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Men,women,sex and Darwin Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Men,women,sex and Darwin - Research Paper ExampleSex-organs non only find the gender of human beings but they make a remarkable impact on the social status, social responsibility, attitude, nature and even the destiny of human being. This is the reasonableness why it is not possible to measure both men and women in the same balance scale. According to Hindu philosophy the one and only coercive Almighty Power divided Himself into two forms, one was Shiva (masculine form) and another was Aadi (feminine form) and thus with formation of two genders the world became complete. Shiva stands for vigour and aggressiveness which is visualized in Indian classical dances whereas Aadi stands for delicacy endurance and optimum commitment. Thus Since ancient term man is regarded as a valiant creature and thus he started dominating the charwoman. It is the rule of the nature that the strong animal always rules the world. In course of civilization man thus took the charge of final achieveme nt and thus the Patriarchal family emerged. Sexual desire is same both in man and woman but the desire of man was accepted by the union whereas woman had to conceal her desire all the fourth dimension. In medieval India, the widowers could marry many times if they lost their wives, but woman, after the death of her husband was never allowed even to think of the other man. She had to live a renounced life even though she lost him at the very tender age of her. Traditionally woman plays the role of a giver whereas man is a taker as far as sexual affair is concerned. She is physically dependent so as financially and mentally. Till now women were financially dependent and this dependency reflects in their sexual life also. Many of the dependent women view that it is their duty to give pleasure to their ultimate God and their God is their husband. Their work all the time is to serve the husband and by default take the entire responsibility of bringing up the kids. The time changed but not the psyche. Yet women are mentally dependent that they cannot take any decision without the consent of any of the male members from the family. There are slightly women who earn a lot, sometimes more than their husband, but when question of utilizing that money comes, they cannot take their own decision, as they are not used to it. They have not been taught that they also have their views which can differ from their male counterparts. They even cannot spend a single penny without informing their husband. Another thing is that even though in modern world women also are earning and contributing financially in running the family, they get insecure if they find that their husbands are not earning and they are just sitting and living idle life. That is why the educated and earning ladies prefer to marry a rich man or high profiled person. On the contrary, almost of the women do not contribute financially but they feel safe in the shadow of their husbands. Even if only man is the b read winner, they do not mind depending on him. So even while choosing the life partner women themselves have accepted their second position somewhere. They always want the man pucka to them. It does not matter whether the woman is earning or not. Man by nature is polygamous and the circumstances also make him polygamous. He always enjoys lot of freedom and this freedom sometimes leads to promiscuous attitude. As far as love and sex are concerned, man gives importance to the physical beauty of the woman. In national of woman the sexual desire somewhat gets fed after giving the birth to the children. It is because the priorities of her life suddenly get changed and she fully concentrates herself in taking wish of her babies. For attaining these ultimate objectives looks for stability from her man. So she always prefers to maintain the relationship with ambitious and rich man. By nature, she tends to fling themselves into the hands of man she loves. At the same time she expects th at if she is committed to her husband completely, it is his duty to keep her and their children in a sound condition always. Libido is the forth basic instinct

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