Friday, May 3, 2019

Managing Research and Information Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing Research and Information - Essay ExampleIn order to improve the proceeds of investment of the business and become more competitive the company should be shifted from the technology to managing information. At give way the companys informationbase has 100 treatments and 10,000 customers. It is also the objective of this project to triple the numbers of customers by adding or improving the serve and products.Is the service of the company thru its customer good enough What other additional services impart the double-decker add in order to attract customer Who and how many staff bequeath be exact How the improvement allow for generate profit to the company What depart be the equipments and other apparatus unavoidable Is it cost effective or practical to add How long the project will last Who will conduct the research These are some of questions that can be considered during the research.The increase in revenue as well as an increase in number of the customers is the m ain objective of the research. How to make this possible will depend on the proper adaptation of the research and ruleology.Proper methodology is important in devising the research and planning a success. Since the customer is the main concern of the organization, the change or improvement will be base on the research that will be carrying out by the staff with the serving of the customers. The best way to know the sentiments of the customer of the spa over the company is by conducting research and surveys with questionnaire to be able to assess the improvement needed. Since the company are not quite sure as to what will be improve, the best research cost would be a combination of Quantitative and soft approach. Qualitative studies are generally exploring the companies weaknesses and it involves small sample size. This approach is recommended for our scan since we want to help our clients understand the debate behind why they should patronize the spa. The study will explore t he new ideas for our products and services. By using the qualitative study the company will be able to probe questions to both distinguish the driving secure behaviour and to understand why the factors are important. Quantitative will be use to interpret the numeric result of the survey done by the company to a group of customer. The statistical result will show the needed improvement to be carried out by the company. The advantages of using the quantitative approach is that the data we obtain from quantitative research has the advantage of being amenable to highly sophisticated statistical analyses and poser procedures that can uncover interesting and important relationships that are not visible to the naked eye.However quantitative approach maybe more prone to biases and limitations in the knowledge base of the researchers. By restricting not altogether the questions we ask but also the alternative responses (such as using numbers in responses) we are slight likely to gain new insights from the research participants that we work with. The sample to be used in the study would be relatively small to represent a large population. The method of research can be conducted using the telephone, internet or in one on one interview. The most reliable method would be the one on one interv

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