Friday, May 10, 2019

Dialogue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

talk - Essay ExampleThe conversation progresses as they debate about the attitudes rampant in the society regarding kind net running(a) sites.Goffman The craze is not just limited to the youth. Adults are equally involved in the promulgation of this trend. virtually of my colleagues at my office are often using these sites during their free time. In fact, I have seen any(prenominal) of them so obsessed with them that they keep them opened in the Internet browser even when they are working on office assignments.Giddens Yes, true alone what amazes me the most is their surprise when they find out that I am not a member of any social networking site. I have often found myself in heated conversations with them and to be honest comrades, this has given me some interesting insights into their perceptions about social interaction. I am incredulous at the explanations that they have to offer in defense of these sites and how they help them socialize.Bauman I have encountered the equal a ttitude at my workplace as well. Social networking sites are considered to be the holy grail of cyber socialization. My colleagues who do not hold up me well often misjudge me for being unsocial and conservative for not having a profile on these sites. Friends, this came as a surprise to me when I first heard this view but pot regard these sites to be a very good way of fostering friendships with acquaintances and getting to know other people well. This has led me to believe that social networking sites have completely transformed the way people perceive friendship.Bauman In my view, it is the concept of liquid life and liquid novelity that is the lowlying cause of such an attitude shift. politic life and liquid modernity are intricately tied to each other. Liquid life is the life that one has in a liquid modern society. For me, a liquid modern society is one where people do not get time to develop habits. It is characteristic of conditions under which people

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