Monday, July 22, 2019

Electric Cars by Tesla Essay Example for Free

Electric Cars by Tesla Essay Tesla’s total assets is a total USD 361. 6M, with US sales alone of USD 116. 7M. Tesla boasts of two electric car models: The Tesla Roadster and the Tesla S model. As of January 2011, Tesla has taken about 3,500 reservations for the Model S and expects to begin delivering cars to customers in 2012. Tesla currently employs almost 900 full time employees and is aggressively recruiting employees for positions in its headquarters in Palo Alto, California; at its European headquarters in Maidenhead, UK; and at an increasing number of sales facilities throughout North America and Europe. Tesla plans to build the Model S in 2012 in Fremont, California in an assembly plant formerly operated by NUMMI, a now defunct joint venture of Toyota and General Motors. Tesla purchased a stake in the site in May 2010 for US$42 million, and opened the facility in October 2010 as the Tesla Factory. Tesla Roadster [pic][pic] The Tesla Roadster is a screaming-fast, all-electric two-seater sports car built on the frame of the Lotus Elise. Reduce our dependency on oil, and are cheaper to operate Electric cars are convenient: In one trip to the gas station, you can pump 330 kilowatt-hours of energy into a 10-gallon tank. It would take about 9 days to get the same amount of energy from household electric current. Fortunately, it takes hours and not days to recharge an electric car, because its much more efficient. And you never have to leave home to recharge! Electric cars are extremely simple. There’s no oil to change, no filters, no clutch, no fluids, no crazy mechanical systems. This makes the electric car so much cheaper to operate because there’s hardly any maintenance, like oil changes and emissions checks, that internal combustion cars require. Electric car cuts away our dependency on oil as well and frees us from the unpredictable oil price hikes and spikes that are so common these days. For the car savvy drivers, electric motors develop their highest torque from zero rpms—meaning fast (and silent) zero-to-60 acceleration times. This means they snap to life at the touch of the accelerator. It does 0–60 mph in 3. 7 seconds, making electric cars the fastest cars in the world. Electric cars can be direct drive, so there’s no transmission or complex gearbox. Power is applied smoothly and quietly. Acceleration is effortless. B. Historically, EVs have not been widely adopted because of limited driving range before needing to be recharged, long recharging times, and a lack of commitment by automakers to produce and market electric cars that have all the creature comforts of gas-powered cars. The other limitation beside range is cost. Electric cars have historically suffered from extreme lameness, largely because most attempts at building electric cars were aimed at the mid-price or low-end car market. Media blitz will follow the launch using television and print advertisements. Local glamour and sport magazines will be asked to feature the product. Problem with gray markets will not be an issue because the product will speak for itself and will cost more to copy at the state of our technology. Key cities in the Philippines will be targeted after the Manila debut and continuing media hype. Cebu and Bacolod will be good options to consider the expansion. They are both progressive cities with locals having penchant for European cars and sport cars as evidenced by car sales that are comparable to the Manila data.

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