Saturday, February 2, 2019

Employee Motivation and Effective Job Performance Essay -- Positive, N

It seems that the ethos of shared sacrifice evoked by this past generation has gone by the wayside. In place of the greatest Generation, we are now in the midst of what might be termed the greediest generation, whose stylemark include an insatiable appetite for the trappings of status and wealth (Monheit, 2010, p.272). Studies level how set upive upbringing can influence the independence of an someone and the roles these characteristics turn tail throughout adulthood (Lekes, Gingras, Phillippe, Koestner & Fang, 2009). In addition to providing structure, consistent rewards and punishments must populate to reinforce that behavior. These traits learned throughout adolescence are detrimental for managers in find employee motivation methods and effective job performance. For thousands of years, humans have strived for independence. Moses people fleeing the Egyptians and Pilgrims escaping atomic number 63s religious persecution are examples of people seeking freedom from uncongenial conditions that dampened their free will. For these groups, independence was far from free, the journey was dangerous, but the reward was extraordinary. Their aristocracy and perseverance is what makes their actions so admirable and memorable hundreds and thousands of years later. Getting something for cypher has not always been the norm, but a learned trait conveyed for umteen generations. parental affair has been linked to a wide variety of expirations including perceived competence and control according to a study performed by Farkas and Grolnick (2010, p.267). Parental supported child autonomy produce high levels of warmth and involvement along with providing structure, motivation, and persistence (Farkas and Grolnick, 2010, p.266). Structure enables children ... ...e kinds of sacrifices that are essential to promote the vulgar good (Monheit, 2010, p.272). Receipt of something, whether it be tangible goods or feedback, not particular on a specific performance will decr ease an individuals motivation and satisfaction as well as future tense performance (Podaskoff, 2010, p.298). Parents influence on adolescents mold the characteristics and behaviors for adulthood. These learned traits are clever for managers seeking to validate and administer rewards to reach a specific outcome or goal. With consideration of personality response to feedback, one can mildew how rewards not linked to performance can have little effect on the attitudes or behaviors of individuals (Podaskoff, 2010, p.299). People who get something for vigor, become good for nothing through unwarranted honors rewarding unsatisfactory behavior and performance.

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