Sunday, March 10, 2019

Socratic Seminar Questions

English 1-2 1984 Socratic Seminar Questions 3. learning and writing for pleasure promotes independent mentation, but it is not dangerous. It lets you express how you be rightfully feeling inside. It is something private that you decide whether or not somebody may look at it. In the beginning of the book 1984, Winston writes in his notebook. He hesitated about it for a while before he rattling began writing. He let out what was overtaking through his mind, it was waiver really well but then he suddenly stopped writing. The thought that he could get caught terrified him. Big Brother considers writing and recitation for pleasure to be dangerous.If people were to read and write they would realize what has been going on, and this would bring an end to Big Brother. 4. Revisionism still exists today, and we produce been victims of it without us level knowing. When we were younger we would learn about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed on ternion ships and how he reached the A mericas were he kindly greeted the Native Ameri stools. But is this really what happened? What they didnt tell us was how Columbus committed genocide. He deliberately slaughtered so legion(predicate) of these indigenous people. Him and his crew raped, tortured, burned, and killed these Natives.We have been victims of revisionist history. I do rack up that knowledge of history is powerful. If you are able to control history, you control the past. In 1984 Winston works in the Ministry of Truth were he changes the history to make it come along like Big Brother is al meanss right. That is why the people had a blind fold over their eyes. They couldnt realize what was really going because of the rewriting of history. 6. Thought crime, according to the book 1984 is takeing of anything that the Thought jurisprudence and the party says is illegal. Illegal is anything that creates individuality. Individuality for the party is not good.I do call back a form of thoughtcrime exists in our society today. We have our own way of thinking that might not go along with what society or the government believes. The government has laws that many people do not maintain with. But we really cant do anything about it. We have our own thoughts that the government may not like, but the government cant do anything about that either. 5. In the book 1984 engine room helps the Party control Oceania. Today engineering functions through television, radio, phones, cameras, satellites, and the internet. I believe it is utilize for perversive. Yes, technology an be very helpful, but is it really needed? subscribe in time people didnt have much technology and they were still happy. Technology now a day is used for evil things. Many people cyber bully. Because of cyber bullying many children have committed suicide. This is what technology has led to. Music is also a big part in technology that is very influential in technology. The music we hear quotidian have messages behind them. Mos t of the music is about sex, revenge, getting drunk, doing drugs, and many other things. This is what our brain is recording, these messaged are in our head. That is why I think technology can be evil.

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