Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Metaphorical Criticism of American Beauty Essay

Metaphorical Criticism of American Beauty - Essay frameworkAs the paper declares the underlying message in the film is every human beings quest for happiness and peach, but this message is communicated done fictions rather than stated directly in the dialogues. whizz of the most significant metaphors in the film is the use of the color red, as represented in the rose wine and rose petals that occur periodically in the film. The red symbolizes love and lust, yet it also symbolizes violence and death. Similarly, the metaphor of a garbage bag is used to present a message that is quite the opposite that of beauty and transience. Each one of the characters in the film is involved in the same search the search for happiness, although in each characters case, the object of happiness is different. For the protagonist Lester, happiness lies in sexual seduction of his daughters friend by becoming youthful again, which reflects his desire to pull himself out of his received family sit uation where he is controlled by his wife and her perceptions of what is socially correct.According to the report findings a metaphor is an outbound symbol that helps in the process of attaining knowledge about the world. It is a group of things related in a particular manner in order to discover similar relations within another group, through the agents of language, categorization, comparison and contrast. It presents visually, the message that is being transmitted mentally, through the cognitive abilities of association.

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