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Prevalence of Racism within Police Departments Essay Example for Free

Prevalence of Racism within natural law Departments EssayAbstract Racism is always associated with the occurrence of Police Brutality in the country. Police violences had been reported from unalike states in the country. check to some notable information, race is an instrument in treating criminals or violators. This implies that Black and Whites atomic number 18 upbringing a biased attitude in their counter-part race. Black would treat black the Statesns favorably than whites and vice versa. On the other hand, it was determined that cases of police barbarity argon also highly probable to those people with low connections in police departments. People are averring that Policemen are engaged with Abused Power which including fond of terrorizing and exploiting apprehenders. Perhaps, the States can never be free from Racism but Policemen can always be away from cases of Brutality.Prevalence of Racism within Police Departments each nations in the world are in influence of Raci sm. Compared to other countries, racial discrimination is well identified issue in the United States of America. In the study conducted by the United Nations Organization, racialism was also considered as the roots or catalyst of other discrimination and exploitation issues such as slavery, crimes and even police savagery against minorities. The issue regarding police atrociousness is in great concern as the numbers of victims are greatly increasing in the state. (Snah, 2004)This paper aims to study the aim of racism in the incidence or occurrence of police barbarousness. Also it sought to find out some cases of police brutality.Incidence of Police brutality Cases of police brutality had been reported across the country. In the New York City alone, 500 cases occurred per month (Gregg, 1999). In 1999, the Chicago Police Department faced the charges of racism after the incidence of various deadly encounters of Black Americans and police. The department was in controversy as an i ncident happened regarding a university student football player Robert Russ. He was suspected of grabbing the gun and disrespecting a police officer while in confrontation in the street. He was shot out in his car aimlessly. According to some witnesses, the policemen in the said department are abusing their power in treating every suspected violator. (Johnson, 1999)The bottom line in this incident is most victims are black Americans while apprehenders are white Americans. On the other states, New York Police Department was also in intrigue with the incident called the savage brutality. An immigrant from Guinea named Amadou Diallo died after being rained of forty one shots by four policemen. (Jones, 1998) This event is an absolute proof were policemen are not following the zero-tolerance policy where they die hard to react violently to the criminal notoriously not upholding the rights of the criminal. It can be considered that police brutality is in everyday occurrence. Also, the ev ent is highly probable or possible in which different races or culture mixes. They are highly victimized because these people have lesser security or higher connections, in which police officers are confident of terrorizing and intimidating therm.Different races like Blacks, immigrants like Latinos and Asians are harassed, exploited, assaulted and in worst case-killed. This incident implies that American policeman are not equable, they do unequal treatments. Race had been their instrument or basis in giving their service as crime-busters and peace keepers. Its an implication of prevalence of racism and police brutality where both races are advanceing a condescending attitude toward their counterpart race.Narrowing Down Primarily, Racism triggered the occurrence of police brutality in the country. Police brutality in one way or another had stained the over-all integrity of Policeman as the defenders of Democratic and Republic people. With different cases or evidences of police bruta lity, we can certainly deduce that the police system is instituted basically to protect upper class people from poor people, serve and enhance their own race and consider other races as conspiracy against them. In short, they are not equable. The image portray by the police is very different from their sole purpose. Its never late to renew the image of policeman in the country. Its true that the country is divided and being separated by different principles. Races continue to develop gap with in each other. However, the resemblance that keeps us one is our ability to accept the challenge of Racism. We can always foster a good camaraderie with all people in the word. In this simple way, in some how, we can make a better America and have the best Policemen in the universe, where Police brutality will never be experienced again and policemen will be associated to goodness.ReferencesGress, T. (1998, July 4). Everyones Problem Police Brutalty and Race. Retrieved opulent 12, 2008, from http//, D. (1999, July 19). Police Racism Charges Defy a Pattern. Retrieved Augut 12, 2008, from New York Times Press http//, A. (1998, 9 July). US Police Brutality. Retrieved August 11, 2008, from Socialism Today http//, A. (2004, December 20). Racism in North America. Retrieved August 13, 2008, from Global Issues http//www.globalissues.or/article/165/racism/NorthAmerica

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