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Essay on John DonneJohn Donne, a master at his work, was natural some time during the year 1572. The look at date of his birth date is un cognise. Donne accomplished umpteen and experienced many things in his life. He got married concealedly, went to prison, and wrote many poems that are world known John Donne attended both Oxford and Cambridge universities, and he also attended Lincolns Inn. At Lincolns Inn Donne studied law, but never practiced it there after. Donne did non get degrees at any of the universities that he attended, but he did win a mind full of knowledge. As Donne grew up as a child, his parents raised him up in a Catholic household. During the 1590s, Donne abandoned universality and looked toward to become an Anglican. In Donnes after years he wrote two Anti-Catholic poems (Pseudo-Martyr and Ignatius his Conclave). Donne later became a preacher. He had a metaphorical style which made him a great preacher. Donne received a degree of divinity from the University of Cambridge and was made a royal chaplain.In 1601 John Donne secretly married a muliebrity by the name of Ann More. This act ruined his employment at that time. Donne was decreed private secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton in 1958. Ann More was, ironically, the niece of Lady Egerton.The secret marriage diminished Donnes hope for his advancement with Sir Thomas Egerton. John Donne was rase imprisoned by Sir George More for marrying Ann More. One of the close traumatic experiences that Donne set about was the death of his wife. Ann died while giving birth to a still born in August of 1617. John loved his wife very untold and mourned the death of her loss. They were married to each other for fifteen and a one-half years. Donne pays tribute to her on her grave stone by inscribing words much(prenominal) as "a most excellent and beloved woman, a most loving and chaste wife, a most dutiful and forbearing drive".

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