Tuesday, March 19, 2019

From The Mountains of California To The Hills of Kentucky :: Short Story Moving Traveling Essays

From The Mountains of atomic number 20 To The Hills of Kentucky Jose used to live in Los Angeles California. He lived there for the first cristal years of his life. Los Angeles was all Jose ever knew. He had many friends and he love everything ab show up the state he lived in. When Jose was ten his family contumacious to fit to Florence, Kentucky. Jose had to offer everything in Los Angeles and start a new life in Florence. Kentucky is contrary from California in many ways. There ar less Hispanics in Kentucky than in California. Hardly anyone speaks Spanish in Kentucky and in California or so everyone speaks Spanish. Speaking Spanish in a store causes everyone to turn or so and looks. In California if you where to go into a store and speak Spanish nobody would care. In Kentucky there are hardly any attractions. In California, there are many of attractions and the weather is mostly sunny and warm. In Kentucky the weather is only nice for the summer and then it gets cold. Ther e are no beaches, and Mexico is not as close as it is in California, that is the pommel thing. How did Jose and his family end up in Kentucky? It all started like this. His uncles strain decided to move away. His uncles company gave their employees a option either to stay and have no job or to move with the company. Unfortunately, he chose to move away. His uncle didnt think the company made a fair choice, but that was the way they did it. His uncle told the whole family about this and another of Joses uncles said his family and he would also move with him to Kentucky since he was out of a job. When Jose heard about this, he became afraid of not beholding his uncles, aunts, or my cousins anymore. He told his cousins to tell him all about Kentucky and to call and bring through him as much as possible. When his aunts and uncles moved away, they still kept in touch with letters and telephone calls, but it was not the same. Christmas came, Joses aunts decided to buy two airplane ti ckets for his sisters to go to Kentucky. Jose got mad at his aunts for not buying him a ticket and said that he would never chatter to them again but then he prospect about it and thought it would be cool not to have any of his sisters around, everything would be for him and his sisters would not bug him for two weeks.

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