Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The leadership skill I most want to develop Essay

The leading skill I or so want to develop - Essay ExampleThis was followed by exploration of available list of lead skills that singled out most suitable ones for my leadership style. I conducted an online military rank of my leadership style through responding to traits based questions and the process matched my traits with transformational leadership. My further exploration of the fundamental characteristics of the leadership style such as empowering and motivating citizenry together with promoting collectiveness developed my insight into my leadership skills and other necessary skills to the leadership style. Based on this process, I identified translation of business strategies into clear objectives and tactics, and training other people in developing their skills as my strongest leadership skills. My weakest leadership skills are however, the ability to lay out people to understand changes and transitions, and managing multiple demands and competing priorities. I know that these are my strongest and weakest leadership skills because of my self-evaluation together with background information on leadership.The leadership skill that I most wish to develop is the ability to prepare people to understanding changes and transitions. My specific objective in developing this skill is to be able to empower people to the capacity in which they can understand a change its consequences, and strategies to dealing with the change. I will measure progress of the development through qualitative evaluation of my subjects understanding of change at a particular time. This will involve presenting a change situation to the subjects, sampling them, and using interviews to evaluate their understanding of the change. I will then compare their responses with the actual scope of the subject change. I will need secondary resources such as published books and journals with information on strategies to developing human potentials. I will also require human resource in management

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