Wednesday, May 8, 2019


A CRITIQUE OF A RESEARCH ARTICLE FROM A PROFESSIONAL diary - Essay ExampleIn this assignment, this criticismer will critically review a research denomination from a professional journal (Baldwin, K. M., & Nail, L. M., 2000). The purpose of any critical review is better understanding and reading so new knowledge is build. Moreover, critical thinking is an important acumen for the present day healthcare professionals where professional standards adopt to be updated in order to provide clients with the best possible care base on turn out (Fink, A., 1998). Healthcare research has advanced keeping pace with the advancement of modern applied science guided healthcare consecrate, and the best evidence can be obtained from the professional medical journals. The most interest fact is that evidence from professional journals from research articles needs to be gleaned with critical examination of the facts, findings, and reasoning presented at that place (Bailey, D. , 1997). In othe r words, the facts presented in a scientific research must be questioned in order to establish the logic of the findings presented there. This can be only done by a systematic review of the article in light of the theoretical paradigms of research methodology that establishes the strength and power of the findings that can resolve as evidence (White S & Stracombe J., 2003). Therefore, this author has chosen an article from a journal that is related to her enforce and expects that critically reviewing this article would serve to provide evidence that can be utilized in practice in order to upgrade it. The process of evidence-based practice is dependent on the theoretical framework that clinical decisions are as far as possible informed by current research evidence (Sterling,Y. M., 2001). Critical review converts the process of seeking information from research into a series of clear questions that need to be answered clearly, so the truthfulness and usefulness of the research in pr actice can

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