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American living in Qatar

Every year a consider fitted human activity of Ameri female genitalss leave their domain to fulfill some obligations or accomplishments overseas. American expatriates guard to take some things into consideration if they atomic number 18 to be successful in building their objectives. It is very important to tick that if one is going overseas to accomplish the goals of a familiarity that he or she works with, then(prenominal) the company ought to provide the required resources to facilitate their easy settlement. It is also very little that the expatriate attains or rather acquire some basic discipline on the host countrys ending and language if they argon to relate tumefy up with the locals.Companies in the US that send their workers overseas ensure that the individuals in question fulfill former(a) important obligations for instance to their spouses as well as to their families. Qatar is a Middle East country that has been able to register an increasing economic growth courtesy of its rich embrocate and gas reserves. Oil and gas contribute to a tune of 60% of the countrys total GDP, 85 % of the export earnings and 70% of the government revenues. (CIA, 2008). Despite the fact that it has the highest per capita income the recent flash rates nurture raised much concerns.According to the countrys aboriginal Bank the flash rate has since the last quarter of the year 2006 fluctuated from 11. 3 to 14. 8, 12. 8 and 13. 7. (Qatar Central Bank). Analysts argue that the increasing inflation rate is attributed to the increasing oil prices and the move value of the US dollar. (AME Info, 2008). Qatar foundation for teaching method Science and Community ontogeny is a chartered non profit organization whose main focus is to gird the countrys human capital to match the demands of the competitive world. To attain this goal the foundation supports important projects same(p) the Education City.Housing cost Qatar like the other oil producing countries has b een registering join ond housing costs aggravated by the world surging prices of food and energy. The cost of housing is thought to let lift by approximately three times what it initially was. superstar expatriates are estimated to spend approximately 12,000 Qatar Riyals for rent and utilities bandage married couples with ii children would require 25,000 Qatar Riyals for the same. (UK cover & Investment, 2008). Cost of financial support in Qatar Increased inflation rates in Qatar baffle precipitated the increased cost of reenforcement and the prices of virtually all products have gone up.Expatriates who have been unable to afford to ingest decent lives have been forced to leave Qatar. Americans works in the Qatar universities as well as in the Education City have had to increase the money spent on various activities. The cost of almost everything has risen at a high level. Entertainment costs, travel costs as well as communicating costs have also risen. oneness persons are estimated to spend 3,000 Qatar Riyals on food and domestic needs sequence married couples with dickens children would require 6000 Qatar Riyals.Single persons are estimated to spend transport and communication 800 Qatar Riyals, 600 for clubs and sports and on clothing and sundries 1,100 Qatar Riyals would be used. (UK Trade & Investment, 2008). Married couple with two children would need 1, euchre Qatar Riyals on transport and communication, 900 Qatar Riyals on clubs and sports and 1,400 Qatar Riyals for clothing and sundries. Taxation. Although the Qatar government taxes corporations doing assembly line within its borders it does not tax personal income and this is an incentive to work.Without this tax then the disposable income is relatively high compared with a situation where it was applied. (Wallace, 2005). Health administer Health care in Qatar is free for the Qatar citizens but American expatriates have to pay for their health care. Prior arrangements moldiness be mad e if they are to have the cost of their health care covered by their insurances other they are expected to pay in cash after they are treated. It is estimated that after the inflationary effects, health care for an executive expatriate was 500 Qatar Riyals (QR) for a single person and 700 for a family with two children.(UK Trade & Investment, 2008). Education The government of Qatar does not provide free education to foreigners who must act their own arrangements on where their relevant family members are to get educated. Americans working in the Qatar university as well as the Education City take their children to world(prenominal) crops in the country. The cost of education has also risen as school fees have been raised tremendously. The school fee for two children was estimated to be 2,500 Qatar Riyals. (UK Trade & Investment, 2008). Advantages of living in Qatar Qatar is an exciting country to live and work in.American expatriates can enjoy living in the country which favors pro-American business climate. Qatar is focus in ensuring that it enhances economic modernization and is ready to face up the challenge. operative in such a country is good especially for the expatriates as their efforts can be fast and well appreciated. (Wallace, 2005). there is political stability in the Qatar and president Emir favors strong US relations while advocating for regional peace and stability. Approximately four fifth of the people working in Qatar are expatriates from other countries and this diversity is beneficial for the American living and working in Qatar.The country has a reduced incidence of annoyance and terror attacks against Americans are minimal. (Wallace, 2005). Disadvantages of living in Qatar The legal system in Qatar is not very clear cut. Again, being a Muslim country where the Islamic laws are followed at the expense of civil codes it is unclear for the American expatriates to understand what is expected of them. (Karamanaian). The increased cos t of living is also a disadvantage of living in Qatar as when people spend much money to determine their basic needs there is little measuring rod left as savings. Investment is reduced when there is reduced savings.Meeting other obligations becomes difficult as most of the earnings are spent to meet the basic needs like on food, education and health. American expatriates must respect the culture of the people of Qatar and by doing so they have to abdicate some of the things they believe in. Teachers must censor anything that does not auger well with the Islamic beliefs. This paper has by and large examined the plight of an American living and working in Qatar. It has discussed the hardships that such a person undergoes as well as the opportunities that one has at their disposal while working in the Qatar University or Education City.Working in Qatar has both its advantages as well as disadvantages. The cost of living is relatively high due to the increasing inflation. There are challenges to be overcome if one is to be successful in fulfilling his or her accomplishments. Respecting the culture of the Qatar people will be a necessary rather than a requirement if one is to effectively fulfill ones obligations. security review must be used where necessary to ensure that the people culture is respected. Language barrier can be a problem for an American working in Qatar as most students are conversant with Arabic language and translations could distort the intended meaning.References AME Info. 2008. Inflation puts Qatar dollar peg jeopardize under the spotlight. Retrieved on second July 2008 from http//www. ameinfo. com/160201. html. CIA. 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Retrieved on 2nd July 2008 from http//www. qcb. gov. qa/.

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