25, 2019

Violence Against Women Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Violence Against Women - Assignment Example The Dreamworlds 3 was produced in the year 2007. It is a documentary that presented the history of music using MTV’s with sexual imageries in order to draw the attention of people. It presented the reasons behind that sexual imageries in music videos are all about women. In this documentary, sexual imageries of women are presented as to attract men, desiring for sex in the absence of men, and the quality of being a feminine is always over powered by powerful men. It also presented some aspects how women attract men through their dresses, movements of the body and using energetic activities. It also presented how pornographic imaginations, ways of how women look in the video degrade women. At the end of the documentary, the film maker gives the purpose of this film and presented statistics about some violence of women particularly in America. From the video I do believe that the film maker’s message is for the betterment of a society that has a revolting behavior. These music videos are reflections of how society thinks about women who are lesser than men. Women are always considered sexual prey, for example, in school campuses in which fraternities exist. In order to enter into that kind of organization, violent sex should be done. Aside from using alcohol, facilitation of rape is practiced in order to give emphasis on the importance of maleness among the members but this thing lowers the position of women in the eyes of the members of this kind of group. In my opinion, the film does not obliged viewers to adopt the conclusion of Jhally but instead to develop their own critical eyes and to convey the breeds of these sexual images that can be found in music videos. These music videos breed violence against women such as rape, sexual assaults, harassments, verbally and physically. One of the most violent breeds of the combination of music and pornography in music videos is rape. Women’s appearance is one of the main reason men do this kind of violence to women. It is considered that the appearance of women made men helpless in terms of sexual pleasure. Men see the appearance of women especially the way they dressed. If a woman dresses with a very seductive way then some men think that the woman is seducing although the woman does not have that kind of intention. But many don’t agree with the idea that to avoid getting rape is to avoid dressing in a seductive manner. In the year 2011, at Toronto, there was a so called â€Å"slutwalk† wherein many marched for the purpose of not agreeing with the advise of a police officer telling students that the best way to avoid getting raped was to avoid dressing like a ’slut’. These people who participated in the said slutwalk are claiming that instead of telling to the women on how they dress, they should focus and warn those that are abusing women to avoid abusing and assaulting women so that they will avoid going into jail. They are angry for blaming th e women of such violence that are happening to them. Women are the main victims but in the end they are being blamed for what is happening to them. Pornographizing is one of the main issues that lead to the violence of women. Men are relating to the images of women. Images such as in music videos which have sexually images that excites and wrings for sexual desire. Because of these images, it may lead

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