Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Privacy RightsThe silence of the individual is the most important right. Without secrecy, the democratic system that we know would not exist. Privacy is one of the fundamental values on which our sphere was founded. there are exceptions to privacy rights that are created by the need for defense and security. When our country was founded, privacy was not an issue. The villages then were small and close. Most mess knew their neighbors and what was discharge on in the community. They did not take up drunk drivers, terrorist, or all other threat of changing the way they lived. The transportation that most great deal had access to were horses. Today there are autos that can be shameful if not controlled. Speed limits and licenses are two examples. The government we have in locating maintains and organizes our society. The elements of control are often viewed as violations of privacy. These elements are meant to cling to us from irresponsible people and from hurting themselves . The laws that are in place still give privacy without invading personal lives. Privacy is solitary(prenominal) profaned when people feel they are being violated. Jonathan Franzen writes this example of his feelings almost privacy.One of my neighbors in the apartment building across the street spends a lot of time at her mirror examining her pores, and I can count her doing it, just as she can undoubtedly see me sometimes. But our individual privacies remain intact as long as neither of us feels seen.If people feel comfortable in their surroundings then privacy is not a concern. At other times, people feel violated when they are subject to random searches this random factor is what other people consider wrong. slew feel intruded on when they see a barricade ahead or a request to see their drivers license when writing checks. Others are interrupted at dinner by the phone ringing from telemarketers. This selling of information is what the Europeans call selective information pr otection. If the data is not kept private, things such as credit card come could be stolen over the phone.The privacy in America will forever be changing as technology changes. Cell phones have been a factor in the way people communicates. Auto quicks are equipped with TVs and mobile Internet. Privacy is increased, as people communicate less in person. People can spend an entire day in the car and have complete communication with others. Franzen also has this view about transportation.

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