Monday, March 11, 2019

Albertsons Works on Employee Attitudes essay

ALBERTSONS WORKS ON EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES 1. The Successful Life course of study made by Foremans dramatic on the wholey influences the companys profitability. This program made a transp atomic number 18ncy between the worry and the employee. Like for example on the 1st day they begin it in inspirational hand-out. In this case management build and allow their employee sleep with what was the goal of the company and what are those things that they have to do t top in the company success. The program also encourage each idiosyncratic most especially those that is in the lower position to appreciate their turn over in the company.It is truly important that we go out not set deflection our employee. As very much as possible management should recognize them and let them feel that they are important in an organization. In return this employee will give their trump and contribute their knowledge for the benefit of the company. Remember the best asset of a company is the employee. 2. Positive attitude is the single biggest thing that can motley a business. Its right If we take positively our outcome will be positive. What if for example we made a fall away indeed other people see that mistake. Some treat it as negative but for some they treat it as positive.Positive in the virtuoso that they treat it as opportunity or room for improvement. So if all the employee will be motivated well and lead it to companys goal the change in business will be more like easier. notify each individual positive attitude is like edifice and empowering employee by sharing each individual talent and skill. 3. I should have to reminder if this program are acceptedly effective. I should have not to think for the benefit of the company. I have to look the feedback on how my employee turns it into productivity. It was like building relationship with my employee.But still with this program there is a risk. What if my employee leave me later on this program?. If this program will last for example three months then with that hitch I should see little changes in our business. I had a experience regarding giving this variant of program some of my co doer undergone the program just left the company and went abroad. What happen was management was very disappointed because they will contribute it to other company. 4. Foremans program was pretty much good. I think I should have to relate it in my real work. Every morning we have what we so called circle meeting.Like in Foremans program we try to share each experience on shifting period we share the problem we encounter in the line then what are those things that weve done. Every third week of the month we had a Plant huge meeting were in all the question and concern were raise. This Foremans program seems to be motivating to every employee because this program gives each individual importance. In this kind of program employee encourage to contribute and share their talents. Its not just unceasingly work w e should not put pressure in our workplace. At to the lowest degree in a meanwhile we have to put some tranquillity so that our employee will be more productive.

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