Monday, March 18, 2019

Ill Health Rates of Indigenous Australians Essay -- Sociology

As wellness professionals, we must construction beyond individual attributes of autochthonal Australians to gain a greater spirit and a possible explanation of why there are much(prenominal) high rates of ill health issues such as alcoholism, depression, abuse, shorter liveliness expectancy and higher prevalence of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and obesity in our indigenous population. Looking at just the individual aspects and the biomedical health model, we dont get the context of Aboriginal health. This is why we motive to explore in further detail what events could have created such inequities in Aboriginal health. Other details that we should consider are the historical and heathen factors such as, terra nullius, dispossession and social Darwinism, early attempts of genocide towards Indigenous Australians, segregation and the protection legislation, the assimilation policy, self-determination and the emergence of Indigenous protest (Psychology and Indigenous Australians, Foundations of Cultural Competence, 2009, pp.84) as well as the limiting factors of being parting of a low socioeconomic status group and statistical health differences between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians compared to other countries Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. By encompassing only of these details, we can begin to establish why Aboriginals draw to have more health issues and what can be done to mend these health inequities. When the English settlers arrived on Australian shores in 1776 (The Story of the Australian People, 2010), they didnt see anything that represented that the land was holded, so they claimed it as their own under terra nullius in 1776. In International Law terra nullius describes territory that n... Museum. (2011). Indigenous Australia Timeline - 1901 to 1969. Retrieved May 5, 2012, from http// 901-to-1969Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. (2008). Wave pitchers mound Walk-Off Route more information. Retrieved May 6, 2012, from http// Australia Bureau of Statistics. (2010). swelled HEALTH RISK FACTORS AND SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS. Retrieved May 6, 2012, from http// hunting/4704.0Chapter750Oct+2010Australia Bureau of Statistics. . (2010). get to TO HEALTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES ACCESS TO HEALTH SERVICES. Retrieved May 6, 2012, from http//

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